Measure the energy consumption at home with mirubee

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Saving money in your light bill is only possible if you take control of the consumption Electricity is more expensive every day. However, there are hidden opportunities for saving in every home. The solution consists in optimizing and managing energy in an efficient way By quantifying consumption and doing an electricity scan of each home later on we can make more accurate decisions in order to save more money on each bill. After placing a measurer in the distribution panel, you’ll have the energy cosumption of your home under control Because without control there is no chance of saving. Mirubee system analizes the information history of the electrical consumption and points to where the vast majority of the comsumption is in euros, to which you should pay attention to. Smart algorithms scan the electric footprint and allow you to know the consumption of each appliance by itself, from an unique general measurer. Find the electric rates that better suits your home and assess how to suit the hired potency to your real home necessities. Also, if you are a proffesional or a company, Mirubee allows you to manage all your clients form a ‘manager’ to register them, drop them out or download data. You could also easily integrate this information into another platform of your convenience by an API. Find out how Mirubee works and start saving money on all your light bills. Go now to

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