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hi there our Adrian Everheart with you
here today sharing some feminine energy sexual secrets now I did a video
previously where I shared three really sexy tips that would help have a man
chasing you and pursuing you and they were all using feminine energy and there
were things that you could do today there were things that you could do
right now now I’ll link that in the comments section of this video so you
can watch it but let me be clear the tips I’m sharing with you today are not
things that you want to just rush out and do today I want you to think about
them I want you to spend a little time getting comfortable in your feminine
energy and kind of just consider these things now I talked a lot about feminine
energy being a vibe it’s something that the man feels when he’s with you and
it’s very powerful when he have that feeling of you might get away he might
lose you and it’s genuine it’s not based on any sort of manipulation that you’re
you know playing a game with him but it’s a genuine feeling of I better get
her and keep her before some other man does and you actually want a man to have
that through the entire course of the relationship and I that’s what I teach
you how to do that’s what I teach my clients how to do is keep the man
chasing you and pursuing you for the lifetime of their relationship so I’ve
got three tips to share with you but again these are I’m just going to want
you to marinate with these if you feel really comfortable trying them out go
ahead but take your time don’t rush into trying these out immediately so the
first thing I want you to understand and again I’m starting with the mildest and
we’re gonna go up to the most you know titillating if you will so I’m I want
you to first start off with feminine energy that feminine energy and pursuing
a man mentally or physically and by pursuing I mean you’re thinking about
him you’re thinking about him you’re on a dating website
you’re constantly wondering how to fix things with your husband or your Wonder
when is your man gonna reach out and talk to you comes a 24-hour job and the
first most powerful thing you can do is understand that you are using your
energy in all the wrong ways if you’re putting 24 hours of work into this a day
the first thing I want you to do to really rub up your sexual energy vibe as
a feminine energy woman is stop investing 24 hours a day into thinking
about a man you go to bed you dream about him you wake up in the morning you
think about him you’re getting ready you think about him the clothes you wear
you’re thinking about him the food you eat you’re thinking about him you get
home from work you has he texted you as he called you at lunch you get home from
work is he gonna call you tonight or you’re gonna have dinner or maybe you’ll
wear this sexy outfit you see what I’m saying how the man will just get into
your mind 24 hours a day now how do you get him out of your mind 24 hours a day
so you can reclaim your very powerful feminine energy so I love the practice
of Kundalini Yoga and any type of meditation you can do even if you just
learn a deep breathing technique that is just three minutes in length 3 or 4
minutes in length it strengthens that frontal cortex of your mind and the
reptilian brain is the one that’s just automatic you know it’s connected to
your spinal cord so it’s very automatic you really can’t control it it controls
blood pressure and your heart rate you can control it to a certain degree but
after a while it’s gonna take over runs your metabolism things like this so when
you strengthen that front part of your mind even just 3 minutes a day of
conditioning your breathing and slowing down your thoughts and focusing just on
one thought just one thought and make it an image make it a beautiful red rose
make it the face of you know Christ or Buddha or whatever you see God or the
universe or love as just you see that one image and you’re able to focus on
that for about 3 minutes and doing some certain breathing
techniques definitely check out some Kundalini
breath techniques or even just deep breathing inhale on one exhale on two
inhale on one exhale on two until you get to 10 and then keep doing that a few
rounds until your phone timer goes off and says it’s been three minutes that
will help you strengthen your mind a woman who is out of control and
letting her impulses drive her is not feminine okay it’s not feminine all
right moving on to the next thing it is a very painful thing it’s a very
difficult thing and painful for a masculine energy man to see you with or
around another man it’s very painful for them but they have to do it it’s part of
the deal you’re a beautiful goddess woman men are going to be drawn to you
wherever you go I attract a certain type of man to me
effortlessly and my husband has kind of named them a term but I really attract
these early sixties men who just gravitate towards me and I love their
company so so much they’re at just such a beautiful age of maturity and
intelligence and a lot of them are retired at that time and they’re very
much into art and culture and things like this they’re fun to talk to
so my Hut I tracked them to me if we go on vacation or if we’re out or something
those are the men that will find their way to us and my husband is very aware
of this now sometimes younger guys find their way to me too and I will just I
will talk to them I’ll have a good time and I’ll be feminine and I’ll receive
and then as you get more and more comfortable with your feminine energy
and I apologize I’m butchering this I’m trying to get my words out here but as
you get more comfortable in your feminine energy you’re going to attract
more and more men and your man is going to see you talking to other men
and he’s going to begin to notice how much other men are drawn to you and he’s
gonna have to learn to live with it and we’re not doing this to make him
jealous and make him you know want to keep you in a cage or something like
that because he knows he’s number one in your heart in terms of I’m choosing to
be with you there’s no better way to do this than to talk about your last sexual
experience with your man and tell him about what pleasured you and that last
sexual experience and be curious what it was that really brought him a lot of
pleasure now if you can do these back-to-back it’s really going to be
beneficial for you so if if you guys go out let’s say you go out to get a coffee
or a drink or something like that or out to dinner and you happen to be getting a
lot of masculine attention you know don’t overdo it ladies don’t do anything
too extreme but you receive from men and you smile and you graciously and warmly
receive don’t ignore your husband for too long
or your boyfriend or your date and then he may say something about it it may be
very painful for him to see but this is part of keep wanting to keep you and
pursue you is that he sees you with other men and it makes him a little nuts
okay and then you when you’re together you can reminisce about a previous
sexual experience you had with him or something else you had with him that
felt really wonderful and tell him what felt wonderful to you and ask him what
felt wonderful to him and this way he knows he really really has your heart
that your thoughts are you know with him your heart is with him and you can even
tell him that if you need to sorry I have to check the time there we go so
moving on to the next part I have to say this does not work in Reverse it’s just
how feminine and masculine energy works it doesn’t work in Reverse if you see
your guy talking to a lot of women it doesn’t work in Reverse and this is
just the difference between the sexes men will sometimes fantasize more than
you know about you with one of his friends or with some guy he knows or
even your past lover strange I know isn’t it
men will fantasize about the woman that they love being with other men women we
don’t do this we don’t fantasize about our guy being with some girl previous to
us or some other girl it’s just not what we do although there are some situations
if there’s some bisexuality you may do this but a man identifies with your
pleasure what you are feeling and that’s what I’m preaching all the time is that
men want to be inside of our bodies they want to identify with what we feel in
our body so that’s why I get you to use these feeling statements I feel I’m
feeling I felt you’re telling him what’s happening in your body as much as you
can make it about pleasure you see so a man will like to imagine you possibly
having sex with another guy some men mate will never admit this to
you and don’t worry about it just just trust me here it’s thoughts that go
through their head it’s the difference between the sexes we are different we
are not the same our fantasies are not the same okay I doubt any of you girls
out there fantasize about guys that are way way younger than you it’s just we’re
different accept it we’re different but use it use it be aware of it and use it
in a positive way that strengthens a relationship so if you get more feminine
energy by talking to lots of new men even casually your quantum dating you’re
receiving errors from men if you build up that feminine energy and he is in
pursuit mode with you it’s going to work out for both of you
you see it feeds into that energy really nicely so try that but you’ll see why
I’m saying don’t just go out and do it immediately I want you to just think
about it a little bit kind of let it unfold in your mind a little bit here
okay okay the last thing I’m going to share with you in this video it’s gotten
kind of long my apologies is that orgasms I told you it would get racier
here comes the racy ending orgasms orgasms are something that men have to
learn to control to not have now if your guy is a little bit older or if he’s had
some sort of pornography addiction or some sort of health problem he maybe
might be on the other side with orgasms but in most cases orgasms are something
that men have to learn how to control as well as erection women on the other hand
oh and too many orgasms for man too often not controlled hurt him they hurt
him that’s why you have men who get you know addicted to pornography they have
that what is it called down down regulating that happens where they just
need more and more and more and more and crazier and crazier stuff because the
amount of dopamine that’s getting flooded in their brain is more than what
is intended for humans and same with drugs same with alcohol same with sugar
possibly even flour it just sends so much chemical into your body that you
you end up having that down-regulation where you need more and more and more to
achieve the same feeling and then what used to really feel good to you doesn’t
really feel good to you Eve anymore you have to keep reaching higher so that’s
how the brain works again meditation deep breathing strengthen this part of
the brain so it can outsmart that other part of the brain basically so what I’m
saying here why so long-winded today I apologize what
I’m saying is men have to temper their orgasms or it will hurt them we’ve all
been in a situation with a man where he doesn’t have that control and it’s very
disappointing and you have to learn lots of workarounds with that one that’s
another video but women did you know it hurts us
can I have orgasms and to not think about sex and fantasize about sex so I
really encourage you to return to this sort of childlike essence that you once
had you know when you were a young girl and you would get a crush on boy you
would be very playful with him you would do things to get his attention don’t do
anything crazy don’t call his phone a hundred times but
you would do things to get his attention you would wear an outfit or you would do
your hair a certain way that’s okay to do it’s okay to want to be attractive
and want to catch a man’s eye but you would also fantasize about him you would
fantasize about him and you would think about him and you would dream about him
and you would have these wonderful fantasies so what this thinking and
fantasizing does for a woman and returning to that you know innocent
childlike essence it’s very attractive to the man but it also is good for you
when you have frequent orgasms this keeps your body very healthy it keeps
everything below the waist healthy and lubricated and in a positive way with
hormones so don’t neglect yourself if you neglect yourself you hurt yourself
in the long run which will hurt your relationship with the man all right so
that’s Adrienne ever hearts wisdom on all of this I hope it’s been helpful for
you all I love hearing from you in the comment sections good or bad I think
we’re all here to just share opinions and as women get together and talk and
discuss so please feel free to share your thoughts and your opinion
and help your sisters out who were reading in the comments section if you
like my videos you want to support my work thumbs up is the way to do it on
YouTube you can also share my video if you so dare share it but definitely
thumbs up it lets me know you like the work that I’m producing and it keeps me
on the ball to make more alright much love to you all thank you so much
for tuning in I hope this has been really helpful and as always I’m sending
you lots of lots of feminine energy love mwah bye bye

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    Hi Adrienne, I wanna ask I had an argument with my guy I said him sorry he also threatened me he will block me I said him sorry the next day he didn’t see my mesg he didn’t reply me back I’m pretty sure he’s with another girl what should I do I wanna fix things I don’t hear him from 2 days should I mesg or call him and say sorry or just give him more space would it push him away?

  74. John Galt says:

    Meh… Be quiet and put on more lip gloss

  75. Laura Benson says:

    I just discovered your channel and am thoroughly enjoying your videos. I'm a fan!

  76. Spartan Elf says:

    You're a saint for giving us this

  77. Cate Devon says:

    Great video….made me smile and feel like a goddess 💕

  78. Nia Alakkattu says:

    Damn, why God give emotions only to women

  79. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I have been unable to have any sexual fantasies for years. I remember when I was very young they came to me like a dream, and they were fun and I felt connected and alive. I cannot feel that part of myself, and I don't know how to get back to it. I have tried the meditations of opening up the womb and I cannot feel at all, but I can only think. What can I do? I feel like a part of me is missing and I don't know how to begin to gt it back.

  80. Jack Frost says:

    Great job on a touchy subject…pun intended. Haaha.💣

  81. john miller says:

    How can i not be thinking about a man all the time and still fantisize about him. I try not to fantisize about other guys because i feel likke thats cheating. Am i way too uptight and controlling,because i dont want him doingthat to me either?

  82. Claire Lawrence says:

    Thank you so much x

  83. Miaka Lash says:

    What if you're in a casual relationship with a guy where the relationship is mostly sexual? I was feeling it so much with him that I slept with him on the first date. We agreed to a casual relationship and he's usually gentlemanly but has been turning all the convos sexual. I am trying to just explore this for what it is because I enjoy his company…but want to also inspire him to try and do more without scaring him away. It may not be possible but I'm not sure what to do when he turns it sexual because it's not like we're not doing it! He also emotionally shuts down a lot…but I love it when he calls me sweetie and offers to do cute things which is now rare 🙁

  84. In Cognito says:

    Please turn your Closed Caption on!

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