Lightning McQueen Bed ASSEMBLY and play (Flash McQueen)

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look my love wait, take this off take you boots and coat off take off your boots and coat off we have a nice surprise take your boots off oh no, I took off a sock yes what is that? what s that? its flash its flash lightning McQueen is in your room he wants you to sleep with him go sit in it look you can drive him who is that?, its mack look at the stearing wheel you can drive him you can drive your driving lightning mcqueen yes its lightning he is there lightning he is beautiful hein? are you happy are you saying thanks nanny and mimi oh he gave kisses yes lightning he is everwher mommy will put him everywhere are you happy? are you saying thank you again thank you oh ok they have a timer your are so beautiful in your lightning mcqueen look my love in here toys in lightnings trunk theres toys open it wow toys mommy will fix this well that is a little badly done lightning has toys in his nose we will put more toys mommy will put carpets these carpets it will be very nice little lights do you know how to put it back go, mommy is lookng the piston cup you have to put it like this watch your fingers piston cup your closing the ights are you jumping my love

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