Kelly Potter: ECE Faculty Profile

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[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Kelly
Simmons Potter, and I’m a Professor in Electrical
and Computer Engineering. And the type of research
that my students and I do involves understanding
the behavior of optical and
electronic materials. There are some really important
national and global kind of goals for both
of those projects. In fact, NASA’s planning
manned missions to Mars. In every case, when you
send things into space, you have to have systems
that are resilient and that will stand up to the
space radiation environment. The other aspect of
research that we do involves more
terrestrial applications. Obviously, with our
climate challenges that our world currently faces,
it’s very, very important to make photovoltaic
systems and renewable energy systems as reliable,
and resilient, and as efficient as possible. One of the projects that’s very
exciting that we’re working on at the University of
Arizona is a project called Indige-FEWSS which is an
indigenous food, energy, water sustainability
and sovereignty project that’s in partnership with Diné
College and Navajo Technical University on the Navajo Nation. I really love teaching students. That is a very rewarding
part of my job. Conducting research
with students that advances science and
advances the state of knowledge in my field is also
very, very exciting. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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