Judge Faith – Rock N Roll Electric Bill; Laptop Catfight


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65 thoughts on “Judge Faith – Rock N Roll Electric Bill; Laptop Catfight”

  1. Moonlight1002 says:

    I think the title for this video should be the title for the last episode you uploaded

  2. Bubba X says:

    the judge was so so so so so wrong in the last case
    back rent can still be collected UNTILL the illegal eviction
    they dont say because she didn't pay for 3 months and you do self help on the 3rd month after the eviction that now all of the sudden she owes you nothing.

    The judge was so wrong in this case.

  3. Mr. Loven Heart Sweet Lio says:

    why not given her back her wedding rings that was not fear ……………………………………..

  4. looknbakatu says:

    1st case, defendant sounds like a slumlord; but BOTH of them sound difficult.

  5. looknbakatu says:

    last case, plaintiff sounds like a FLAKY AIRHEAD! didn't look like she could afford
     $850 month rent, she's a mild-mannered LIAR!; plaintiff comes across as a scammer, should be glad she got that $300!

  6. Josephine Cuevas says:

    GORGEOUS hair!!! (The first plaintiff!)

  7. Jessie Norvell says:

    Did this woman seriously want to use someone else's picture on her facebook page as if it were her picture like none of her friends would notice it wasn't her?  What?? So weird!

  8. Bats says:

    5:04 my dog is 7 years old too only hes a pitbull

  9. Bats says:

    at 7:55 the defendant looks really happy about leaving the weeds everywhere what an idiot

  10. Pie says:

    Beautiful judge.

  11. Tre One says:

    This is the worst second worst judge on TV, next to the paternity court judge. They railroad all the black men. She is a feminist to the fullest.

  12. KC Lorenz says:

    I always wonder if the audience is really talking to each other after the case ends or did the producers tell them to just look like they're talking.

  13. Kimberly Killen says:

    I love Judge Faith!!!

  14. It's ya girl Indica says:

    anyone notice that in the 1st case the girl said she had an 8yr old dog and after she said he was 7?

  15. soulstrenth crusader says:

    Girl how you stand up doing all that lying!  LOL

  16. niceforwhattho says:

    2nd case: that bitch is a straight up PSYCHO wtf is wrong with her wanting to catfish the young lady picture @ Metro PCS……… LML😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Terrelle Bartlett says:


  18. Bomi T-ara Queen Apink Brave Girls Yuna says:

    why the lady in the second case got that big ass warp on her neck I understand people wear them but usually they are tied way better and wtf is with that picture thing about that's funny and not funny ha ha

  19. Funtastic says:

    I guarantee you the son is in jail, not out of state working.

  20. Adrienne Ross says:

    Woaaah that creepy girl in the 2nd case that stole the defendants picture for her own Facebook looks high as a kite !!! I love watching these cases though, Judge Faith is a boss!!!!!

  21. Jazmine Graves says:

    That second plaintiff weird as all heck

  22. Carolyn Peercy says:

    Anyone wanting use your picture on their Facebook account is shady .Defendant shouldn't had pay the plantiff a dime. She didnt pay rent so defendant should got kept the frig for part of rent owed

  23. Ahkilalah says:

    The thing about pay or quit notice is not true. Even though my apt has late fees, we were gonna pay the rent late once, and they put a 3 da my notice on our door the morning immediately after the rent would be late.

  24. butyoucancallmesam says:

    The plaintiff from the first case looks like Mel B.

  25. Glenda Fulton says:

    last case, plaintiff seems like a scam artist and I bet her husband is in jail and not working out of state

  26. joed596 says:

    "pain and suffering" 🙂

  27. Tia Diggs says:

    They file here on the 11th-15th never heard of being allowed 3 months behind

  28. Junior says:

    Could the witness for the plaintiff in the second case be any more morbid?

  29. The Hitchcocks says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there really were a domestic violence situation going on, for real. The father in law seems really shady, as if he’s there to keep an eye on her and help her keep her story straight. But he wasn’t expecting the landlord to pull receipts.👏🏽 I also wouldn’t be surprised if the son was in jail for domestic battery.

  30. Becky Garcia says:

    Pet fees are usually NOT refundable.


    Plaintiff looks crazy af

  32. remiem6070 says:

    I'm sorry. Shady landlords……

  33. AC Wyatt says:

    The second plantiff is super duper weird

  34. Shiease Puryear says:

    Dudes face at 6:13…courtesy flush. Lol

  35. Angela’s Account says:

    You know someone is always lying is when they drink the water 😂

  36. Lucifer Morningstar says:

    2nd case:
    That girl is a fucking burnout lmao

  37. Nikki Rutter says:

    These are very entertaining programs. But, I need to suggest something. Please fix the entrance rug in the audience area because I have seen several people tripping in that area. Someone is going to sue you 😉

  38. Sphinx Rising says:

    Fronting as someone else is called 'Catfishing', duh😑

    Guys do it all the time, posing as gals, but I'm guessing they do that because they want to be a gal😂

  39. Michela Salazar says:

    okay that lady is very high

  40. Kamber 0826 says:

    In the second case, the plaintiff… oof.

  41. Caustic Cactus says:

    Damn, she fine! Id watch her through those bare windows

  42. Alice Berry says:

    Couple of questions, why don't they know exact months of move in or move out? And, can't they have notes and refer to them as they testify?

  43. Duchess 8891 says:

    I love that guy's face to the right of the Defendant in the first case when she mentioned the "courtesy flush." :):)

  44. Cydni Nealy says:

    Its LeViOsA not LevyoSAH

  45. Patience Rachel says:

    The plaintiff in the second case is a creep

  46. Marilyn Willett says:

    Listen to the noise level on that fake audience before the show begins.

  47. Marilyn Willett says:

    In India the in laws beat the son's wife, the F-I-L seems mean enough to abuse her.

  48. Heather Gabriel says:

    I find the plantiff in the 2nd case to be quite suspect.think she is full of it.taking someone else photo pretending its you..kinda weird and questionable behaviour.who does not file a report with the police about their wedding ring if they are sure who took it?..if it isnt existed that is..🤔

  49. Carl Anthony says:

    First case the plaintiff is a drama queen.

  50. Jackie Bennett says:

    The tenant is gorgeous

  51. Jackie Bennett says:


  52. sparklywindsield88 says:

    This picture is yours, Imma take it cause that's totally normal. Not at all a creepy freak

  53. Amanda G says:

    Show me proof that you paid someone to clean it

    When you dont have any proof
    "They did not give me a receipt"

  54. Deb Parks says:

    I love Judge Faith. But she is wrong on one thing. I was a landlord for 30+ years and I always gave a five day order to quit on the fourth day of the month if rent was not paid. All that is is a legal notice that starts the process of eviction if they don’t pay. Plus that made the tenant know I meant business.

  55. cheesesmiles says:

    The first case, that woman had all her i's and t's CROSSED lol

  56. hurricaneheli79 says:

    2nd case:
    Seriously, you wanted to post a picture of the defendant & claim it was you because you don't look good in make-up? That is one of the most ridiculous reasons to give. 1st off, people would know it wasn't you if they're your friends & 2nd, make-up is not attractive in the slightest. Massive turn off. You look just fine without it.

    Faith, you cut her off when she was telling you about the rings not once but twice. She was trying to explain but no, cut her off claiming she didn't go. You DON'T FUCKING KNOW THAT cause you gave her 0 opportunity to explain.

  57. James Melchionno says:

    the second plaintiff is high as fuck!!

  58. Liv says:

    Catfishing tha book

  59. Mani Quin says:

    2nd case, wow she is on something for sure, look at her eyes.

  60. KeiKei Jefferson says:

    2nd case, sis got some loose screws fr

  61. Russell Clement says:

    I dont know why she would use another pic,,,she is so attractive in her own right

  62. jenn1916 says:

    Sorry Judge Faith, you can get a 3 day notice if you 10 days late with your rent. I know because it happened to me. Lost my mind one month and thought I made out my rent check. It was 10 days late at that point and 3 day notice on my door. BOOM.

  63. Erica Machado says:

    The landlord licking her fingers so much irked me

  64. susannah1948 says:

    Second plaintiff is on something ………

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