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Welcome to the
Electricity of Life, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at Life forms sense magnetic
fields, likely in a variety of ways. Electromagnetic forces are as much
a fact of life at the biological scale as they are at the cosmic. Magnetite is a mineral with
high magnetic sensitivity. While originally thought to
be exclusively a product of high temperature and
pressure conditions, for some decades now it has been known that
organisms can synthesize it themselves. Nanoscale particles of
magnetite can be found binding to a microtubule’s Tau-proteins
and the tubulin lattice itself. This has been revealed using
fluorescence microscopy by scientists at the Institute of Biochemistry and
Biophysics, University of Tehran. They surmise that biogenic magnetite in
cells, by way of its tiny magnetic field, serves as a mechanism for augmenting the
electronic pathways of microtubules. It appears that these nanoparticles
might also have a role in guiding the microtubule’s
growth process. Although excess magnetite in the brain will
actually impair their growth in operation. This appears to occur substantially
in Alzheimer’s disease, where one can observe a disorganized
surplus of these tiny magnetic crystals, possibly created by
oxidative stress. This excess may result in a bedlam
of interfering magnetic fields. Interest in this biological mineral
was sparked by the initial discovery of orderly chains of magnetite
on the back of bacteria that align themselves
with magnetic north. A few years ago, a sizable study by scientists
at the University of Duisburg-Essen cataloged the tendency for cows to similarly
align themselves with magnetic north. Of note, the study which claim to refute
these findings was quite unpersuasive, besides inaccurately identifying
bales of hay as cows, it made further
mistakes detailed here. But do cows have the same
magneto-receptor that bacteria do? A recent scientific study, examining the current bevy of biological
research on magnetoreceptors, suggests that magnetite may not be the
component responsible in vertebrates. This 2015 article from scientists at
the University of Western Australia and University of Queensland,
argues that we still do not know how other common magnetic substances
in the body might be utilized or what such structures might look like
beyond the magneto-zones of a bacteria. In a previous model of
magnetite-based magnetoreceptors, it was calculated that single domain
particles might open ion channels as they turn slightly under the
influence of geomagnetic forces. But might some of the many nanoparticles
binding directly to microtubules in neurons provide magnetic
input to organisms? It is also wise to consider what systems
of magnetoreception operate together, either in tandem or because one
system has more recently evolved and now works alongside an
older and less powerful one. Cryptochrome is one such case. These photo-receptive
proteins have been studied as regulators of circadian rhythms
in both animals and plants. However, effective experiments
and new models of crypochrome’s magnetically
sensitive molecular physics have led many bio-physicist to posit its
added function as a magnetoreceptor. This is readily demonstrated in an
experiment that uses cryptochrome from the eyes of one species,
which rarely employs it, ourselves. When one of the two types of
cryptochrome, present in our eyes, is trans-genetically
given to fruit- flies, those flies are imbued with the
ability to perceive magnetic fields. Cryptochrome possesses
orientation-dependent light stimulation of the FADH molecule
held within it, this slide exited FADH
molecule then gains an electron from an array of three neighboring
Tryptophan amino-acids. For about one millisecond, that
can hold on to that electron and remain in a signaling state until
something removes that gained electron, possibly an interaction,
with 0₂ negative. Each of these transition states, that
of gaining and losing an electron, ought to be affected by geomagnetic
forces acting on the unpaired electrons, thus, concerning how they may allow
organisms to see magnetic fields. Here is what the
optical experience of such magnetic guidance is
believed to look like in birds. Remembering Robin Baker’s experiments
on magnetoreception in humans, which at least suggest a
magnetoreceptive sense, many of science enthusiasts
will no doubt boldly wonder how easily humans might reawaken
this hypothesized magnetic sight. The sight pictures here are some
speculations useful to this endeavor, for instance that humans may have lost
their magnetic sight for adaptive reasons. Specifically, perhaps the highly reactive
0₂ negative around the cryptochrome has been willfully or happenstantially
diminished in supply. Perhaps our cells are no longer
stocking this highly reactive and potentially dangerous fuel
for this magnetic sensor. But perhaps the most fundamental
electromagnetic antenna in a life-form’s body
is actually its DNA. Professor Reba Goodman
is a geneticist, who worked alongside Barbara McClintock
on her 1983 Nobel Prize work. Reba’s own specialty of knowledge is
in the field of epigenetic research, studying how electromagnetic
fields influence DNA. A fractal antenna is a structure
that conducts electromagnetic waves and uses self-similarity
in its design to respond to an increasingly broader
range of vibrational frequencies. The double helix of DNA conducts electrons
and experiments have identified at least one formatting sequence, which is directly
sensitive to electromagnetic fields. According to a significant
body of experimental work, DNA’s intricate patterns of self-similarity
and its electronic conduction, imbue it with the properties
of a fractal antenna. It picks up a broad range of
frequencies, which interact with genes flanked by the electromagnetically
sensitive formatting sequence. By some mechanism, different genes
accompanied by that sequence will respond to different
EM frequencies. This can also stimulate the
synthesis of associated proteins. Many scientists would likely believe
that such non-thermal radiation cannot influence biological systems,
especially in this profound way. But the arguments one usually
voices are but a repetition of old assumptions and sporadic
evidence that don’t measure up to the weight of evidence in the
field of modern biophysics. Here is a snapshot of such evidence As a Reba Goodman’s longtime
colleague, Martin Blank, a biophysicist at Columbia
University has said: “Most public voices simply have little to
no exposure to the relevant literature. Here one can see an interesting debate
between different opinions on this issue, centering on matters of health policy for health-safety measures around
human-made electromagnetic infrastructure. As the research of The Thunderbolts
Project community continues to highlight little-known corners of human
knowledge for the betterment of all, thank you to The Thunderbolts
Project Patreon supporters. Your investments support the selfless
pursuit of scientific revelations and productive discussions
for our species. And thank you, to the
community of viewers for having an interest in
these scientific topics. The pursuit of open-minded
and accurate thinking will enrich culture
and make it freer. And also thank you, to the game
developer Unknown Worlds for donating this excellent music to accompany future
episodes of the Electricity of Life. For continued episodes of the
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