iPhone power adapters tested: Charge your iPhone faster


Apple’s new iPhone 8 and 10 support fast
charging with USB power delivery but you have to buy a new USBC power adapter and
a USBC lightning cable is it worth the money
I tested charging speeds with five different adapters to get to the bottom
of it before we hop to the results let me quickly explain how I tested I
started with three iPhones first there’s the iPhone 7 plus the most
recent iPhone that does not officially support USB see fast charging I also
tested the iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 10 which do support fast charging for each
of the phones I drained it down to 1% made sure no apps were running put it in
airplane mode and then plugged it into a power adapter and recorded the charge
percentage every five minutes until the battery hit a hundred percent these are
the five adapters I tested this is the five watt adapter that comes in the box
with every iPhone this is Apple’s 12 watt adapter it comes with the iPad but
you can buy separately for only 19 bucks it uses the same lightning cable that
came with your phone though this is Apple’s new 29 watt USBC adapter and it
costs a whopping $49 this is the power adapter for a new 13 inch MacBook Pro it
has an output of 61 watts and because it uses the same USB C power delivery
standard it should fast charge the new iPhones just fine finally we’re gonna
throw the Google pixel adapter into the mix this $35 18 watt adapter isn’t made
by Apple but it supports the new USB power delivery standards so it should
work just fine too for any of these USB C adapters you’re going to also need to
buy one of these a USB C lightning cable Apple charges $25 for a 1 meter cable or
$35 for a 2 meter cable that’s just way too expensive let’s take a look at the
iPhone 7 plus first the in box adapter is just pitifully slow it takes almost
two and a half hours to get to 90% and over three hours to a full charge all of
Apple’s other adapters charge the phone about seven
he % faster with the USBC adapters going just as fast as apples 12 watt USBA
adapter iPhones prior to the iPhone 8 don’t officially support fast charging
via USB C but they’re clearly capable of charging much faster than they do with
the included 5 watt adapter but look at the results with the pixel adapter
even though apples USB C adapters charge the phone as fast as the 12 watt adapter
googles does not it’s still a lot faster than the 5 watt adapter though moving up
to the iPhone 8 plus we see a slightly different story
the included 5 watt adapter is just as slow two and a half hours to 90% and
over three hours to a full charge and the 12:1 adapter charges at the same
speed as the iPhone 7 plus 90 minutes to 90% and a full charge in about 2 hours
20 minutes so with the 5 or 12 watt USBA adapters it’s the same as older iPhones
but the USBC adapters even the Google pixel adapter are all a little bit
faster than that where they weren’t on the 7 plus we’re seeing USB power
delivery at work here all these adapters can deliver as many watts as the phones
can handle so there’s really no substantial difference between an 18
watt third-party adapter and a 61 watt Apple main adapter all three USB C
adapters are maybe 25% faster than the 12 watt adapter the iPhone 10 was so
similar to the eight plus that the differences are just within the margin
of error for this sort of thing the 8 plus charged just a tiny bit faster
which could be thanks to better thermal dissipation or maybe the iPhone tens
unique to battery internal design so here’s the thing no matter which phone
you have the 12 watt adapter gets you most of the way there and it’s only 19
bucks and doesn’t require a new lightning cable the USBC adapters get
you just a little more speed but only if you have an iPhone 8 8 + or 10 and you
got to buy a really expensive new USBC lightning cable – my recommendation
whether you have a newer or an older phone the Apple $19 12 watt adapter is a
great buy it dramatically improves charging times and works with the same
cable that came with your phone the USBC adapters just aren’t worth the extra
money so check below if you want to see more
data or links to any of these products an apple if you’re listening it’s long
past time to stop packing five watt power adapters in the box when you’re
selling phones that cost seven hundred to a thousand dollars or more there’s
just no excuse to cheap out on this we pay for a premium experience and that
includes charging our phones in less than three hours

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71 thoughts on “iPhone power adapters tested: Charge your iPhone faster”

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    Expensive Apple, I’ll just grab a real apple to eat on the Mart instead.

  2. Eclip says:

    I use my iPad Air charger which is sooooo good with iPhones it takes like an hour or so to get to 100% when I am currently using it

  3. Sergio says:

    4:46 Amen

  4. Tom Liu says:

    I use the 12w charger all the time, it works great

  5. Minh Vu says:

    So for someone who has Macbooks already, just use a usb-c to usb-a adapter and plug it directly into the power adapter. It should now become a faster charger (not as fast as usb-c) but same rate as an ipad charger while costing less

  6. 9Ts々Punisher says:

    *Apple is a scam*.
    Mangoes all day

  7. Hatice Boğa says:

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  8. Binozia - Tech says:

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  11. Noob 101 says:

    2017: yes
    2018: yes
    2019: yes
    2020: nah we have wireless charging everywhere

  12. Riz1TheGreat says:

    I use the 12w with my iPhone xs max. No complaints at all. Charges fast enough

  13. Lucas Pelton says:

    Fun fact: the iPhone 7 plus does support 10w charging, so if you use a 10w brick, it will charge twice as fast as the stock charger

  14. Lawomenshoops says:

    Why are people surprised that apple is only including the 5W charger in all Iphones? If you didn't realize apple doesn't care or listen to it's fanbase, you're either dumb or clueless. When they had that antenna issue and Jobs said well hold the phone differently, that said everything about this POS company. No asshole steve, when you're paying $500 or so for a smartphone, the design shouldn't suck, that holding the phone matters.

  15. fastshark 3000 says:

    Simple fix just get a Samsung phone really any could beat iPhones charging speeds

  16. Match says:


  17. Gerry Hasni says:

    Dont ever use ipad 12w charger my ip 8+ drop down to 97 from 100 only about 1 month of use before i use for 1 month with original charger it stay on 100. Fuvking burning down my battery health. Im using it in moderate way 3 time charging in 1 day heavily gaming use. If u dont believe me just use ur 12w jpad charger. Im warning u all.

  18. Taj Callender says:

    I use a 12w with my iPhone, I don’t need any more cables, or any less money. My iPad Mini and iPhone both charge rapidly with it. If you don’t need rapid speeds, go with a 12w adapter.

  19. talha ali says:

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  20. dippster357 says:

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  21. VegitaGT says:

    Can you do a similar video for Ipad Pro? I have a Gen 2 12.9 and wondering whats the highest wattage that the iPad can support.

  22. CDN_Shadow IOS says:

    I was about to purchase the 30 watt charger. Not I’m not, I have a 10w charger but I am going to purchase the 12w, possibly 2 or something idk. But this seems like a great comparison, thanks for the video 👍🏽

  23. Summuner Brillo says:

    im testing my 12W charger on my 220v voltage regulator on my ipad 6th gen its charging real fast

  24. Danny says:

    Can people stop being salty about how apple is more successful?

  25. Car Detailing Limburg says:

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  26. Eric Arneson says:

    The funny part about this is any 7.5w wireless charger will charge your new iPhone faster than the included wired charger.

  27. 2 m8s says:

    BTW I use the 12W adapter for my xr

  28. mustafa saraç says:

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  29. Max Hoenicke says:

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  30. Alex Belle says:

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  31. Anthony Fraire says:

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  32. Perhaps says:

    I Use a portable charger that charges at 18 Watt and has a large 20000 mah capacity. Only cost 40 bucks too

  33. Cyber teron says:

    Great Video

  34. Cyber teron says:

    One of the best video thanks

  35. Maher Alyahri says:

    Apple listened to you after almost 2 years they now inclued 18W charger in the box but only for iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone 11 Pro Max

  36. William Peytz says:

    they finally put an 18W adapter in the box only took them 10+ years haha, also only for thr pro phones, because reasons

  37. Mike says:

    Can somebody please answer this I am very curious. Apple sells a 87W adapter and I know it is safe to use with the iphone. My question is, does this thing charge an iphone insanely faster than the other charges? Is it way better then the charger that will come with my iphone 11 max?

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    Me: close this video

  43. Hindu 3 says:

    Is it possible too use a Samsung fast charging adapter ? On an iPhone 10 ? Will that work and not damage the battery

  44. Ja Lee says:

    But isheep said that apple is just looking out for them because more than 5 watt chargers will damage and wear their battery out.

  45. kippzy says:

    I’m currently using a 61W charger with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I must say, it charges fast as hell.

  46. Az Anime [AMV] says:

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  47. Slide says:

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    2017: Fast Charging

    2021: Wireless Charging

    2023: Wireless Fast Charging

    2040: Palm Charger

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  62. Vivek Sabharwal says:

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  63. ADabADay ThatWillKeepLigmaAway says:

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    This answered ALL of my questions including ones that were coming up while he was talking. He literally read my mind

  68. Sudharsan Krival. says:

    Well said !!

  69. Robert Montoya says:

    With all these “fast charging” adapters don’t be surprised if your battery burns out sooner rather than later. Just use the 5 maybe 12w and you should have a rather healthy battery life

  70. Zaptor says:

    The reason apple packs the 5 watt adapter is it prolongs battery life by not as much heat and cooking of the battery. That is why. The faster you charge, the more heat, and ultimately heat kills batteries. You are cooking them. Slow charge when you are asleep if you actually sleep. I have a small USB volt / amp meter I plug on the charging adapter and monitor charge performance. I’ve discovered most devices have a charge regulator built in that govern charge speed so no matter how powerful the charger is the regulator will only allow a governed charge and often it’s a very low amount of amps. Such as 0.5 amp even though the charger is 2.2 amp. The device is called USB DETECTOR made by XTAR. It’s very handy.

  71. Moaavia Ali says:

    Forget apple chargers by Anker chargers they rare way better

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