Let’s Coordinate: An LF Energy open source workflow platform

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Across the world there’s a critical need for better coordination within the energy and electricity sectors. one example is communication between transmission system operators or TSOs that transport our energy… And the regional security coordinators or RSCs that support them. Better coordination means we could safely and securely integrate more renewables onto the grid, transition to electric mobility, and reduce our carbon emissions cost-effectively. And above all, better coordination means better decisions. So Let’s Coordinate! Let’s Coordinate is an open source workflow platform hosted at The Linux Foundation and part of the LF Energy ecosystem, an open source community to fuel innovation in the energy and electricity sectors. We created it to specifically address European regulations and network codes and better facilitate the services that RSCs provide to TSOs: Delivery of common grid model Coordinated operational security analysis Coordinated cross-border capacity calculation Forecasting short-term ‘supply & demand’ adequacy and coordinated outage planning. Let’s Coordinate enables full information sharing and decision-making transparency so RSCs can anticipate future situations and coordinate efforts with TSOs accordingly …all in one workflow platform. So how does it work? Let’s Coordinate supports a number of optional modules, creating an experience that’s relevant to the user. An RSC detects a potential situation. The information is shared with other TSOs and their RSC via the Let’s Coordinate interface. TSOs and RSCs exchange and establish options for remedial action. The final set of remedial action is validated by all parties. And every step of the TSO and RSC decision process is recorded. It’s as simple as that! Join us to help implement and improve the Let’s Coordinate platform for better coordination. Learn more about LF Energy and join our growing community helping to shape the
future of electricity. Because we believe in the future that we share.

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