Insane Lightning in Slow Motion


What’s up every body Welcome back to my laboratory Where safety is the number one priority And today I am going to use my slow motion camera I am going to be trying filming a lightning in slow motion, in about a 5000 frames per second This is a really hard shot because first of all we need a thunder storm second we need the lightning Here can lightning in front of the camera, not somewhere far away somewhere close enough to film that in slow motion, so we can actually see so, really really hard shot to blow so please thumbs up, and hopefully you enjoy this video let’s check it out so this is was just one lightning strike You know when you are driving or working and there is …. a flash it is looks like just a split second, boom and it is done so we filmed that at 5000 fps, and you see that lightning going slowly in and you think it’s over but then it go crazy flashing back and forth within a normal eye we can’t see, but in slow motion it’s insane, don’t you agree I also have filmed some other lightnings in slow motion so let’s check those out as well Take this out, put it over like this Fold this two … inside boom! and I fold here inside and then grab the hood, and put it over like this

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100 thoughts on “Insane Lightning in Slow Motion”

  1. Nicholas Richards says:

    What the hell? ._. I've never seen anything like those numerous and rapidfire tiny lightning bolts towards the latter half of the video here in India. Is that normal in other parts of the world?

  2. Weezy train Central says:

    that camera looks like one of the century guns from Portal 2

  3. Weezy train Central says:

    that camera looks like one of the century guns from Portal 2

  4. Sobrodretydaygirl Sobrodretydaygirl says:


  5. Orange Hood says:

    Damn thunderstorms be crazy in russia

  6. yo dawg says:

    i had never seen in my life.

  7. aaronpiper92 says:

    nng tss nng tss nng tss nng tss nng tss nng tss

  8. Arturo Avalos says:

    thunder gives me the chills

  9. Adam Salah says:

    that was awesome I do not know what to say

  10. Dave says:

    the sound isnt in slomo

  11. dead f says:

    The lightning sound like gun

  12. OzzieBloke says:

    Russian voice-over.
    Thundery rainy sky.
    STALKER all over again… man I loved that game.

  13. Rawinia Tipene says:

    this is awesome! very nice work! thank you for sharing!

  14. Kiwi Extraordinare says:

    You know what they say light travels faster then sound

  15. Ajthedino //aj says:


  16. Jasper Gaming says:

    Does anyone else just love the sound of thunder

  17. Donnie Montoya says:

    At first I didn't notice it was already raining so for a moment I thought that he had summoned a thunder storm like the mad wizard he is. Dude you are a badass for actual pulling that off.

  18. John Jamiel Bustillo says:

    Taurus Russian accent is cool

  19. Elias Birkeland says:


  20. Elias Birkeland says:


  21. QuantumFrost says:

    That's so fricken cool

  22. QuantumFrost says:

    Now I want a camera that records 5000fps and then record myself slapping my belly

  23. BalebatDwi .A says:


  24. Ey b0ss says:

    bruh thats the camera that ownagepranks used to prank u

  25. Zonndaz says:

    well done man. I can see I are trying really hard

  26. ForestGirl 1122 says:

    Why does this video even have dislikes?

  27. Hector Koyawena says:

    a lightning hit on the side of my family truck while we were driving home it was insane

  28. SHJ Gaming says:

    What's this? Original content from CrazyRussianHacker? I must be dreaming.

  29. Skylar Woods says:


  30. SkyMouse says:

    Крассивая молния!

  31. StarNexter Gaming says:

    lol I'm watching this while there's lightning outside


    Really really hotshot to pull off

  33. lavoocientific dadaista says:

    glasses in the Night???

  34. Ben E says:

    bruh do you still live with mom and dad?

  35. izzyboi362 says:

    Why didn't the slo mo guys do this haha

  36. Mindy Stapleton says:

    👍👍amazing. i didn't know lightning did that lol

  37. dj allykat says:

    ironically its storming where I am rn

  38. Furmommy SoCal says:

    that is cool… thanks for sharing👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  39. Rutger Lammers says:

    Wie is er nederlands? 😀

  40. Matthew Suter says:

    Why does he think he needs glasses to look at lighting…

  41. Bendegúz Kovács says:

    MAAAAN that camera can record with more than 300000 FPS!!!!! MORE!!!

  42. MTF Gamma-6 . Public says:

    Has Thor been on steroids?

  43. Finn says:

    Lightning comes from the ground up

  44. Rouge Master! says:

    I expected more

  45. Balkaran Singh says:


  46. Rotten Toasty says:

    what is he always saing at the beginning? 😀 i cant understand it.

  47. Spaz Hole says:

    Three steps on how hard it is to film lightning somehow manages to get like 20 shots on video

  48. buggger12 says:

    he films at 5000 fps while slow mo guys do 300 000 fps xD

  49. MidnightHDGamer says:

    Hi guys

  50. Sins Hacks says:

    You should make more

  51. RedNasty7 says:

    The lightening reminded me of being in fort benning. 4am ruck march, raining, thunder and the lightening filled the sky with beauty.

  52. Jason Posten says:


  53. Pokemon Court says:

    If you put the captions on when the lightning strikes it thinks the lightning is saying yeah

  54. Sharese says:

    That's dope

  55. Comi says:

    at 00:50 it looks like the charts are going down boss what now?

  56. Cubs Baseball says:

    That is awesome

  57. Karis x says:

    What does he say in his intro? We're safety in not important?

  58. Lilbitch himself says:

    fun fact you see lightning before you hear it cause the speed of lights greater than the speed of sound…this may be obvious to some.

  59. Jared Sullivan says:

    boom wow amazing thumbs up 4 me

  60. Angelina Baciu says:

    It's not good for your eyes

  61. Mel Ba says:

    Very cool but I wish you'd shown real time first so we could compare…

  62. munky sun says:

    did anyone else see the gost

  63. Natasha Navotnaya says:

    Ты где живёшь ? Торонто??

  64. Gnarly Sam says:

    I remember the time I almost got struck by lightning I walked out my grammas house and before I touched the floor lightning struck that spot and there was a scorch mark on the groundd

  65. Melanie Marit says:


  66. JustinBieberVEV.O says:

    2016/08/4/03:19:34 anyone

  67. Kali nguma says:

    That is awesome

  68. Stal says:

    Previet crazyrussianhacker

  69. Misha Noshwat says:


  70. MiNT - 742 says:

    Wow, simply.. Wow!

  71. Donald Trump says:

    1:45 its going slowly in

  72. The Real Pots Moan says:

    like a week ago lightning hit my house when i was walking near it and i nearly pissed myself

  73. Hamdan Al AMERI says:


  74. Senior Maun says:

    man I love the sound of rain! always make me tired 😴😴😴 man living in Seattle is AMAZING! Go Hawks!

  75. Amanda Allen says:

    love this guy

  76. Zeta says:

    Lol, sounds like a thunderstorm in Minecraft exactly, but awesome video CRH!

  77. aidan is a bot says:

    You are my favorite youtuber by far. Keep up the great work. Also I love the survival gadget videos.

  78. Derek Mireles says:

    favorite youtuber 😀

  79. POVHFR Videos says:


  80. Oscaroo says:

    2:00 lol the moth outside

  81. Morgan Barnett says:

    I've been addicted to watching lightning since I was 5 it's like art in the sky but that is coolest way I've ever seen it thank u for sharing this

  82. Wally West says:

    5000 faps per second

  83. Ody Eugenics says:

    is that the camera that Dima said it was hit by a "flying machete"? (Ownage Pranks)(was a prank)

  84. MultiKON says:

    Wow love the spider lightning

  85. Aiman Izzwan says:

    I can sleep now thx!!!

  86. Charlene Genge says:

    I Love Storms

  87. Funny Dad says:

    more slow motion videos

  88. seigasuki says:


  89. brianna curry says:

    I this on 1:25 it was trying to form a d***

  90. Hector Rodriguez says:

    omg this video is so insane great job on the vid

  91. Lala Beathope says:

    that's amazing how did you do that

  92. Jsweizston says:

    I didn't know he had a Phantom camera. Nice!

  93. Napoleon Ghost says:

    logo na koplok sia

  94. PewDiePiegbynyb says:

    lightening comes from water

  95. Cruz De La Trinidad Valdez says:

    very pretty

  96. Rifti ImamDinanti says:

    Or just watch doctor strange

  97. neice BROOKS says:

    Beautiful! I love your outlook on life.

  98. XViper Gaming says:

    While I was watching this video an actual thunderstorm started

  99. Martin Allen says:


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