Last Shelter Save Energy – How to reduce electricity consumption in last shelter survival

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alright alright alright guys this is acer of spades team TSE state 268 we are number one and
I finally got around to making my how to save electricity video to make a long
story short guys in the past I had never bought any electricity at the commercial
helipad and apparently that was a really hot topic a lot of individuals were
spending a lot of resources and money in the past to get electricity and I never
had to do that and actually up until last week that stayed true but with the
new updated commercial helipad it only makes sense because you can actually
trade say a million food for 3.7 million electricity and guys that’s a huge huge
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go ahead and pan around my base so that you guys can actually see the buildings
that I have connected and disconnected and this is important because how to
save electricity is basically saying how to stop the bleeding guys we’re gonna
stop the electricity from draining out of our base the way mine is currently
set up so that you guys can see how clip my electricity at the top and I
currently have eight point two million and I am making one hundred and fifty
eight thousand per hour and I’m losing one hundred and sixty nine
so I’m losing like eleven thousand per hour which is almost nothing that’s
insignificant and all I have going is just one basic little
powerplant that I fill up once everyday and and I get that done if I want to go
ahead and fill up a power plant and I hit transport here you’ll notice that it
cost me about 325,000 oil which is a drop in a bucket because I can make all
of that in a gold chest on any given day and to fill up my electricity for the
entire week it’s only about 2.3 million oil all week long so guys doing it this
way seems to be the most efficient and 2.3 million for an entire week is well
chump change so that’s here’s exactly what you need
to do to achieve exactly what I’ve done and the easiest way to go about this
isn’t to tell you what to disconnect but to simply tell you what you have to have
connected because everything else works without it from your war rooms all the
way to your silos and anti missiles all of this has been tested they all work
without being connected to the road and you can save your electricity so here is
what actually has to be on the road you need to keep your population up so you
have to have all your houses hooked up at all times if you take away just one
house at any given moment you’ll notice my population drops immediately and all
of a sudden I am now waiting for that to reload and when that happens guys from
the 246,000 I’m supposed to be I lose electricity efficiency and that’s a
problem another thing that causes I said
electricity efficiency money efficiency you lose your income I’m at only eighty
three percent another thing that happens is your ration truck needs to be filled
up so when I do that I simply slide this over to the connected road guys and then
I fill it up and then I slide it right back while it’s filled and it will
continue to produce and keep my population an all-time high now
population again is important for money but the banks believe it or not they are
not required they will work and produce for you automatically by themselves so
what I do is I take a piece of road I connect it and when I do that the banks
are online and I can go ahead and wrap at them or if you have marketeer you can
do that and you can leave them be from there
in everything that I need I just simply add to it as I go same thing with my
helicopter port or anything else I’m going to do and I use my garrison
obviously when I’m on K he and things like that so the next thing that has to
stay on line is you have to keep all your RSS Depot’s ready to go so your
iron your fuel your wood and your food stations need to be active at all times
and outside of that guys you just simply move pieces of connecting Road to the
things that you want so I will fill up my little power cube makers energy
refining plants and my chip makers and then I will remove the road again and
then they’re good to go and they can continue to produce without being hooked
up and the same thing with your units that you’re training they will continue
to train whether they hooked up or not now one of the coolest things that a lot
of folks really don’t know which I’m excited to reveal in this video and some
really do you cannot move a building at all
while it is upgrading but you absolutely can remove the road from the building
while it is upgrading so when I want to upgrade something that’s one off this
happens to be my power supply excuse me my parts factory I can move it to a
remote location add Road to it start the building process and then remove the
road still saving the electricity but also getting the building done on
building day of course I bite the bullet and I go ahead and keep my things
connected and build as much as I can but the same thing as an example with this
power plant I would just take this it’s also currently building I remove the
road like this and guess what it’s still going to continue to build you’ll notice
the countdown is still going at normal time nothing’s changed
however the road is not connected and you can see that in the video right here
so guys that’s all you really need to do to save electricity and like I said in
the future we will definitely go over in future videos that helicopter pad the
changes that are there and why you should be buying things in making your
exchanges there guys if this information was even remotely helpful please please
please like and subscribe and just real quick I want to give a special shout out
to Joseph tan on 519 he asked for this video and I know it’s taken me a couple
weeks but I’m glad I’m able to do her for you and I
also want to give a special shout-out to a ze 2099 he was also looking forward to
it so a man my friend is a pleasure to get it done for him and last but not
least before I go um obviously the last thing that I forgot to mention were your
warehouses you need to keep your warehouses there so that your RSS stays
there other than that guys if you do exactly that and remove everything else
and only connect the roads as you need them and remove properly you should have
no electricity problems ever again if you have any questions again guys leave
it in the comment section below a sir of spades signing up

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