Levitating Barbecue! Electromagnetic Induction


Let’s switch it on. Let’s see what it does. Through this coil of thick wire, we’re about
to pass a huge alternating electric current. On top is a 1 kg aluminium plate. So we hear that noise. What’s that noise? It’s the vibration of the plate, because it’s
vibrating at two times the frequency of this one. Woah! Woooaaaahhhhhhh!! hahaha, how does it do that? It’s magical To find out, I’ve come to the place where
it all started – The Royal Institution in London This is the key to Faraday’s magnetic lab. It’s amazing that the lock still works. From the 1870’s on this became a store room,
which is why it survived and it survived intact, all the joinery giant electromagnet are exactly
the same as Faraday left it. So this is exactly as Faraday would have had
it. That’s right, yup. In Faraday’s time it was known that electric
current creates a magnetic field, but it remained an open question whether the reverse is possible
— if a magnetic field could generate electric current. Faraday answered this question with his most
famous apparatus. Faraday’s electromagnetic induction ring.
Which is this. In August, 1831 Faraday wrapped two coils
of insulated wire around this iron ring. But in 1831 you could not go down to your
local electrical hardware shop and ask for x hundred meters of insulated wire, you had
to insulate the wire as you went. So as you pushed and pulled the wire in and out of the
ring you had to insulate it. It takes 10 working days, which was a huge investment of time. But the investment paid off. When Faraday
connected a battery to one of the coils, he saw a brief pulse of current in the other
coil. And when he disconnected the battery, he saw a pulse of current in the other direction. He realized that current was induced in the
second coil only when the magnetic field through it was changing. And if they hadn’t been wrapped on the same
ring, Faraday may have noticed that the two coils repel each other when the current is
induced and that’s due to the interaction of their magnetic fields. Which brings us back to this. Through the
bottom coil we are passing a huge electric current: 800A which alternates in direction
900 times per second. This ensures there will always be a changing magnetic field above
the coil. Instead of a second coil we’re using the Aluminium
plate, but the principle is the same, the changing magnetic field induces currents in
the plate that create an opposing magnetic field — so it levitates. How awesome is that?! This current is not only good for levitating
the plate. It can also make lightbulbs glow. A gift.
Uh, thank you. Oh. That is cool.
Not too close because it will burn the lamps. Can I put it there?
Yeah. And just as current in a toaster element heats
it up, the induced current in the plate dissipates its energy as heat. And some water too
Thank you. Yeah to see the temperature.
Check out how hot this plate is. Oh, that is nuts! Is this your favorite demo?
It’s a flying BBQ or something Tell me this is not the best dinner table
centerpiece. It levitates, gives you light, and you can cook on it. and all the while
you’re demonstrating Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction.

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29 thoughts on “Levitating Barbecue! Electromagnetic Induction”

  1. Rodrigo Huichalao says:

    I’m a simple man, I read barbecue and I click. But no meat? I dislike. I’m a VERY simple man.

  2. João Felipe says:


  3. Ayan Ghosh says:

    Wow Wow and only Wow

  4. Miles of Memes says:

    7 years and reccomended

  5. Joshua Austin says:

    You guys have it wrong. it wasn't faraday, it was Hollywood

  6. Akash Kalghatgi says:

    How many turns of wire could that be?

  7. Benjamin Philipp says:

    1:24 What's a wah ?

    …Oooh, he means "wire"!

  8. Kiryonn Akira says:

    This is our french accent x)

  9. Bagus Dhamantra says:

    Faraday – Attempting to create the Arc Reactor before it was cool.

  10. killollipop says:

    I really thought there will be real barbecues

  11. Brett Cipu says:

    Wait a second can’t we turn heat into electricity…

  12. Andy Jones says:

    I'll never be a scientist or physicist or amount to anything much, but I don't need a PHD or anywhere near a full appreciation of what technology like this means in order to get what makes it so damn sexy. For want of a better word.

  13. Blifaloo says:

    and all the while your ears are dying

  14. Waskel E. Wabbit says:

    Hope you don't got no metal Parts in your body

  15. MorbidManMusic says:

    Can you induce a reversed phase of that pitch so it's silent?

  16. MajesticBrahmarshi says:

    Veritas, cant comprehend anything until he accepts that this proves ether and disproves electrons, photons, gravitons, none of which has been proven by modern science; everything is magnetism, induction, and resonance.

  17. Sourabh Roddey says:

    I need to know why that plate is so bent. Is that because of the Eddy currents?

  18. c boswell says:

    not very smart.
    Don't even know the difference between a skillet, a grill, and barbecuing.

  19. Simon Sozzi says:

    When one cooks with induction, why doesn't the pot levitate?

  20. tommy greeneyes says:

    Years later they die from other unknown effects while playing with fire lmao idiots

  21. Ahmad Mabruri says:

    So, what if we put non-metal objects instead aluminium or other metal things?

  22. RyshuPicchu says:

    i think my little turtle friend, Bacolod, has sojmething to contribute

  23. Mark Hutsell says:

    Still to be discovered, hidden somewhere in an 18th century English basement is more Area 51 tech than Area 51.

  24. Tony Bobér says:

    Fantastic, i can have one of these in my home, if only i can afford the $4000 a month electric bill

  25. Zac Dior says:

    What's that irritating noise?
    Eeeeee I couldn't handle that.
    The thing is, today and the future, innovators will only use old ideas and make them better. The invention of eternal youth would be new, perpetual motion with free energy, baldness in men, cure for cancer, and teleportation. We're just not that clever yet. Maybe in the future someone will reply to this comment (if YouTube still exists) and say:
    WE'VE DONE IT!!! 😊

  26. SlickStretch says:

    How exactly does one get access to Faraday's lab? Could I go see it?

  27. PAUL WARREN says:


  28. moon pie says:

    It started with the Nazis not in London

  29. Spudwellington says:

    i was wondering why the plate was so deformed but it has been heated and cooled many times. i wonder if that is the original plate

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