Lecture – 27 Wind Electrical Conversion – I


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6 thoughts on “Lecture – 27 Wind Electrical Conversion – I”

  1. Eric Robinson says:

    is it just me or is the volume dropping with every lecture?

  2. Ishaan tube says:

    I salute u sir! what a lecture! thanks for ur time..

  3. Iva Kostadinova says:

    Just great! Helped me so much in preparing my own lectures for renewable energy sources.Thanks!

  4. khalid Qureshi says:

    Excellent preparations. We are working on Wind Energy lectures please feel free to contact if your required any.

  5. sagar khadka says:

    Thank you very much sir… From Nepal. 🙂

  6. Carlos E says:

    Great class
    Regards from Central America

    It's a pitty the low audio

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