Magic Is Real, And It’s in This Apartment – Key & Peele


Oh, please don’t say
anything. Please just keep
it to yourself, whatever– [sneezes] Oh.
Thought you had an idea. I do. [bleep] – We need to make an app.
– Like, for a Smartphone? An app that all the people could download and then
we make millions. It’s just, that [bleep]’s hard
to come up with, man. It’s like catching lightning
in a bottle. I already got that. You got what? Lightning in a bottle. Really, what’s the idea? No, no idea. I got actual lightning
in a bottle. No, Levi. That’s just a phrase. I got that, dog. [static electricity buzzing] Lightning in a bottle.
Blip. That’s crazy, son.
Where’d you get that? Some old Chinese man
sold it to me years ago. I mean, that’s some
supernatural [bleep], man. Nah, man. All it does is this. Oh, [bleep]! Oh, the lightning! Oh! I got it.
[sniffs] But seriously, man. Would it be like an app
that reminds you when your favorite television
shows are on? No. It–we got to address this
crazy-ass bottle that you got. What bottle? [bleep], what bottle? The bottle with
the lightning in it. Are you still on that? Yes. How does it work? Cedric, I don’t know. It’s the classic lightning
in the bottle gag. Classic li– You just open it up– [shouting] [shrilly]
Oh! Oh! Lightning in the house!
Lightning in the room! Okay, you know what? – You shouldn’t have this.
– What? This [bleep]–this [bleep]
belongs to the military or something. But that app, though. No. We don’t need the app. You’ve got the goose
that laid the golden egg. How do you know about Honkers? [mysterious music] What?
This mother– [honk] Honkers. Get in on this app idea. [Honker honks]
– You like it? [Honkers honks]
– He likes it. Yep. He got a goddamn
golden egg. Honkers here is the cat’s
pajamas. [ominous music] No, please don’t. Don’t. I want to show you something. Whatever it is,
I don’t want to see it. – It’s relevant.
– I already know what it is. It ain’t what you think. Well, what I think it is
is a pair of cat’s pajamas. Yes. These are for Honkers
to wear. [bleep], what? The little neck in there. The neck– how you gonna fit his head
through this–with the– the orange pump [bleep]. [honks] I’m gonna have to ask you
to leave my house. Why? Because you disrespected
my roommate. Okay. Okay. It’s clear that this is
a crazy house. So I got to go. You over here talking
about geese and golden eggs and feline sleepwear. – [honk]
– Come on, man. Cedric. You need to get off
your high horse, man. Hey, I just thought of a name
for you. ♪ ♪ High horse. [neighing]

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100 thoughts on “Magic Is Real, And It’s in This Apartment – Key & Peele”

  1. Good Servant says:


  2. Eden Mashraki says:

    Horse part was creepy man…

  3. Lordslade1 says:

    best comic duo ever

  4. Djamz M says:

    Keep it weird. Good shite!

  5. Felix Mata says:


  6. Fernando Martinez says:

    Wait did he de uploaded the video ??? I remember seen this back in 2016

  7. Fernando Martinez says:


  8. रवि अग्रवाल says:

    It feels better that there's no music in the end.

  9. LORDOFKAGES says:

    I love this skit

  10. Konan Refer says:

    It's FUCKING censored!!!

  11. WingedHussar says:

    No skit will ever top this. This is it. Peak. It's all downhill from here. Shut it down

  12. Hamza says:

    It’s relevant

  13. Mickey D says:

    Omg one I haven’t seen!!!

  14. unknown person says:

    does that chinese guy sell any beans

  15. Lana Lang says:

    What about that app though?

  16. Chum Calm Down says:

    Yo Jordan voices always range from super high pitch to gravelly deep lol

  17. Clayton Belair says:

    I want to die

  18. Jeffrey Rothman says:

    "Its relevant…"

  19. Feänor Elèssar says:

    I'm gonna find me an old crazy Chinese man to sell me lighting in a bottle

  20. 5quad n00bs says:

    What bottle

  21. Dawson Trask says:

    "Hes got a godamn golden egg" that shit made cackle.

  22. H Hill says:

    "this mothafucka"

  23. lance Kro says:

    How you know about honkers?

  24. Joaquin Garza says:

    "Honkers is the cats pajamas"

  25. crimson_noir says:

    this shit is like scary movie

  26. Scott Janszen says:

    How that get the horse smoke peanut butter

  27. Brandon Henderson says:

    Loool "Feline Sleep-wear"

  28. Sytijinx says:

    No one is addressing those mad recaptures-lightning-in-a-bottle-TWICE skills.👏👏👏

  29. Zachary Boutjdir says:

    @CraZBob1 Look, it’s a friend of George!

  30. common sense says:

    He bought Raidens lighting from some old chinese dude?…You mean the Kollector?

  31. aanggell 699 says:


  32. dejackdj says:


  33. AnimalMaster55 AnimalPro says:

    Am I the only one that realizes that the guy on the thumbnail is the guy from epic rap battle of history Michael Jordan bs Muhammad Ali (He played muhammad Ali)

  34. Miguel Royo says:

    You still on thaa?

  35. Villain’s Week says:

    I’m a witch so that’s like if my friends came over

  36. Reginald Mustard Bacon says:

    The chinese are truly magical

  37. HH -Chan says:

    Blip! Had me dead

  38. Thomas Bruinsma Animation says:

    The high horse gag went over my head until just now. At first I thought it was just a very tall horse, but I never noticed he was smoking weed

  39. Jerich Ares says:

    this means literally..

  40. Hemi Puru-Peri says:

    Honkers here is the cats pyjjammas

  41. Jake Kussmaul says:

    I laugh so hard at the way Jordan says "Lightnin' in a bottle, blip :|"

  42. Mondojuice13 says:

    “That app tho” 😂😂😂

  43. danieldoobs says:

    Are these being reuploaded? I got some Mandela effect goin rn

  44. AUBRIE COLE says:

    How do you know bout honkers?

    Honkers get in on this app idea

    You like it? h e l i k e s i t

  45. Xxxenaaa says:

    …but dat app doe…

  46. Valcurrien says:

    Bonus Critical Chance
    Bonus Critical Damage
    Bonus Limb Damage
    Chance at Knock Down

  47. Q gregorian says:

    "Lightning in a bottle."

  48. OzzyCoop says:

    That was a pretty good fake sneeze.

  49. Jailbot Mark 1 says:

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl (2007)

  50. Conor Winterburn says:

    Its censored but ok

  51. Maduka Ihalagama says:

    "Thought you had and idea"
    "I do"

  52. Michael J Long says:

    But that app tho… 🤣

  53. Brad Bradleys says:

    I'm so mother fucking tired of these political commercials.

  54. EternalCreator says:


  55. Daniel Hebert says:

    Lmao what. The.fuxk. .

  56. Explore Games says:

    Disabling notifications – I like the channel but you keep alerting me to old videos. Will probably miss a lot of your new shit as a result.

  57. MrDaveCee says:

    Dis motherf…..

  58. Matt Jasa says:

    Lightning in a Bottle.. Blip!

  59. Alexis Quibodeaux says:

    “these are for Honkers to wear” the lil neck in ther

  60. yaoquan hor says:

    So he is the N-newt

  61. Nelson says:

    But that app tho 😂😂😂

  62. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    Key plays EVERY race extremely well EXCEPT BLACK… How you half Black but come off as a person pretending to be Black 😂 😂😂 😂

  63. sharkbite44 says:


  64. William ckemons says:


  65. ok says:

    Petition to change the title back to Lightning in a Bottle

  66. Charles Brown says:

    Unwatchable with the censoring

  67. Julia KIJI says:

    Cedric 🙄

  68. Julia KIJI says:

    feline sleepwear 😂😂😂😂

  69. Rickey Hughlett says:

    that app tho…

  70. Cosmic Vibez says:


  71. Commons news 22 says:

    I’m dead

  72. William Rearick says:

    Neighs in stoner

  73. getdown getdown make luv says:


  74. unymitsu says:

    "Lightning in a Bah Dol" lmmfao

  75. ToleratedPanda says:

    Wasnt this 'lightning in a bottle'

  76. TOMMI x TY says:


  77. Shan Serv says:

    "But dat app tho" 🤣

  78. cucho1967 says:

    These two motherfuckers are fucking crazy funny.

  79. Nicholas G says:

    But does he have “The Bee’s Knees”?

  80. Benjamin Lewis says:


  81. Dick Longflop says:

    Oh…thought you had an idea

    Oh I do


  82. Navy Night Ranger says:


  83. Great 1 says:

    Not funny💯👎

  84. Zansi says:

    Wow, this is so much less funny when it's censored.

  85. Hello says:

    expansive cap

  86. Dorrette Young says:

    Dwl 😂😂😂😂

  87. moshiimoe aye says:

    Wisp in the bottle in real life

  88. Mansoorr68 Uvxeg says:

    But… thats a jar

  89. steeler _city1 says:


  90. David Everlast says:

    "You still on that?" LOL

  91. oBuLLzEyEo1013 says:

    Bleeps make it way better…

  92. Chris Hansen says:


  93. Jordan Weir says:



    I cannot withstand this moment

  94. whitehouse9999 says:

    What’s Witt the bleeps?!

  95. William Wyckoff says:

    The most normal thing in that apartment was cat pajamas.

  96. Jason Ruiz says:

    1:29 hahah

  97. GHOST805 says:

    Classic lightning in the bottle gag. 😆😆😆

  98. GHOST805 says:

    I like the steam punk skit too. These foos kill

  99. Jeandre F says:

    Best skut they ever made! 🙌🏼

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