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The Malampaya Deep Water
Gas-to-Power project is one of the largest and most significant
industrial endeavours in Philippine history, providing around 20%
of the country’s energy needs. However, on Palawan island,
next to the gas field, there remain remote
and off-grid communities that, even today,
have no access to energy. But that is about to change. Kalakwasan is home to one of the oldest
indigenous tribes in the Philippines, the Batak people. They live simply, deep in the forest. There are about 200 people
in this community… …and most are poor. Without electricity, for this off-grid community
to work at night, they burn wood sap wrapped in leaves. It provides a small amount of light for only an hour at a time. Today, life is about to change. A team
from the Shell Philippines Exploration and the Pilipinas Shell Foundation are making their way through 40km
of dirt track and river streams to reach this remote village. There was a survey done to understand the energy needs
of the community, what are the available resources
in the area, what technology can be adapted, and what operating management
can be used to operate and manage the system. They are installing a hybrid power system
for the village, using both the sun’s rays for solar energy and the power of the river
for hydro energy. A generator for diesel fuel
serves as a backup when renewable-energy sources are low. So, what we’ll do is create a small canal to divert the water, then drive the turbine and produce electricity. Following the energy-needs assessment, setting up the hybrid took two months and over 20 people
to construct and install the hydro, solar and backup diesel generators. Experts in masonry, carpentry, welding – along with the villagers themselves – worked tirelessly to complete the project, ready for its inauguration. One, two, three! Three, two, one! Together, hydro and solar inverters generate around 3kW of energy – more than enough
to light the whole community. The Malampaya Deep Water
Gas-to-Power project is providing electricity for millions
in the big city… …but it’s also enabling projects
like this one in Kalakwasan to happen. A small project making a big difference.

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