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– Did you give
anybody else a heart? Oh, that’s a better question. What’s this heart thing? You don’t need
to know about that. Oh, we giving hearts away. Hmm, that’s interesting
because you only get one heart. So you’re out here just giving
away the one that you have? It was a small token of
my appreciation for just the energy that I was feeling. But can you handle it? That’s the question.
– Yeah. Good. Because it can be taken back
as easily as it was given. I’m just playing. It could be
given back as well. Now I’m questioning the intent
behind giving me the heart. You know, is this
a genuine gesture, or did you do this to
have bragging rights? At this point, I’m not so
sure that I understand. – Did you bring it with you?
– What? How does– how does–
[LAUGHTER] – Can I see the heart?
– It’s in the garbage disposal. Right. I mean, Jimmy, if
you’re gift giving then why didn’t I get a heart? Are you feeling
Alexis a little bit more than you’re feeling me? I am not number two, ever.

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14 thoughts on “Jimmy’s Gift Backfires | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. vee vee says:

    Just date people…date.

  2. A&K CHANEL says:

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  3. Nia says:

    They are so intense one day in.

  4. Doward Washington says:

    I feel that him giving away your his heart so soon, was a silly way for him to mark his territory.

  5. ByeBitch 《 says:

    Wheres the DIVERSITY?

  6. Pamela Grace says:

    Honestly Alexis and him give me some Aaron vibes

  7. Jerry Spence says:


  8. SARA says:

    Kimber is so damn beautiful

  9. Conscious Wright says:

    All the guys are going to realize that Alexis is crazy.

  10. tkc says:

    Brent so damn sexy 😍🥰😋

  11. John Aristotle says:

    Dude did not calculate that well. His impulsiveness is making messy moves. He needs patience , and discern true motives rather than being charismatic meaning have purpose with who he choose and have a reason on why. He need to take Kimmie more serious that is a Diamond
    His discernment is way way off.

  12. Nella N says:

    … well your "2nd" to him

  13. Denise Yearwood says:

    JUMMY acted too impulsively…. he was marking his territory …anyone could tell he even admitted it HE WAS IMMEDIATELY SMITTEN BY ALEXIS….I aint mad at him a man sees what he lijes he goes AFTER IT FULL FORCE but he better slow down and get to see the CHARACTER behind the beautiful face….NOW that its out JIMMY giving hearts away the other females are getting jealous ….

  14. Denise Yearwood says:

    Last comment i swear….FYI ALL THE LADIES ARE GONNA BE 2nd choice to ALEXIS bcos ALL the guys are smitten by her some are intimidated…some are insecure but they are ALL interested in her …watch when the show really gets intense the REAL ALEXIS comes out and it aint gonna be pretty ….watch she breaks down bcos the guy she was dating for 6yrs dumped her …WATCH…

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