How to read your electricity meter (electricity mechanical dial meter) from npower

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Hi, I’m George, meter reader from npower
and I’m going to help you read your meter. OK – does your meter look a bit like this? If not, don’t worry, one of our other videos
probably covers it. This looks hard to read, but we can make it
much easier. For a start, you can ignore the red dials. What’s tricky, is how the black
dials work: You need to read them from left to right and
include any zeros. When the pointer is sitting between two figures,
like this, give us the lowest number. So if it’s sitting between 0 and 1, write down
0. Using a pen and paper, write the numbers down from left to right including any zeros. Underline any numbers
where the pointer lies right on top of that number –
Where any of the underlined numbers is followed by a 9 you simply take away one from that underlined
number, and that gives you the correct reading. And that’s it
Here this one says 01019. We hope you found this video helpful. Perhaps
you could take a moment to let us know what you think? And we look forward to receiving
your meter reading.

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