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– Wow. – Looks good, doesn’t it? – Hey guys. – What do you think? – What do I think? It’s unbelievable. – Yeah, you know, it’s kind of a cozy, humble little place. – Guys how did you ever do this? – You wanna tell him or should I tell him? – No you start, go ahead, go ahead. – We sold Rust-eze. – What? – What, you think a
couple of jabronis like us could do this on our own? – Wait, you sold Rust-eze? – It’s all good news. We just just realized
that you needed something that we couldn’t give you. It felt like the time
was right for us too, I mean we’re not as young
and handsome as we look. – Oh that’s true. – Besides, this Sterling fellow, he’s got every high tech
thing you’ll ever need. Everything we wanted to
give you, but couldn’t. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, Sterling? Who’s Sterling? – Lightning McQueen. You made some serious time partner. – Your new sponsor. He’s the mud flap king
of the eastern seaboard. – Welcome to the Rust-eze Racing Center, you have no idea how much I’ve
been looking forward to this. – Thanks Mister. – Please, no mister, just Sterling. I have been a fan of yours forever. And to be your sponsor, how great is that? I can’t thank Rusty and Dusty here enough. Tough negotiators by the way. – Oh you flatter us, but don’t stop. – Anyway, just wanted
to say a quick hello. Take as much time as you need. Door’s always open guys. – See. (slow music) – Well I, I sure am gonna
miss racing for you guys. – You know, you gave us a lot
of great memories Lightning. Memories we’ll remember. – Wow, that’s good. – Hey Lightning, whatever you do. – Don’t drive like my brother. – Don’t drive like my brother. – Please, no pictures. Okay, maybe one, get my
good side though will you? (upbeat music)

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31 thoughts on “Lightning McQueen’s New Training Center | Pixar Cars”

  1. Gabry gp says:

    We want Cars 4 !

  2. William Van Cauwenbergh says:

    – Lightning McQueen

  3. Yagami ™ says:

    -Lightning McQueen

  4. Some person hanging out says:

    It was still sad to see Rusty and Dusty leave…

  5. Slav Crusader says:

    w o w

  6. Tom Cruz says:

    Don't drive like my brother
    Don't drive like my brother

  7. LightShade Rs says:

    Hey can't we get McQueen on track back?😍😢

  8. Armin Els says:

    As someone who watched the first movie at age 6 when it came out, I shed many tears during this third one.

    Second movie was trash ngl

  9. Anthony Watson says:

    I Love These Movies So Much!

  10. hooman says:

    – Lightning McQueen

  11. Legend Lightnin21 says:

    “We sold rusteze. heh “
    This channel makes me happy and relive my childhood 🙂

  12. Trobar Reis says:

    After the first time ı watched Cars 3,ı reliazed one more of my childhood was ruining 🙁

  13. ThomasSpongeConductor 222 says:

    Rusty and Dusty sold Rusteze. Question is. Where are they NOW?

  14. Tomas Tanuz says:

    I never realized until now that his sponsors were the car talk guys

  15. benlovespuppy 22 says:

    Cars 1: nostalgic
    Cars 2: nostalgic I like the most
    Cars 3: nostalgic
    Cars 4: when?

  16. Isaac Villa says:

    How cool would it been if McQueen meets dusty crop hopper

  17. Michael Ifeanacho says:

    Me in cinema watching cars 3
    we sold rusteze
    me: WHAT THA WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. American guy says:

    Now do under the hood turn right to go left.

  19. Daniel Suarez Fan 41 says:

    -Rusty and Dusty

  20. Marthlake says:

    spoiler alert:

    sterling is the villian and secondary antagonist of cars 3

  21. Marthlake says:

    “Wait, you sold Rust-exe?”

    – Lighting Mcqueen 2017

  22. David McAninch says:


  23. MusicGalaxy says:

    That “don’t drive like my brother” really got me

  24. Skitz Animates says:

    Am I the only one who felt like crying after they said "Dont drive like my brother" after the first time???

  25. ZAM SPARKLE says:

    Nathan Fillion is great

  26. Omega Zero says:

    Cayde didn’t die to play a Car

  27. COOLection TV says:

    This is one of the best and most flawless scenes of the movie in my opinion. Seeing McQueen’s sadness about Rusty and Dusty leaving just shows how far he has come since Cars 1

  28. Crazyexplosion 233 says:

    Cars is my childhood and seeing everyone go is really sad

  29. J163 h says:

    I know it's stupid but would it have been possible to get a upgrade like in cars 2? If you think about it all you have to do really is put a new engine the Cruise idk how to spell her name aha

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