Investment villa in Croatia with photovoltaics and no electricity bills!

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Hello, this is Marta Stone and this video
is about photovoltaics in your villa. I chose a special position: window, from which
I am having a great overview, of the situation in Croatia. I am looking now on the roofs of the houses
in Vodnjan, in front of me there are around 35 houses, nice roofs, sunny, although it’s
quite late. What can I see? Or rather what I can not see? I can not see any photovoltaics or solar
water heaters. Let me check here, nothing. Beautiful sun on my face, but no photovoltaics
no solar water heaters. Do you want to have a villa like this? Yeah, go for it. If you like to pay electricity bills, if you
really don’t know how much they will be. You don’t know because it isn’t you staying
in the villa. You will be having guests, and guests are
not concerned about the electricity bills, how much you will end up paying. They will turn on the air conditioning, turn
on the heating, leave the house and go to the beach. Not because they are bad people, sometimes
when you are on holidays, you just might forget. That’s why, as a smart investor, you need
to make a good decision when deciding on the property you want to invest on. Smart decision, means choosing a villa with
photovoltaics, with solar water heaters. Thanks to this solutions, you won’t pay any
electricity bills. But not only, you can also, sell the electricity
back into the grid and earn some extra money. Use the sun to produce electricity and choose
your Candy Brick villa.

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