How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner using bottle – Easy Way


Make sure bottle is empty before use To watch more creative video – go to end of video

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100 thoughts on “How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner using bottle – Easy Way”

  1. Navin Khambhala # crazyNK says:

    Let's check out website for all major details:

  2. Usha Tikare says:

    I connected 6 batteries but to it didn't work

  3. Usha Sundaramoorthy says:

    It is a useful activity for me thank you 😁

  4. Appasaheb Bhagat says:

    Sir please send it voice of speker in hindi

  5. sumangala.j.k ashok says:

    How many volts DC motor

  6. Amna Imran says:

    Sir, would you please tell me what should I do if it is not sucking in air 'coz I have to make it for the science exhibition.

  7. Mahadeb Basak says:

    Butterfly dining fuldani water bottle photo photo simple simple simple simple

  8. Hurmat sultana says:

    When I have made that is not working plz reply fast in urgent I want towmmorow is my exhibition

  9. Suman chauhan Suman chauhan says:

    Sir please tell its working and how to make in written form

  10. Monika Singh says:

    Sir apne isme blue colour me kya lagaya h wire k sath

  11. Anjali Borkar says:


  12. Buti suryanarayana says:


  13. Sanju Pal says:


  14. Kapila Wickramanayake says:

    A very clever invention but i wish you would tell me the instructions and what you need to build it 😆

  15. Basheer P says:

    I like this video

  16. Rekha Ravi says:

    Can please tell me what type of material u have used on that metal ring????. And how volt battery u have used????🙄🙄

  17. Rang Kapadia says:


  18. Haraji Patani says:

    Soamezi brother

  19. Rakhi Tiwari says:

    Ye jo apne wire m blue colour ka kuch lagaya h vo Kya h net h ya koi plastic sheet
    Please tell me it's urgent to me to make this so please tell me
    Please please😫🙏🙏💓

  20. some interesting video Asif Manzoor says:

    Small battery NAHI hota hai keys?

  21. chandima hettiarachchi says:

    me kalayat gevi yay, mehi teruma kumakda kiyala avanna puluvannam hariyata kivvot pan balayak denava

  22. Santoshi Bandiwdekar says:

    Pls say whats that thing which you have attached to the fan …..🙏🙏🙏🙏

  23. SAMIK GHOSAL says:

    Make this type of vaccum cleaner and clean up the house.😆🗑

  24. Vishal bhai says:

    Very nice

  25. RoONy 1212 says:

    please provide me all itams  information

  26. Harak Singh Mahara says:


  27. Utkarsh Pathak says:

    Wow how's your mind and your model are beautiful😇

  28. Shobha Timothy says:

    Please i am looking for kannada translation of your experiment vacum cleaner.

  29. Shobha Timothy says:

    Please i am looking for kannada translation of your experiment vacum cleaner. Please helpout.

  30. Sarita Pahade says:

    Please make air conditioner at home

  31. ಲಕಪಾ ಗಾವಡೆ says:


  32. Pmuthusamy Pmuthusamy says:

    B alajii

  33. sanjay Kumar says:

    Ye clothe ka kya name hai

  34. sanjay Kumar says:

    Cotton hai kya

  35. sanjay Kumar says:

    Sir can you please give a list of things which need to make?

  36. SARAVANA R says:


  37. Shabana sarwar says:

    Sooooooo nice

  38. Amna Imran says:

    thanks a lot sir! I got 2nd position in my school science exhibition by making this cool project.

  39. Joyce Maribel Lavajos Braga says:

    Cómo se llama esa cosa que le hace funcionar

  40. Isabel M. Ortiz O. says:

    Sorry, but you show HOW to do it but not whith WITH WHAT to do it.

  41. bhanu rajput says:


  42. Pharmacy Toppers says:

    How much motor volt will use in it please tell me urgent

  43. JPM Creation Multimedia says:

    What is the thing to make a vaccum cleaner

  44. Etendra chaudhary says:

    And it's material to required

  45. Isha Dhamecha says:

    Piz tell me what items used in vacuum clenner

  46. Muhammad Rasool says:

    What's the black thing u poted in spray

  47. Aasma Aleem says:

    Haven't shown how to attach th wire of fan.

  48. Radhashyam Ahir says:

    vo blue paper kya hei

  49. Radhashyam Ahir says:

    vo blue paper kya hei

  50. Radhashyam Ahir says:

    jo wire ke pass laga hei

  51. Operation Omar says:

    It's so funny how you guys say this guy is so smart hes so clever thats partly true but the thing is at the end he has this switch NO WHERE IN THE VIDEO IT SHOWS A SWITCH BUT AT THE END AND WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO CONNECT IT and then theres other white wires that come from like legit no where i know the switch is in the website but the switch he used is differnt and 1/3 works like fr thats just wow this isn't a hate comment but this is a comment that if you ever do another one make sure EVERYTHING is concluded

  52. Saudagar Sana says:

    Khopdiwale akal nai hai tekooo

  53. Saudagar Sana says:

    Pagal aadmi

  54. Radhashyam Ahir says:

    list kedar hei

  55. Sonsa Awale says:

    Honestly, i tried in your way but it :-(😡😡😭😭😭

  56. jyoti Bahiram says:

    But the air will not come out

  57. AMRIT CHANNEL says:


  58. kumar k says:

    It is so good. For cleaning

  59. Muhammad Hashim says:

    Sir plzz tell items for this project

  60. Rudra Mishra says:

    I want know that which wire you have used in this …..which was covered with net

  61. Amit Maurya says:

    Can anyone tell that which principle is applied in this??

  62. Antoni ramón Barahona sauceda says:

    Esto me a servido de mucho

  63. CTU MLBB says:

    Pervert animal bobo tanga inutil

  64. Yogesh yelewad says:

    Angular velocty se banaya hai.

  65. Manjit Basumatary says:

    Wowwwwi like get

  66. Ima channn says:

    Alat dan bahanya sebutin boleh


    Wow !

  68. CW Roberts Tablet says:

    I love how creative these people are. I watch their stuff all the time. 🙂

  69. Sanjukta Debroy says:

    Sir you are great


    What are the equipments used in making this model?

  71. bharat jadeja says:

    Hello..sir..can you help i can contect you immediately.?

  72. Laila Gulfam says:

    sorry u are stupid

  73. Laila Gulfam says:

    tum hindu ho aur hum muslim [pa butano de pishaap o kum]

  74. Preeti Purohit says:

    Very nice and easy

  75. Bizzarph says:


  76. Mikhail Konstantin says:

    hahaha nice

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  78. jeet creative says:

    Shandarrrr thoko like

  79. Kabilesh Murugan says:


  80. Pranav Khandare says:

    Nice video bro

  81. Indrajeet Pawar says:


  82. Indrajeet Pawar says:

    plese give me list of materials

  83. Aakash Thakur says:

    I can make the vacuum cleaner and I will win in science model competition

  84. Sunona Chandran says:

    your idea is very good mr Navin but where do we get the net which you put it in the middle of the bottle but it was very good

  85. Dona Modi says:

    phatu video . 3rd class

  86. new tech. says:

    Nice video

  87. new tech. says:

    Sir o pepar konsa hai Jara bataoge

  88. Rucha Pawar says:

    Sir we tried to make it but it failed, which battery u have used , it is not suctioning the dust it is needed for college project plz reply..

  89. Vu Thiên says:

    Cho mình hỏi cái cục pin mấy V đấy ạ

  90. Allena May Perez says:

    Is this kinetic energy?

  91. SHYMOL EV says:

    Please give me the list

  92. Kathleen Satinitigan says:

    Hi 👋 can you please state the procedure here, yes we saw the video but we need the explanation on how to make a vacuum cleaner. Thank you in advance

  93. Prashant Chakravarty says:

    Wow … You are Genius !!!

  94. Sunita Dash says:

    What are the materials? Plz mention with video.

  95. Raphael de-lee says:

    Cograts NYC one

  96. Leo Hutabarat says:

    Oh hicucufuIcjcuv

  97. imam mufti says:

    Tapi mending pake sapu☺

  98. Michael Chapman says:


  99. suha azizan says:

    Anyone knows what is that black box?

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