How To Reduce a High Electricity Bill.

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I often say that the most savings you’ll make on your electricity bill is in the energy you don’t use. So, how do you go about reducing energy costs?
You use less. Most people don’t know that 21% of their
power bill goes to hot water heating and 33% goes to passive devices like fridges and freezers. The most obvious power consumer is lighting, yet lighting actually only represents about
6% of power consumption. The best way to reduce energy usage is through
habits, simply turning devices off that aren’t being used at the time, can save 10% on an
electricity bill. Heating and cooling also plays a significant role in costs representing
about 40% of consumption in a household. Setting the air-con to between 24-26 degrees has the
potential to lower costs by 10-15%. Fridges should be set to around 4 degrees
and freezers to -18 degrees. 1 degree colder can make a difference of 10% in running costs
of those appliances. For more information on reducing your electricity costs, go to and download our free comprehensive guide on keeping your electricity
bill down.

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