Lightning Loses His Tires! | Pixar Cars


[Bob Cutlass] This is it, Darrell, one lap to go and Lightning McQueen has a huge lead. [Darrell Cartrip] He’s got it in the bag. Call in the dogs and put out the fire! We’re gonna crown us a new champion! Checkered flag here I come! [Darrell Cartrip] Oh, no! McQueen has blown a tire! [Bob Cutlass] And with only one turn to go! Can he make it? You fool! [The King’s Coach on radio] McQueen’s blown a tire, McQueen’s blown a tire! Go, go, go, go, go, go! [Darrell Cartrip] He’s lost another tire! The King and Chick are coming up fast! [Bob Cutlass] They’re entering turn-3! Come on! [Darrell Cartrip] I don’t believe what I’m watching, Bob! Lightning McQueen is 100 feet from his Piston Cup! [Bob Cutlass] The King and Chick rounding turn-4. [Darrell Cartrip] Down the stretch they come! And it’s, and it’s…. It’s too close to call! I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!

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58 thoughts on “Lightning Loses His Tires! | Pixar Cars”

  1. Fnaf Tapes1987 says:

    First comment


  2. BoomX Drowzee says:

    Yeetus deletus

  3. Pixar Cars Collection 95 51S says:

    I Love You Pixar Cars 💪💖😍😘😉

  4. JamalThaDon says:

    The YouTube algorithm is suckin on the Cars franchises peen so hard rn.

  5. _-Unknown -_ says:


  6. Matthew Short says:

    0:26 When I get hit by a Blue Shell on the final lap

  7. Anthony Watson says:

    I always enjoyed the part where he blown his tires

  8. PhuonG_R says:

    In Car 2:
    McQueen Vs Francesco
    In Car 3:
    McQueen Vs Storm
    Francesco: Where I am ?

  9. Jason Q says:

    Can you keep posting these short scenes from the movie once at a time ?

  10. Feltzer KingZilla says:

    Keep making videos i love it

  11. omar pro Perez says:

    Cars you stupid

  12. omar pro Perez says:

    Cars you stupid

  13. omar pro Perez says:

    Cars you stupid

  14. omar pro Perez says:

    Cars you stupid

  15. Victor gamer !!!! Victor gamer !!! says:

    My like ok friend ,and incricion ok brother ,and you is my canal plecea ,is like my canal ok Tchan you friend!!! Wecomen canal Victor gAmer ok brother!!!

  16. Lewis Herron says:

    One of the most intense things my 5 year old self had laid his eyes on.

  17. Yoav Otts says:

    I remember when this scene used to scare me as a kid.

  18. Rares Hery says:

    One lap to go and mcqueen has a huge lead!

    McQueen losing his tires:
    crolling like a boss and the race ends with draw

  19. Max Rotondi says:

    Can Lightning McQueen make it to the checkered flag?

  20. Das Snek says:

    I remember writing a story about this whole movie in the first grade. I don't know why they praised it so much, but I was in special ed- ohhhhhhhhh. That's why.

  21. CEO100able says:

    Big mistake!

  22. American guy says:

    Do under the hood turn right to go left.

  23. Mike Jonez says:

    Wouldn’t that be crazy if there was a tie in real NASCAR like that?

  24. İsmail Esin says:

    Queen blown a tire! Queen blown a tire! GO GO GO GO GO GO!

  25. hristo gradinarski says:

    McQueen has 300 IQ

  26. Derby Racer says:

    Let me explain all the ways this scene doesn’t make sense:
    First off, his lead can’t be killed that fast. He was approaching backmarkers, meaning he was a lap ahead of everyone else. Chick and The King would have needed an average speed of about 220mph in order to catch Lightning
    Second, his tires wouldn’t have just exploded like that. They would have gradually fallen off until the grip was gone. Even if they did explode like that, it would have been the outside tire to go first, as that’s put under the most amount of pressure.
    Last is the actual tie itself. The King is a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, styles on Kyle Petty’s 200mph Road Runner nascar. Chick is a 1980s Monte Carlo NASCAR, with aerodynamic and top speed abilities far superior to that of The King.

  27. Niconacho Z says:

    Why was this uploaded in 2019

  28. Yankuba Kallon says:

    lightning mcqueen could of won if he didn't ride on his tires but and could of kept on hopping over to the
    finish line but luckily lightning had no choice he put his tongue to tie 3 way tie .

  29. Valuthy Mahamayan says:

    Where is cars 4?

  30. PyokerZ says:

    does the tongue count

  31. Alice Liew says:

    0:17 When fast kid in school loses his shoes in 2km run and fell

  32. Amazing says:

    My son's favourite animated movie. Like if this your son's favourite. 👍

  33. Paulo Lima says:

    you can see mcqueen at 0:29 at the bottom left of the jumbotron screen. I never noticed that as a kid.

  34. Awesome power says:

    Me when only 30 seconds are left until the bell rings and my room is all the way at the end of the hall

  35. Timon Nagele says:

    Incredible mcqueen lost his tires!a legend

  36. Kevin The hype train says:

    Moral story:always pit for tires

  37. Jeremiah Optimus says:

    When McQueen crashed in cars 3 I cried hard because he was my childhood hero and favorite racer of all time ever since I was born in 2006

  38. FBI says:

    Plot twist : Mcqueens tounge didnt touch the line

  39. Marek Madej says:

    I disliked beacuse There wasnt YOUIDIOT. Instead od that there was YOUFOOL

  40. Lili Mitu says:


  41. Godzilla, The Average Gamer says:

    My 3 Year Old-Self Had No Idea What Was Going On When I Watched This

  42. Leo Caldwell says:

    As a wise car once said,

  43. whYLiE09 says:

    You FOOL!!!!

  44. DualLock Gaming says:

    They should put 4 wheel drive on his car

  45. Lil Shade says:

    I laughed my ass off when McQueen pulled his tung out to make it a draw

  46. ReduxEditor335 says:

    Chuck tried to warn him.

  47. UpsideDown Deku says:

    He wouldn't have lost if he did the hoping thing a little bit earlier.

  48. The Krookodile Hunter says:

    What would the human equivalent of popping tires be?

  49. T -Series says:

    ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Spoiler : He won

  50. DNG says:

    At 2 years old I didn’t understand this and was like “aiabrbxiwjendjsjebdi!”

  51. sora roxas says:

    Why was macqueen the only one activd at cars 3

  52. Justice Mirasty says:

    Did anyone else notice that chick Hicks has a broken fin

  53. William Torres says:

    When I was growing up with cars Mcqueen

  54. William Torres says:

    I mean Mcqueen was my favorite when I was a baby

  55. William Torres says:

    Wait is this the same that Mcqueen oops a tire in cars 3 and cars 1

  56. omar pro Perez says:

    0:15 is my favorite part MC is died

  57. James Vs. Movies says:

    0:18 McQueen’s career changes forever.

  58. Joseph Belderson says:

    Me in my childhood:OMG COMON MCQUEEN!!!
    Me now:still a good movie

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