MAGNETIC GLASS SPINNER – ENGLISH – Have amazing with magnetism.

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these magnetic glass spinners are just magnificent
to make. you just need a couple of paper cups, bicycle spoke and a few ring magnets. now
take a paper cup and cut it at a height of 3 quarters from the top. make a hole in the
center and decorate the cup with color tapes. this is half the cup. once again hole in the
middle and decorate it. and this is just the bottom disc with the hole in the middle and
the 7 colors. now they are ferrite ring magnets and they stick to the bicycle spoke. if you
put two of these in the bicycle spoke, hold it vertically and give them a twirl, these
magnets will keep spinning and they will slowly descend down. now this is the principle behind
this fun cup. take the thinnest of the paper cup and place the magnets on the top and below
so that they stick to each other. north will stick to the south and the you place it on
the bicycle spoke. hold the spoke vertical and give this cup a little twirl and the disc
will keep spinning and you can see the 7 colors coalesce. you can see some kind of greyish
white. but this cup is going to descend rather fast. now take the half cup, place it on the
spoke, give it a twirl and this time you see a riot of colors. the cup will descend slowly,
slower then the previous one. ultimately it will come at the end of the spoke. and finally
take the 3 quarters cup and give it a twirl. this cup also comes down, but it will swirl
slowly and will take a much longer time to descend to the end of the bicycle spoke. now
these are absolutely fun experiments and all you need to them are paper cups, bicycle spoke
and a couple of ring magnets and some color tapes.

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