Lightning: Mystic Powers of Yogis, Nikola Tesla


Welcome to everyone on this call, on this
broadcast. It’s quite amazing that science has gotten to a level, unbelievable for me
to imagine. I grew up on an island, in Rameshwaram. And my father was a photographer. In those
days there was no electricity on that island. So my father can do photography. He used to
have a huge, huge camera. And they used to have negatives there. The negatives are glass
plates that he would insert it into the camera and take pictures. And if the sun is not there,
you can’t take pictures. So that was the time when I was growing up.
And within, let’s say the 50 or 60 years, that I can just, with my iPad, become alive
all over the world. Science has compressed time. And we are very grateful for this science
and technology part. However, I also want to tell you that science is also way, way
behind. And I am going to be talking to you, let’s say, for however long that will be,
maybe for a month, maybe more, I don’t know. But what I want to do is to talk about the
wisdom of the Indian Yogis, and that fascinated me. And I am going to show you one of the
books that they used in ancient times and before paper was invented. These are palm
leaves, books written on palm leaves, and this is a thread that goes and holds the book,
and then you just keep it like a book. Whenever you want, you read it.
And what’s very interesting is that you can go and just give your thumbprint impression,
and from that thumb impression you can find out, you cannot do that, but the people who
are trained in that can, a certain caste people can read those. And then they will tell you
who you are; what’s your name; what’s your father’s name; and mother’s name;
and what job you are doing; whether you are married or not, whether you have children.
Or it can also tel you what diseases you have in your body. So what, the reason why I am
talking about this is you can know everything about you. You can know about the present,
you can know about your past, you can know about the future.
The past led to the present and the present leads to the future. All of these things have
been mapped out, you know, in the bundles of leaves here. And who wrote this, the leaves?
They are the Yogis. And they could go into the Akashic Record. You know everybody has
their records saved in the Akash or the Ether. And then they put it in a writing that you
and I can’t read. You need a different consciousness to read that. And once you are able to read
that, then you’ll know about everything, about any given person. And just compare that
kind of wisdom to what science has to offer. So that is entirely a different way of understanding
things and that’s a different training. And they are the ones, these Yogis, and Rishis
were the ones who came up with medicine. They came up with even, like machines. I am now
just working with a machine. Machines are now called some say a technological tool using
modern science, but their machines are quite simple. It’s just a copper plate. And then
the copper plate will do a lot of things. So here is a copper plate I have. Nothing
has been inscribed on it. And I have been working on this for quite some time. And there
were some revelations that came to me recently. And when you just put a diagram on it, or
several triangles or lotuses or squares or rectangles, they can access different energy
from the cosmos. I’ll give you an example. I was in India
about 3 months ago, and this guy who was reading for me, because I can’t read that, and he
said that I should create a Yantra. And that yantra will be like a super Brain. Okay. That’s
fine. And then it cost me about like a, you know, the fee, cost a few thousand dollars,
because he’s very, very, one of the rare guys, who has the rare leaves. And he said,
and he drew these things and he gave it to me. And then he said the way to energize it
even more, he gave me certain mantras or sounds, sound waves to energize that.
And I always wanted to since I’ve been living in the United States 30 to 40 years. My mind
is more into science. So I was wondering, Okay. How is all of this going to work, you
know, to acquire more super normal powers? So one thing led to another, and then he had
told me to go to a place where you can, whenever there is a lightning, and expose these copper
plates, you know, go and put it on a tree top. And then this voltage of current that
will come from the lightning will energize it and give it power.
I thought that was some traditional wisdom, some ritual. A few days ago, I think yesterday,
I talked about this book. There’s a book on Tesla, the title is, “Tesla, The Modern
Sorcerer.” Okay. And I was reading this morning. And I don’t know if you can see
that well, this is Tesla [shows a book page]. And you can see the lightning. And you can
also see him, sitting, standing on a tree. And right before the storm, he prayed for
the storm to come. His father was there. He was a college kid at that time. “Father,
I want the lightning, I want the lightning.” “I want the lightning.” You know, he kept
on saying that. And as he called on the lightning, the lightning came. And he quickly climbed
up the tree, showing himself to the lightning. And I immediately remembered why the leaves
were asking me to expose these copper plates to the lightning.
Then I have a background in Hinduism, especially the Vedas. They are one of the oldest scriptures
in the world. They talk about lightning giving you a tremendous amount of psychic, supernormal
powers. And also my specialty is also comparative religion. So I immediately remembered that
the Eskimos, when they wanted to get incredible super normal powers, used the lightning. So
they will come and show themselves to the lightning. Those who received the lightning
and survived it, became shamans. So it’s very interesting, because there’s
a lot of literature on lightning and what gives us intelligence or what enlightens us.
Using the word in a very literal sense, what enlightens us, is more electricity, more power.
As it gets into our brain, then we become more powerful.
So the reason that I am mentioning that is the ancient people knew a way of understanding
nature which is different from what we know through modern science and technology. And
it can also make sense, you know, just as I explained to you through the example of
Tesla that his understanding came through the spark of intense electricity that came
and affected his brain, and altered his brain differently, and that’s the cause for his
or origin for his genius mind. So what we need is more light, and for more light, lightning
can be a source. We don’t have, we cannot pass high voltage electricity, although Tesla
did. When Edison was against Tesla’s alternating
current, he told everybody, “If you just go by the alternating current, you’ll get
killed.” And he killed elephants and dogs to show this electric current will kill you.
And he [Edison] killed so many animals. Since Westinghouse at that time sponsored the project,
Edison says that, after the animals died, “This animal is ‘Westinghoused.’ You
know, just this is what’s going to happen.” But Tesla wanted to prove that you won’t
get killed. And he passed about 230,000 volts of current into his body, and then said that
it did will hurt him. And then in Missouri, he proved. So what happened in that case was
he was able to identify himself with the particles, not with the flesh and blood. That’s my
explanation of what happened. So a lot of things are possible for us through
understanding the wisdom of the Hindu Rishis, and Yogis. And particularly when I started
talking about knowing about your present, past, and the future, and that can be done.
So I have done many videos on that and of course they are all available on my website.
Not only that, but you can also change anything that you want to change, but that needs a
lot of effort, and commitment to the process. But if you are willing to do that then you
can change everything. If you have questions you probably can send
it and I will answer them in the next call. I will try to be, you know, the same time
if possible, or I will be at another time every day if I happen to be in a place then
I will be able to communicate with you. God Bless.

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  2. star light says:

    I would like to listen to you while holding a Rodin coil and a Plasma Lamp. "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9 then you would have a key to the universe ."You have a beautiful voice.*

  3. Holger Kirchhof says:

    BEAUTIFUL lovely wise brother in LOVE, sounds great to Me, looking forward to get in touch with YOU! CHRISTUS

  4. Happy To Be Nappy says:

    I can't wait to get my Nadi reading done! I am so excited! Been wanting to do this for a few years now and I am going to do it!!
    Thank you, Baba! <3

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    I shall work on daily basis to overcome my negative imprints. I have a immune dis ease and trully it stopped me from many life's endeavours. GREAT TO KNOW YOU ARE A MASTER OF MANY BEAUTIFUL TOPICS AND PRAISE FOR THE HUMAN WELNESS. BLESSINGS AND MUCH LOVE&APPRECIATION

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    How to get Nadi reading done?

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    What can you say on meditation in short? How does it affect brain? What does it do?

  8. Andrew Stang-Green says:

    This makes sense as to why as a child I was so incredibly obsessed with electricity.

    I would often touch two wires to my tongue and connect then to the 110 electrical outlet of my home. I thought it was an amazing thrill to be electrocuted.

    These days I spend my time constructing homemade high voltage experiments such as Tesla Coils etc.

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    Hello Sir, could you please share the contact details of the nadi reader you talked about in the video?

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    sir as you mentioned we can change everything… so,i wants to know can we change the past?

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    Thank you 👏blessings!

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    Para quem quer ler a tradução em portugues ou outra língua: do lado direito e em baixo do vídeo , clique no primeiro quadradinho da esquerda para a direita. Assim a legenda está ativada. Em seguida, clique na catraquinha que fica do lado do quadradinho.Clique em LEGENDAS /CC e clique em traduzir automaticamente. Procure seu idioma e assim, pode ler em portugues. Espero ter ajudado. Bjus de luz <3


    Hello , I don't know how I found your video but I did and it's so uncanny that I have found you at a time where I have renounced all former beliefs, philosophies and ideologies. Coming from a Christian upbringing I always felt there was more to the stories and more than what meets the eye. Looking back at my natural tendencies i find that i have always been drawn to the occult. As a young child I would always draw geometric designs such as triangles squares etc. I would see shadows moving about from time to time . I remember as a child I would be able to call all the alley cats and make the black cat hiss on command. I loved animals then and even more so now. I don't know why I'm sharing this but I think I'm interested in what u know and ancient technology for this modern man may help me on my path. 🙏🏼

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