Lightning Point / Alien Surfgirls S1 E1: Wipeout


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100 thoughts on “Lightning Point / Alien Surfgirls S1 E1: Wipeout”

  1. Ana Carrera says:

    omg i was just thinking about this series a couple days ago! crazy! love it

  2. pokemon lover says:

    Wait arnt you from mako mermaids???

  3. Sequoia Spencer says:

    Reminds me of H20 just add water and mako mermaids 🧜‍♀️

  4. Monica dupree says:

    what happen

  5. gabby Vargas says:

    First time watching this

  6. Penny Joseph says:

    Wonderful 🎥movie

  7. Annebelle Aquetteh says:

    I bingewatchet it as a kid and have been trying to find it ever since

  8. India Kostiuk says:

    What a strange combination, aliens and surfing, I’m confused

  9. Paris Ad says:

    This show had memories for me and I was so disappointed when it got removed from Netflix 🙁 So it’s great news for me that I can watch the episodes here! 😀😀

  10. Nathalie Alowou says:

    Omg I loved this show idk how many years ago. I totally forgot about it

  11. Tiger Lily says:

    I completely forgot about this show. I loved this show!!! Who remembers this show from there childhood.

  12. Jailah Wilson says:

    I love this show. I remember when it was on Netflix, I binged it. It was amazing

  13. Helen Almeida says:

    I need this tv show legended in português…

  14. Hussen Hemed says:

    what this story about

  15. Letta M says:

    i forgot about this show omg

  16. Miraculous ladybug Family says:

    Isn’t Lucy from maco mermaids

  17. Sherryann Ramnarine says:

    What the best movie

  18. Aria Gillani says:

    I love Jessica green that’s the only reason I’m watching I’m obsessed with Jessica greens tv show ( Outpost )

  19. Joseph Challenger says:

    the music sound just like h2o and mako mermaids

  20. F*ck me Harder Daddy says:

    I hate this they replesed my favorite show on vavoom named victorius that i wached for a year becase of this and nickelodeon canceld victorius

  21. Renay Milton says:

    I need season 2 i love this movie💜🙌

  22. brian duncan says:

    my friend rafeena told me about this and now i love it

  23. ABK MONI says:

    The k9 really wanted that pizza lol

  24. BoyOfSteel _MG says:


  25. FARZANA KHAN says:

    This is similar to just add water and mako mermaid like the moon

  26. MagicDVDBarbie says:

    Oh lol Lucy Fry from Mako Mermaids noice

  27. Angel Elemike says:

    0:24 your from Mako mermaids

  28. Mia M. says:

    Am I the only one who thinks their card looks like a cheese grater?

  29. flower queen says:

    Lyla-from Mako mermaids and Zoey- from Lightning point both had a thing for water, if you know what I mean 🙂 so don't you think
    the actress likes water in real life?

  30. Bình Lê Quang says:

    I saw lyla from mako mermaids!

  31. saadani brahim says:

    Zoe Zoe And Jeffy Jeffy(From SML)

  32. Bangtan Sonyeondan says:

    Fun fact: In H2O just add water season three last episode when they got their “certificates“ for finishing school Lucy Fry was in it ( they said “Lucy Fry“ and she got her certificate), it's kinda an easter egg

  33. Latanya Jones says:

    I like it first time watching it it is soooo awesome

  34. Nando Campos says:

    Que canal pessimo . nao tem tradução. odiei. orrivel .

  35. Jesse C says:

    Woah I forgot about this show

  36. Cody Pavlick says:

    I miss this show haven’t watched it in a long time anyone else watching it in 2019 I feel like I’m the only one lol

  37. Nunya Beeswax says:

    Lucy Fry really makes this show nice like she did in the first season of Mako Mermaids. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Kye Perez says:

    1 question: Is Zoey & Kiki sisters?

  39. Emma Zarhabi says:

    Didn’t realise that there was such a thing as an untrained police dog

  40. Elisha White says:

    One of the characters are from H2O just add water and it’s weird to see her not get a tail touch water

  41. Equestrian Olivia Schmechel says:

    2019 anyone?

  42. Cotton Candy says:

    how do the dogs act

  43. in weekly says:

    Is that lyla for mako mermaids

  44. John Hooper says:

    Thank you alot for uploading this tv series.. I have seen it on netflix years ago and although I am way too old for such a teen series I watched it because of those 2 nice girls, especially jessica green, and also I love that australian language.. In my country they changed the name of the tv series to: Alien surf girls, it has been released on DVD, but not with the original australian audio. It is not possible to get in anywhere. So many thanx, now I can watch it again..

  45. Tori Blue says:

    This is giving me h2o vibes

  46. mariam ortiz says:

    Is she from mako mermaid idk I fell that

  47. Sabina Tsang says:

    I was looking for this

  48. Sarah Zucker says:

    I love this show. Was so sad when they took it off of Netflix.

  49. Lea St says:

    My childhood right here…

  50. Melony Ferguson says:

    I love it and this my first time watch this😇😘😍😎😋

  51. Ju Vang says:

    The actor that plays Amber looks a little like Emma Watson.

  52. Val W says:

    Zoey and Kiki are so pretty especially their eyes ❤️ and it’s so weird seeing Lucy without a tail when she’s in the water

  53. IV. CECE says:

    This was on Netflix than they took it off came here for it 😬😌

  54. Brittany Elizabeth says:

    I miss this show glad I found it again 😊

  55. mii Angela says:

    That’s a big ass blue phone

  56. Mae Ainceri says:

    1)Lucy is here
    2) The house is the same as Cleos in H20 Just Add Water but the house design is different

  57. Student Kyra Clemons says:

    I remember this show


    omgggg, i used to love this back in 2014/15 idk.

  59. Kyle Lae says:

    Just add water and mako mermaid is my favorite movie

  60. Kyle Lae says:

    And now this lightning point

  61. gacha fan says:

    Layla yaaaaaaaaassssssssss

  62. imaan Abdi says:

    There’s nothing like mermaids Nd aliens in this world it’s all about in a movie 😂

  63. The Bionic Guy says:

    Olivia? Since when do you surf?

  64. manu mehl says:


    Uhhhh i mean Lucy!

  65. Destiny says:

    Kiki and Zoey look like they like each other tbh look at how they looked at each other

  66. Wilmine Louigene says:

    This movie look like blue water high that little big the same thing it so cool

  67. Maliah Joy says:

    My guilty pleasure after H20 cause Mako mermaids was 💩

  68. Sophie Schuetz says:

    Wow Zoey is so good at surfing for a beginner she is amazing

  69. Luis Sweeny says:

    ☺️Zoey and Kiki are really beautiful❕
    Kiki is a lovely❤❤❤❤❤brunette❗

  70. Luis Sweeny says:

    🧒🏻I would like to have 👩🏻‍🦰Amber as my personal surf🏄🏻‍♂️instructor❕

  71. Mike Roux says:

    Okay, so there's h2o, mako mermaids, lightning point, sam fox, elephant princess
    Any more Australian shows they got?

  72. Debbie Hutchinson says:

    That girl the alien looks like lyla from Mako mermaids

  73. gwynethgirl says:

    I am on episode 13 and these girls still don't surf. Instead they spend the entire series on the same old thread. Getting found out about by the boys.. Thank God I don't have higher expectations. If I were the screenwriter these girls would be using their super powers to win surf competitions all over the world..

  74. Kennie Kennie says:

    I remember this show I just don’t remember where from

  75. Jayla Graves says:

    So let me get this right Lucy fry has been an alien, mermaid, vampire, elf,what is next werewolf

    Think of any supernatural thing and put it in the comments

  76. Rita Gehman says:

    …. Bad Dog! LMAO!!!

  77. Ivan Ortega says:

    OMG IS LAYLA FROM MAKO MERMAID OMG (I'm new I never heard or seen this show)OMG IM STILL SHOCKED 😱(to be honest she looks more pretty here than in mako mermaid idk why her hair or her face changed)

  78. Ronny Hesse says:


  79. Aya Ajmida says:

    Kiki is really beautifull.😊

  80. Patricia Odom says:

    Love show

  81. katie s says:

    i just remembered about this show and i’m not mad about it

  82. Judy judy says:

    It's the third time I'm watching this series. I love it 😍

  83. Nim Animatiøns says:

    Yeeeeesssss thank youuu

  84. QueenxxxSofi Dari says:

    It was on Netflix now it’s no longer 😫

  85. Lina says:

    Is that lyla from mako mermaids?

  86. Anioile - says:

    all the australian shows have kinda the same vibe..

  87. CozyCottage says:

    Ikr why dosent she get a tail oh right not h20….. I WANT MERCH!

  88. Kelly The duck says:

    When I heard her name is Kiki I was like
    “Kiki do u love me are u riding like u never never leave right beside me if u want to if u need to let’s hit it from the highway

  89. Jemima Sarpong says:

    Weird lyla is not a fish anymore.

  90. Jemima Sarpong says:


  91. KaFFy Subliminal says:


  92. Debbie Hutchinson says:

    that's layla from mako mermaid

  93. ch faisal says:

    My two fav series are dance academy and add the water now i see this . lets see what is this 😎

  94. The Real Breezy Mami says:

    sometimes i wonder how they get the animals to act so good lmao

  95. kxukiii edits says:

    Umm how did her laptop die when clearly it doesn’t need to plugged for it to actually be open

  96. Karl Aug says:

    I'm so glad this i still up . Thank you so much . One of my favorite series .

  97. Alana Aymer says:

    Are we not gonna talk about how Luca instantly crushes on Kikki??? 😍😍😍😘😘😜😜🤔🤔

  98. Bella Prokop says:

    I’ve been looking for this show for 3 years and I can’t believe I finally find it and it’s not on Netflix anymore

  99. Relaxing ASMR says:

    Who else remembers when this was on Netflix

  100. January Wynter says:

    A Venom ad played before this OML the one when he threatened the dude with the gun

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