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The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene Law #7: Get Others to Do the Work For You -but always take the credit- use the wisdom, knowledge and legwork of other people, to further your own cause Not only will such assistant save your valuable time and energy it will give you a godlike aura of efficiency and speed in the end your helpers will be forgotten and you will be remembered Never do yourself, what others can do for you In 1883 a young Serbian scientist named Nicola Tesla was working for the European division, of the Continental Edison Company He was a brilliant inventor and Charles Batchelor, a plant manager and a personal friend of Edison persuaded him to seek his fortune in America giving him a letter of introduction to Edison himself When Tesla and Edison met, the famous inventor hired him on the spot The young Serb offered to redesign Edison’s primitive dynamos completely but to Edison, it seemed like a monumental task, that would last for years without paying off However, he told Tesla that if he can do it, there will be $50,000 in it for him Tesla laboured day and night on the project and after only a year he produced a greatly improved version of the dynamo He went to Edison to break the good news and to receive his $50,000 Edison was pleased with the improvement, for which he and his company would take the credit but when it came to the issue of the money, he told him that he doesn’t understand the American humour and offered him a small raise instead Tesla’s obsession was to create an Alternating Current System of electricity but Edison believed in the Direct Current System and refused to help him Tesla turned to George Westinghouse, who had started his own electricity company Westinghouse completely funded Tesla’s research and offered him a generous royalty agreement of future profits The AC System was developed but after patents were filled in his name, other scientist came forward to take credit for the invention claiming that they had laid the groundwork for him His name was lost in shuffle and the public came to associate the invention, with Westinghouse himself A year later, Westinghouse was caught in a take over bid from J. Piermont Morgan who made him cancel the generous royalty contract he had signed with Tesla Westinghouse told him that his company wouldn’t survive if it had to pay him his full royalties he persuaded Tesla to accept $216,000 for his patents which is a large sum, no doubt, but far less than the $12 million they were worth at the time Financiers were divesting Tesla of the riches, the patents and essentially the credit for the greatest inventions of his career The name Marconi si forever linked with the invention of the Radio Few though know, that in producing his invention, Marconi made use of a patent Tesla had filled in 1897 and that his work was depended on Tesla’s research Once again,Tesla received no money and no credit Tesla invented an induction monitor, the A.C. Power System and is the real father of the radio yet, none of these discoveries bear his name As an old man he lived in poverty Many harbour the illusion, that science, dealing with facts as it does, is beyond the petty rivalries that trouble the rest of the world Tesla was one of those. He believed science had nothing to do with politics and claims not to care about fame and riches Not associated with any particular invention, he could attract no investor to his many ideas while he pondered great inventions for the future, others stole the patents he had already developed and got the glory for themselves Edison was Tesla’s polar opposite he wasn’t actually much of a scientific thinker or inventor he was really a businessman and publicist spotting treds and opportunities that were out there then hiring the best in the field to do the work for him Yet, his name if much better know than Tesla’s and is associated with more inventions The World of Power, has the dynamics of the jungle There are those who live by hunting and killing and there are also a vast number of creatures -hyenas and vultures- who live of the hunting of others You can easily recognise these creatures, because they have 4 specific characteristics #1. Vultures are less imaginative types and imagination is very important for a successful hunt #2. They are incapable of doing the work and without work, you cannot hope to attain power #3. They wait as long as necessary because they can always find another animal to do the work for them #4. They are circling above trying to find a way to survive and thrive off your creativity It is useless to complain about this or to run yourself ragged with bitterness Better to protect yourself or join their game If you decide to join their game and become a vulture yourself there are 3 specific steps to get others to do the work for you The first step is to find people with the skill and the creativity you lack Don’t try to do it all on your own, because you will run yourself ragged, waste energy and burn yourself out time is precious and life is sort The second step is to hire them and by doing that you put your name on top of their’s In that way their work becomes your work, their creativity becomes your creativity and you seem a genius to the world And finally the 3rd step is to Secure the Credit for yourself because the credit for an invention is as import as the invention itself if not more important You can achieve this by being vigilant and ruthless, keeping the creation quiet until you are sure there are not vultures circling overhead However, there’s one more secret source that you can use, which doesn’t require the parasitic use of your contemporaries labour: The Past! The Past is a vast storehouse of knowledge and wisdom There are 3 main benefits of using the knowledge of the past #1. Makes you like a genius, even if you are just a clever borrower #2. The knowledge of ancient masters, writers, generals, historians and kings, becomes your own you acquire their wit and skill that are gathering dust, waiting for you to come and use them #3. They will never come around and tell people how unoriginal you are trial and error is certainly an effective technique but you will waste a tons of energy and time trying to figure things out on your own It would be better for you to get others to do the work for you However, there are times, when taking the credit for work others have done is not the wise course The first is when your power is not firmly enough established because you will seem like you are pushing people out of the lime light And the second, when you have a master above you because you will seem greedy and since your power is not unshakable, you will be accused of deception In situations like this, there’s only 1 way to play the game You take the credit for the work of those below you while graciously giving credit for your labours to those above Thank you so much for watching, i hope you’ve enjoyed and learned from this Remember to subscribe and i will see you in the next one

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