Improving access to electricity in Gaza

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My name is Khitam
Hassouna Mohammed Saleem. I’m an ill woman. I suffer from asthma
and I need a nebulizer device. My husband is also very sick. He has diabetes and
hepatosplenomegaly. He needs a fan constantly because when he sweats
a lot he gets spasms. Electricity was available for
only two or three hours. Maybe four at best. I’m Jamal Said Hussein Jouma. I’m a very sick citizen. I live off a paycheck from the
Ministry of Social Affairs. I wasn’t even able to pay
just one of the power bills. We had to use candles for lighting
for more than three years. We fell asleep once while the candles
were on and the house caught fire. UNOPS reached out to me a
year ago and offered to help. This switch is for night mode. If a problem occurs, it will
switch off automatically. I was glad to hear that we will be
supplied with a solar power system I just want our suffering to be
alleviated and our lives to be easier. Before this project,
I struggled to breath at night. My children would have to take me
to the hospital for treatment. Now my treatment is
possible at home. I can run the nebulizer device
myself, since I have electricity. I can breathe and be relieved. Today was the first day we
used the solar power system. Thanks to UNOPS, we don’t have to use
candles, batteries or LED lighting anymore.

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