Lake Rotomahana’s geothermal activity raises temperatures

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The temperature of Lake Rotomahana
is on the rise, and for the first time
technology is being used to measure just how much geothermal activity
is taking place on its lakebed. It’s a job being undertaken by
GNS scientists and an expert in the field
from the US. Kereama Wright reports. Technology that’s never
been used before in NZ waters. For the last few days,
Dr Maurice Tivey from the US has been working alongside
scientists from GNS Science to survey the rising heat levels
on Rotomahana’s lakebed. For years now, scientists have known that
there are two geothermal systems that run under the 800ha lake. It’s the warmest of Rotorua’s lakes, sitting at 11-14 degrees Celsius
on average. Once the lakes’ energy levels
have been collated, the scientists will be able to
put together the story of how geothermal systems that date back to the Tarawera
eruptions more than a century ago, have developed. Two years ago, this crew found remnants
of the Pink and White Terraces. But there’s a bit of work
to be unearthed in the future. Kereama Wright, Te Karere.

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