Indonesia: Mitigating Risks to Scale Up Geothermal Power


Indonesia A land of breathtaking scenery Rich in cultural and natural diversity Home to 260 million people living on 17,000 islands Indonesia also has 40% of the world’s geothermal resources Yet, despite this natural abundance of clean energy the country remains dependant on fossil fuels to power its economy The Indonesian government, with support from the World Bank, aims to improve that The Geothermal Risk Mitigation Project is an innovative financing mechanism that addresses the high risk of geothermal risk exploration Leveraging $4 billion of investments for the construction of geothermal power plants Creating thousands of new jobs in the process Clean, green energy will alleviate the country’s dependance on coal Reduce greenhouse gas emissions And contribute greatly to fighting climate change Tapping geothermal power will also electrify Indonesia’s Eastern Islands Bringing power to millions Igniting economies all across the archipelago and generating enormous national pride as Indonesia strides confidently into a prosperous 21st century Geothermal energy A brighter, greener tomorrow

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  1. sharad bhingale says:

    World Bank
    I like World Bank work
    Slogen is end poverty (globally)

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