Marina Bay Sands: Drive for Energy Conservation with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor | Schneider Electric

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(soft piano music) – [Kevin] Marina Bay Sands is
a leading integrated resort in Singapore with three
iconic hotel towers. Topped by an extraordinary sky park, a lotus-inspired museum and retail stores, Marina Bay Sands seamlessly
combines business and leisure and endless entertainment. I am passionate about
development and sustainability. My name is Kevin Teng. I’m the Executive Director
for Sustainability of Marina Bay Sands. At Marina Bay Sands, sustainability defines the way we do business. Our global sustainability programs, Sands ECO360 integrates
the best practices, technologies and methodologies
across all properties. We are committed to the comfort
and well-being of our guests and yet mindful in our
operations to reduce our overall environmental impact. Besides being visually
stunning and iconic, our buildings are built
with high performance and sustainable functionality in mind. In 2018, we diverted
849,000 kilos of food waste in landfills with anaerobic digesters. We also work with partners
such as Schneider Electric to share our vision for sustainability and active energy management. Since 2012, Marina Bay Sands has reduced its carbon footprint by 34%. Schneider Electric’s reliable solutions such as PowerLogic meters, sensors, EcoStruxture Asset Advisors
and high tension transformers have supported our efforts
in improving business performance and reducing energy costs. Schneider Electric’s
EcoStruxture IoT-enabled solution has also given us immense
control over our energy usage. With our vision for sustainability, we are always working towards
innovating our operations and exploring new technologies. Beyond the goal of energy conservation, we look forward to working with partners which share our passion
to drive more green goals where Marina Bay Sands will always stay at the forefront of sustainability. (soft piano music) (lively music)

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