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♪ [music] ♪I play with energy for a living. I’ve spent all of my time assessing vibration. It’s just kind of fun to me to just sort of
notice what’s up in the world. I like to get creative and see what happens. For instance, sometimes I ask, “If I add this
energy to my life, what comes in? If I add this person to my life, what’s my
life look like?” I have zero stress on manifesting. I just ask the energy of whatever I desire
to show up, and pretty soon, it usually shows up in physical form. And you can do this too. Again, you’re the creator. But this peaceful approach keeps you at lower
vibrations of fear, worry, and anxiety. I had a client who used what I’m about to
teach you to pull in her mate and get a great love life. She had tried for over a year to call in her
mate, yet she was still worried and anxious about it. I asked her guide how to keep her in her creator
self, and I was told to give her this exercise. I call this the blessing ball of light. I have since shown a lot of clients how to
do this with their families, and I received some really positive feedback. So let’s start with blessing your day in your
kid’s day. A blessing is a high vibrational energy that
comes from your heart. It’s about adding love to the mix and seeing
things work out. I calibrated the energy in myself giving somebody
a blessing, and it calibrated as high as 760. It all depended on the words and intent that
I used. The lowest frequency was 625, and that was
just by me saying, “I bless you,” to somebody. It didn’t matter who, but as long as I had
that energy in me and I really felt it, it’s just not words, it’s feeling it, “I bless
you from my heart.” The 760 was me saying, “I bless you with pure
love and light.I bless you with pure source energy.” And again, I did this with the feeling of
it in my heart. “I bless you with pure love and light, and
I bless you with pure source energy.” And when I measured it, blessing was higher
than peace and joy. I do this as soon as I wake up in the morning. I connect in the light, I allow it to come
into my heart, I picture a ball of energy, and I call it my day. And I pull in it everything I really choose
for my day. Then I place it in my heart, and I send the
energy out to my day, smoothing everything out with ease, and joy, and abundance. Because you are a creator creating your life,
you can make changes to your day ahead of time. To do this for another individual, like your
children, give them another ball of energy. Separate them, because they have their own
life and their own needs. I measured that the average child of the people
who bought this program ages to 11, who did the blessings and energy ball with them, it
would raise their kids’ consciousness 180%. If they’re aged 12 to 17, the average was
about 85%. You see, after age 11, kids really develop
their own independence and energetically pull away from their parents. It’s important that you embrace the child
around 10 to 11 years old and really help them bridge this gap in development. It’s one of the most important ages. You can include your interactions with them
in the ball of light because they are a part of your day and they’re a part of your life. But give them their own ball of energy and
their own energy field when you are really blessing them. And better still, of course, teach them how
to do it and walk them through it. Kids as young as four and five can do this. So here’s how it works. Now you can play with this, but most often,
I do it this way. So look up and connect to the light. Let the light in. Fill your whole body as we did, with your
head, your shoulders, your heart, your torso, your arms, your hips, your leg. And let a column of light form around you,
and let the grounding energy move into the center of earth connecting to the center of
the planet. And picture and get a sense of the ball of
light that’s about 10 inches across in between your hands, and kind of push and pull it. You can feel that there’s a ball of light
in your hands if you push and pull with your hands a little bit, just feel this ball of
light. And put a mental label on it called my day. If you’re doing it for your child, label it
your child’s name and their day. Labeling it makes it clear to the universe
what you are creating. Let whatever color it wants to be a show-up. Some days it’ll be different, and you can
ask your guides what the color means and why did it show up in that color. But some general guidelines are green is for
healing and abundance, gold or pink for love, gold for your God self. I’ve seen it brown sometimes, when somebody
needs grounding, or red for material and needs being helped. White is quite common, and all the colors
of the rainbow are held in the spectrum of white. Sometimes I’ve seen multicolor or rainbows. Always just ask what it means, never assume
anything. They could be different in different days. You can face your hands together and push
and pull again until you can kind of feel the energy of this energy ball in your hands. And after that, you’ll probably feel the ball
of energy, most people do. The way you get a visceral feel of the ball
and the light is to do it this way. Now, after you’ve labeled it my day, call
in your guides and angels and ask for assistance on what to add. Just say, “Guides and angels, can you help
me add whatever would be lovely to my day?” Then just start adding what you desire your
day to be like, both in energy quality, so choose things closer to joy, love, celebration,
gratitude, blessings. You know, some ease and nice might be fun,
and add anything else you wish to show up in your life today, people, places, things,
gifts, friendship, loving comments, compliments, attention. It’ll just come into your awareness. And while you’re imagining it, you’re creating
it. It’s how creation works. Imagine it long enough and it’ll show up. If you have clients, see the kind of energy
you need for them for the day. If you need love, add love, and see everyone
who thinks of you receives love, joy, gratitude just by thinking of you or being with you. I’ve been putting this in my energy field
for the last year or so, and a friend of mine from L.A. called up one day and said, “The strangest
thing happened in meditation this morning. I sent you some energy and you sent it right
back to me. It felt great.” She goes, “I’ve sent a lot of people energy
over the years but nobody has ever returned it. It just kind of zapped me.It felt good.” Again, that was confirmation to me that my
spiritual gifts work, because I’d been putting in my energy field that everyone who thinks
of me receives love, light, peace, joy, and gratitude from me, right. If you need guidance all day, maybe see the
word guidance go into your bubble, or see a specific guide and angel do it. If you need focus for a test, if you’re a
child, add focus. Got a busy day, add completion to your project. If you need the phone ringing off the hook
bringing you money, add phone ringing with people wanting to bring you money. If you have an issue with a person or a longstanding
unforgiven thing, see kindness and forgiveness going into your bubble. You can add smooth sails, a smooth road ahead,
see yourself having fun with your children and your mate. If you need any help on your health, ask for
a healthy lifestyle, ask for great health to show up and your body to morph into a happy,
healthy size, whatever your body wants to be, or whatever your body says a happy, healthy,
and however many pounds. You can bless your space, you can bless your
office, you can bless your car, your home, fill it up with a rainbow of good vibes kind
of energy. You can add extra energy and oomph to your
body for the day. So keep filling it with joy, love, consciousness,
plenty of abundance, and health, wealth, and happiness, ease, joy with your family, friends,
coworkers, see people receiving you well, see your mate telling you they love you, see
your children joy filled. So just add whatever your heart desires. And when it feels full, then just be with
it for a moment and add the energy of, “I bless myself with pure love and light. I bless myself with purified source energy. I bless myself with pure love and light.I
bless myself with purified source energy. I bless myself with pure love and light. I bless myself with purified source energy. I bless myself with pure love and light. I bless myself with purified source energy.” Now, if it’s for your child, obviously just
say your child’s name and, “I bless my child with pure love and light. I bless my child with pure source energy.” And you can even do this while you’re driving. I bless strangers, mailboxes, you name it,
I have probably blessed it. And why do I do that? Because I love the vibration in my body, and
it helps with manifesting and getting your life to look a certain way. And when you feel complete, put your blessing
ball of light into your heart, see your day radiating out to your heart, projecting wherever
you intend, all the way around you. It’s your reality coming into your creator
self, emanating from the heart of the matter. You are the creator that’s choosing the matter. I’ll give you some other examples and the
future of things you can ask for. If you know your child has a particular thing
they need help on, like being grounded in the world, add that. If they need super confidence, add that. Just see it pouring into the ball of light
and filling your child’s body with the elixir of super confidence and everything goes well. Or if your kids need new friends, see these
friends coming into your lives. I had a mom call me, and her child had ADD
and could not sit still in class, so she started using this, and a few days, she noticed a
difference in her kid. She put a ball around the child so the child
feels focused and peaceful. She was guided that he needed to exercise
for half an hour, so she saw him doing that as well. I hear reports that it works for people. I was out of the country teaching a class,
and we did this blessing. This woman found her lost passport and her
lost necklace in a bag, and she had looked there five times earlier that day. It wasn’t there earlier, and after she did
this, it was there. What she did was she added finding her passport
and her necklace in the blessing ball of light, and then she found it. If you have a mate, be guided in how to bless
their day. I believe you can do this for people, just
keep it on the side of what is the happiest and best, good for them. You could just have a ball of light that says
happiness, ease, and joy, happy travels, fun with the family, ease with the boss. Obviously, the best thing to do is to ask
your mate to start blessing their own day. I had a client who tell me, there’s no way
her husband would do this. I just laughed and I had her ask him if he
was opposed to using the light in his life. He said no. So she got him to push and pull his hand until
he could feel the energy of the ball of light. And then she asked him to fill it in with
whatever he needed. He did it, he thought it was funny, but he
went along with it. She called in her angels and said, “Please
let him know this works.” So he went to work, and he had the boss, who
was always hard on him, actually compliment him that day. He called to tell her about it. He thought it was very interesting the boss
did that. She reminded him to do it for a while and
to visualize his day a success. One day, I went to play Bingo with a friend. We like to do it to just practice manifesting. I usually win. So try it out some time. So we blessed the space, and we used the energy
of grace. Grace is like WD-40, and it adds to whatever
you’re doing. Right after I finished doing this, a man working
for the Bingo parlor walks over to me and hands me a bouquet of flowers. And all he said was, “These are for you.” And I kind of looked and go, “Thanks,” and
I started laughing. And he went back to work, handing out tickets
to everyone. I said, “Why?” And he said, “Well, you just deserve these.” So read into it whatever you will, but out
of 50 other people in the room, right after I sent out grace and blessings, why did he
come over and hands me flowers? I blessed my purse and wallet, more money
seems to show up. Right after I did it one time, I walked into
my closet, put on my jacket to go to the movies, I hadn’t worn it in a year, I put my hand
in the pocket, and I pulled out $20. It worked that quickly. So that is my wish for you, that you do a
blessing ball of light and more and more blessings and higher vibrations come into your life.

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