I found the LIGHTNING TRIDENT in Minecraft! – Part 24


Goooooooooooooooooooooood Good morning gamers. It’s another beautiful day. Oh my gosh. It’s actually night in Minecraft we have- Dark Jöergen… And everything is great, everything is fantastic. Couple of changes, Couple of changes, let me show you in here.. As you can tell, I haven’t fixed- I haven’t fixed the door yet, I’m working on it. Okay, they’re sleeping. Hello? So this is how you sleep; just standing on top of other people. Oh look at him.. This is how you guys sleep? Just- Looking up. They just couldn’t animate their eyes getting closed. Oh, Yeah, Brad is back That’s right. He’s not editing anymore I Don’t know where you came from. You’ve been gone for like ten episodes. Actually. Let me let me go to sleep as well Oh my gosh, Is that a CaT? All these People just…….. Appear Unannounced Quiet kitty I have a cat for you Let me just make a couple beds because they keep fricking I didn’t ask for this Let it be clear. I okay. I did ask for a lil frickin, but not so many fricking where is the kitty? Freaking sound is that? *Curious* Hello. Come down kitty. Oh my god. It’s kind of cute tho Oh No, you die now What they fell on their feet. Oh, maybe there’s two cats Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh, this one is cuter. I like this one more. Hello eat *like the stranger in your mom’s story* Love me You ate the thing. Oh my gosh. I’ll do more fishing later, I guess I don’t need to kidnap people if their kids decide to stay here as well, right? So these guys trade infinity, which you guys told me it’s actually pretty good and if I don’t trade with them I can just Take this out and replace It and it should actually change somehow their profession again, but only if I haven’t traded So let’s let’s try and do that see what happened. This has now became a library This is the weird. What happened to this? Alright, does that mean you change the looting one? No? Feather falling. Okay, so that one changed silic touch. Okay. That’s pretty good But what we are looking for is mending. So let’s just keep bed changing. I didn’t realize it would be that fast They just go up to it and wait punch Hahhaha *Cute Skratta* I Like to punch you, what do I enchant that gets punch? Heheeeeeee Hahaaaa Got ’em DJ cow I think that’s probably more uh I this is a probably a better name than what I what I used to give him in the meanwhile Well, let me show you Sven what I got If you put infinity on your bow now as you can see I have 27 arrows and I shoot an arrow at the tower of whether she Still got 27 arrows. I have infinite arrows. How did I not know? That was the thing? Alright Sven we’re going let’s go Spend we have stuff to do today. Come on Wow, you are very slow. Wait. Is that another cat? Ah I forgot my fishing rod Give me that Teddy stuff. I love this area. Now. It’s so cozy Sven likes it too. He’s just struggling a little bit Just a tiny bit He’s a little bit slow. It’s fine. We are all we’ve already we’ve we’ve all Apparently you guys told me that you have to let these guys out Because they need to go and frik somewhere else. Damn. Look at these boys. I got so many scutes from them Damn alright, alright I’ll let you go. I’ll let you go. Yeah. Oh, sorry, you’ve done your purpose. You’ve done their purpose you can go now Where is Sven? He’s swimming look at it. He’s swimming Absolute brain lit. Alright fine I just need to go – lets go – Felix. Oh, I just I just really gotta make it Okay, give me fish for once I want they should know treasures right virgin toad So today’s episode is as you may have guessed water. Oh, look, they’re escaping water really related We have a conduit which we can use to build an underwater base and we for our quest to kill up Unbreaking 3. All right, you’re almost there Sven, you’re almost there We can build an underwater house and we are on the quest to kill the Wither, one of the bosses in Minecraft and To prepare we need a trident Which will drop from one of the water people *coughs* DROWNED First I want to cat though All right, let me see here what Oh looks like it caught the big one whoop bet it’s really big Stop Get out So apparently cats are really good in Minecraft because they can scare away creepers Which sounds like a good thing to have at your base, to be honest, and that mushroom stew tho *makes weird Felix noises* Straight from the titty a stick What? All right get out get out All right, Sven. Let’s get out of here. I know do you don’t like the kitty cats neither do I but They’re helpful. Okay I’m really good with cats guys *looks for cats while making weird noises* Where do you go? Hello cat Hello Neko, Doko ni imasu ka (Cat, where are you)?! Is that what you do? You just sleep all day, why are they always more of you as well? Where’re the cats? Why are there another one SIVE IS HERE I must ask Council of sheep for guidance Oh council of sheep Give me guidance on what to do. I should dig down? *GREAT ADVICE FELIX* Find diamonds deep below Spank blue sheep’s BUTT *FAMILY FRIENDLY FELIX* no, I’m not gonna do that
it’s weird. Very well dig I shall. Dig straight WHAT? (ᴚO⊥∀˥∩WIS ᴚƎᙠ∩⊥ ᗡƎ⅄∀˥Ԁ ᴚƎΛƎN ƎΛ,∩O⅄) not near There second what? There’s like a secret cave in here Wow, whoa what the Sheep built this cave What That’s so crazy. I wonder where this goes whoa The ball of ah, oh it’s an ambush Whoa, I made it out alive. Thank gosh Okay, Wow diamonds what their sheep thank you Listen there’s one thing everyone in the planet can agree on is Mining diamonds look freaking sweet. Okay, so I saved it for the episodes And we got five. Are you kidding me? Come on Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? You’re letting me down man fortune three, let me down If this continues I’ll have to put a down payment on my house. I almost forgot the most important part We have the turtle helmet now, which will make any water related activity a lot more epic. Okay So now it’s time for you and me classic adventure Let’s go gamer I put the boat on the wrong side of the tracks I Am a genius. I know. Thank you So yeah, just a couple boys Sven has a shield What is happening Why do I have a What this is my texture pack, that’s awesome What? That’s so cool. Oh We found one we found one he’s shooting at Sven is perfect drop your Triton now or there will be consequences now or consequence He dropped it right away Yes When we rule the school of where’s the boatsman? Ah Watch out for that sweat. Watch out for that said. Yes, right. Keep your nose up. You’re fine. You’re fine. I’m not panicking I’m not panicking where they both go. There’s another mushroom biome now wait, we’ve been there before I’m starting to think. I’m the luckiest unlucky person in Minecraft Because all the drops are just insane, but all my loved ones are gone Come here Smith. You’re the only one left Again, I lose you again. A bear to be without you. That’s right Same foot same pose Papa gotta go floppy snappy. All right Look how fast I can mine underwater now Because I have the helper Okay garbage, but then can eat so it’s okay and there’s another one Unbreaking 3 I guess I can take that so many of you were like, oh you have a trident Felix. It’s in your It’s in your summerhouse no, I lost it okay, I lost it from Another one. Okay. I’ll run, oh Don’t you dare him? Are you okay eight? They freaking destroy your boat do they’re crazy. They’re dangerous. I lost it from one of the water temple and look There is one literally right outside our spawn and I feel like we should We should take over it not just beat the bosses Not just pee pee poo poo I mean full-on take over it claim it as ours put a conduit in there make it nice and cozy Put a little fire honestly considering how many pet I’ve lost the fact that Simone is alive is nothing but a miracle Hey look Phoebe poopy is doing great There’s still so many places I haven’t even discovered him mine crime I Haven’t been to the snow areas. I haven’t found a coral leaf reef weeds Just getting started fam. There’s so many more people I wanna kidnap This is a dangerous place man. I’m not gonna lie if you had a scuba diving suit I wouldn’t hesitate to bring it because I know how powerful you are underwater underwater Sven is like a freakin savage But I need you to hold down the fort for me buddy. Okay, so where do we build the condo then? Stop I Say we build it underneath right Did I not bring any doors I went all this way and I didn’t bring any doors, I’m an absolute Maniac got to make sure I don’t do this wrong then. Oh God this is really bad Oh God Oh God I need teddy milk fast. Hey you are hey you teddy? More More teddy. Thanks You know what they say if you ain’t got doors just make them That’s the expression. No one brought a door through the party. We’ll just make your own fan. That’s the expression Hey forgot to make your doors just go to the woods cut them down and make them yourself. That’s the expression Right Sven. Oh Yeah, that’s right, all right BAM we have door the door situation is All right, we got to make sure this condom it’s activated oh My god this oh god, it’s happening again. I remember why I don’t like this place This is a bad place and I wish I had a baby right now There’s a bad place and I wish I had a baby I’m going back to get my baby What are you looking at? I keep killing them, but there’s just more and more and more and more and more and it’s so stressful This is more all the time Let me set up my conduit that’s all I ask and to drink my titty juicy piece I said All right, I need to dig that yeah, I want to set up the conduit I Have doors on my side. What are you sponges? Okay, if I said it went great I would be lying not gonna line oh, here’s the one of the bosses oh It’s my super bowl I Haven’t finish This arrow still do the same amount of damage No Yes to to go, baby Say oh that Craziest thing that’s A look – down there Dang it’s so hard to find the last one. Oh my god. He’s right there Okay You’re about to taste a knuckle sandwich So you do the same damage the error just doesn’t fly as far Look at his little tail your loser. I Can’t believe this is an actual strategy I’m using come on Yeah, Oh things are about to be a little different around here from now on this town is called puta pack town and Nothing else all year all Right. So now what we can do is we can drink the milk the titty And there will be no more Debuff that makes us so I can’t mine and stuff which means we can take these Back down. Oh My god infinity is the best. So yeah time to clear up the space BAM Water be gone fan don’t want to see your face sayonara Aquos on First the water flowing from I don’t know why this is so oddly satisfying to do it’s like Weird ASMR. Ah Oh, that was good Yeah, Oh it’s sinking by Finally I can bring Sven back in here. Oh My gosh I did it Yeah, first room that Feels good, dude Now we can peacefully get the gold for a year again Now I can just tell people I built this place And no one will know I Watched watch this. Oh Oh, are you guys in here? Oh, sorry. What’s this? What you guys home? I think I’m just gonna spend some time playing this out I’ll let you guys know when it’s finished So yeah, this took me about an hour to clear out Then I finally plays down the conduit so that’s cool Then I decided to big a tunnel back to my spawn then I realized that tunnel Was in the wrong direction When I finished up the the right tunnel and that’s where we’re back baby, okay, so three hours later No, it didn’t take that long. We are back and it’s time for me to do something. Actually. There’s something I want to do first Wow, what a nice village. Is it only you left getting boat? There’s no escape Get in the boat just do it. It’s the only way Oh God Got him caught another one spin Yeah Stop moaning Look Jurgen Caught another one. There’s a wall and I can’t go in there just Wait your mind about to be blown That’s right. This is your home now They’re all sleeping, that’s so cute. Let’s be careful not to wake them up wake up Battle stations, that’s right. Gather here. This is what I wanted trade me good stuff. I Said good stuff knock back. Get out of here impaling That’s what I have when your mom Knocked back that’s what your mom do when I am your mom Okay, so then It’s time for me to show you something Austin Follow me buddy. There’s gonna be cool. Hey Sven remember in like Episode nine? When you were caught underneath water And we were all so scared Well now we rule the water, baby That’s right Sven Look at this so awesome. So but yeah, I got the whole thing completely dried It’s so dope. I Also have the conduit as well. So even if I go into water full night vision full breathing Does that work for Sven as well? That’d be so cool Get the out of house Yeah, get him Sven. Yeah, I guess ready. Yeah. Yeah freak him up incredible job You can get him spend you can get him You did it spend good job So yeah, just to show you guys the whole stay the whole thing, baby It’s so satisfying to use the sponges. Why did I do this? Because I can That’s why Now I was saying like a lot of people do this and then they keep this as their main hub I don’t think that’s what I want to do. I just wanted to see for me It was like a bucket list. Try not to get lost in it could be dangerous. All right Well, we should head back because we have some other stuff to do. But yeah, the conduit is in here It is tempting if I should get it back actually Yeah Look at that. Yeah We rule the oceans thing I am Poseidon the Poseidon has the Trident right the god of The Greek mythology god of the ocean. Apparently it was going to be decided between Hades. Who’s the god of the underworld? between hit cuz they’re Poseidon Hades are brothers and When it was decided between them who was gonna rule the underworld and who’s gonna rule the ocean they were always in such competition with each other that When he was announced that Poseidon got to rule the ocean. He just went yeah Frick yeah, even though that’s not necessarily what he wanted He just wanted to shove it in Hades face and Hades did the exact same thing beyond the world yes, that’s awesome That’s what they want to rule some random Greek mythology in the PD pilots minecraft letsplay why What would you guys prefer to rule the underworld? Or the ocean, I’d pick the ocean So yeah I built this thing here because I thought it could be cool to build a track in between the houses coming from Ikea tower God, the game likes whenever I come here. I Think it’s time to fight the weather soon So it’s like please there’s something about baby We’re back gamers. So it’s about dang times that I enchant my try to do. I have it channeling Yeah, it is blunt. So yeah, this will give it channeling the enchantment Which means that once there’s a thunderstorm Once I if I hit the pigs that will be turning to pig soldiers, which we’re gonna use to fight the weather So now we just have to wait for a thunderstorm basically Obviously, we don’t know when it’s gonna be thunder. So It could be days. It could be years. It could be tonight who knows trade me good stuff pick a job you pleb I Just realize since we have the sponges we could literally dry out this in ocean what I do want to do actually is I want to Maybe place the conduit here That is definitely not right and we got to add it here And now we can just chill at the bottom of the ocean for no reason whatsoever What the Sheep would be so proud of me. Hey, look, here’s the chest thing One of the first thing I found I can appreciate what a meatball from the ocean now Look, I’m just like you damn he raped though Damn, turtle beer if does break down Whoa, no one talks about that. Whoa Are you serious? How was this in my map? Does it go to this surface? Whoa? So cool Look how dark it is without the water. This is how it actually looks like I Keep putting down torches I Know my man, just digging gold underwater. That’s whatever So yeah for no reason at all This is my house Underwater house, can I sleep? Oh my god. I can good night gamers What a great sleep I mean bloob bloob bloob Maybe I’ll build something that starts from the bottom and goes to the top That might be cool Look Brad inside this here. Alright, let’s see if they finally have decided to be useful silic touch that’s That’s what I have with your mama, okay, I think for this little Town to work out. We need to expand just a bit Yes, go in there Yes, things are I get about to get the little stricter around here get in the back No Packet it do your job Your job and stop complaining you could be anything if you put your mind to it look this guy became a bed yes Yes, don’t talk to each other Stop talking Another one bites the dust. I don’t pay you guys to talk to each other say I got the trap doors just so I can Okay Sven, welcome to what their sheeps lovemaking central first of all, here’s our our village look he Became amazing now so I can change the trade of these just by placing a work block in front of them Hopefully in a second same with this one. I just removed it and he just became a normal one So I want to obviously expand this so I can trade with a bunch of different villagers. So we have I introduce to you Sven Don’t worry. It’s double-sided glass So they can’t see us you can looks and it’s a lot it’s miracle of life when he doesn’t one Is that gun to you and too young for this? It’s okay. They can’t see through the glass. This is the freaking shape No, you don’t belong in freakin chamber get out How do you even get in friend get out of freaking chamber right now So for them to freak they need to think that There’s beds around them like extra beds and I think trapdoor makes it so that they can’t go But they think they can go I think that’s hot don’t look at me like that. All right. Sorry. I’m not here I’m not here. I’m not here not here not here Don’t worry. No one sees you So they need to eat 12 potatoes – Frick, so we’re just gonna they don’t see me. They don’t see me. They don’t see me Make sure he eats all of them Make sure the other guy eats all the parts eat the potatoes The potatoes and do whatever they can’t see me because I’m behind the glass. Oh Okay, okay and now they should be able to frickin spend Just don’t weigh Villager freaking is like milk. It only happens to win that you’re not looking No, wait, that’s not the expression. All right, so you changed your blast protection. So it is working He’s a farmer how ah I have to actually go back to the flower place one second Okay, we’re back here because I need a couple more pink ones It’s a very strange episode Cottam Have they fricked yet. Come on guys. Do they need another bed, man? Yes Another one Yeah, get him Sven Oh No sit sit Don’t hurt them then stop. They were put Spanish murdering spend his roof. Let’s stop it See 10 see see he’s sweating. You’re crazy stop stop stop stop Sven I need them Spend you absolute savage Don’t look at me like that, you know full well what you did. Oh Don’t tell me I let’s also not forget the gold For our number one boy our golden boy Isn’t that right spin? So if you guys remember in the jungle, we had this really weird area with flowers everywhere Which is just what I need for a little something-something They’re gonna love this He loved picking flowers more than any Swedish man picks up flowers, lo lo look look God damn so many flowers. It’s raining Please be Thunder a Pirate ship on top of On top of the water. I’ll take it Thanks Oh Perfect. I need trapdoors I’ll show you what I’m doing in a second Right now I just need resources Whoa, a third treasure, Dan. All right what rich I Got too many flowers What do I throw away now that I found a treasure map I have to find it obviously Suffering from success and we find another one and Suffering, oh my god Come on, what their sheep make it thunder? Iceberg. What is that? Said Jesus on the cross in Minecraft Why whoa, wow, I’ve never seen snow in Minecraft So pretty This is so cool, if only spendin uragan conceived I went to pick flowers and it got all crazy They should be here somewhere in this piece of sand, all right, we’d be digging. Oh Yeah Bit easier than it used to be There it is so easy Yes Come on Thunder, what does she please I think It’s a day later and at last at long last you Decided to trade me mending. Yes Hold on let me get my purse your again. I have mending. Oh my god the cat finally Mending or cat Get the fish all they’re all cooked the salmon needs to be raw Yes, I can’t wine Get out of my way Turtles I need to fish fast why This is taking too long, I’m going in Swedish style Get in the bucket. Yes now we put you on land and they would chop you up That’s how you fish in Sweden kit, please be dammit Next time Don’t blow this. Oh My kid work right away, yes Yes, and even right next to mending, baby Let’s give elaborate at this. Yes, and then this Loretta It’s pouring Hula Britta purring All right gamers. This episode has gone on well enough. Oh, I did everything I wanted to I’m so happy Isn’t that right ? Hola PITA ? Lula Britta meet Sven Thank you guys for watching another episode smash like if you enjoyed check out the merch I really really appreciate it. Thank you Will we defeat the wither next episode will I get the enchantment for my Trident watch next episode to find hat? Thanks for watching guys. Bye. Bye (Sublitles By Shunover and others…)

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  92. Sam JB says:

    Don’t like this or else

  93. Billy Tse says:

    Did he Just said Bite the Dust? 25:50

  94. Random person says:


  95. kls sports says:

    Why the title is on Greek?

  96. Viktoria Livshits says:

    “Is that Jesus? In minecraft???” I’m dead

  97. Sophie Bell says:

    The ocean power

  98. SHARKAVATAR17 says:

    Quite kitty I have cat for you

  99. Itsyeboidan GD says:

    BLAH 22:30

  100. Alex Teagle says:

    Did he just build a brothel? Lmao

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