Introduction to commercial solar power

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Hi, my name is Dan Stojanovic. I’m the general
manager of LJW Solar. A business should look at commercial solar because of the great return
on the investment. The numbers, as I’ve said in the past, the numbers don’t lie.
If you’re a small business you can get substantial returns and you can also save. Not only do
you get returns on your investment, but you can start to control the cost, the rising
cost of electricity. It makes perfect sense, again, if you’re a small, medium, or large
size organization, to be looking at solar as a way of adding value to your business
and helping your business grow. LJW Solar is a great choice for people considering a
commercial solar system. We bring with us years of experience. That also means that
the products that we bring to the table and the partners that we bring to the table are
the best in the business. When choosing to install a commercial solar system there are
some specific differences in the sort of systems, the system design. So, if you’re looking
at a commercial system versus a domestic system. When it comes to commercial you’re increasing
the level of diligence that is required when procuring the product, when looking at products,
such as inverters. So, it’s very important that we choose and we match the right product
to get the outcomes that we need. There are other things that we consider such as monitoring
systems. If you’re going to invest all this money, you want to make sure that you can
have some accountability in the investment that has been made. Commercial solar is ideal
for businesses for a number of reasons. Firstly, the pattern of use. Now, when we look at a
business generally it starts at eight o clock in the morning and finishes at five o clock
in the evening. Now, the great thing about that is if you were to use a bell curve and
explain when the sun is up and when the business starts to consume electricity, there’s a
great correlation between a system producing electricity and the business itself consuming
electricity. So the nice thing about that is the pattern, there’s that direct correlation.
So, what you’re actually consuming can be offset with solar panels, the generation of
the solar panels. Secondly, what we find is that commercial businesses generally use a
lot more power than, say, what you would use at home. So, having a solar system and investing
in a solar system for your business can offset that large cost, so you can start to control
your costs. The third thing that is really really important here is that a solar system
can help you cap the cost; I guess the rising cost of electricity. And we all know that
in today’s day and age this is something that is very important to business owners; they
want to be able to control costs. The process that we go through from this point, if you’re
interested in exploring what a commercial solar system will do for your business, is
we take a look at a roof plan of your business and we have a look at the suitability of any
solar panels on that roof. Then, once we have that, we sit down and start to do some financial
modeling. We obviously look at your current consumption of electricity. We then look at
the production of the solar system given the details of the roof plan. And, once we have
that information, we sit with you and we actually model and we show you the return on investment
that system can provide. Now, if you are interested, please give us a call on 1300792011 and one
of our consultants would love to walk you through the solution.

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