Mijinwater heating and cooling grid

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Imagine that you are standing on the
roof of 20,000 swimming pools filled with warm water. That’s what we got here:
enough energy to charge one and a half million Tesla batteries. This underground
reservoir was created by the mine workers like my grandfather who were
digging out coal up to 1,000 meter under our feet and the deeper you go this
water gets heated by geothermal energy down to 1,000 meters we find 30 degrees
Celsius and in the top layers we have 16 degrees Celsius we can use this water to
heat and cool buildings in this city. In the Netherlands we only have 11 coal
mines but all over Europe we have mines which are shutting down. Those mines need
aftercare they form an eternal burden and by this development we give a new
perspective for those areas. An economic perspective, employment but most
important huge carbon savings of 65% until 100% for buildings. In my
city actually we are operating a system serving 250,000 square meter of
buildings with heating and cooling and those buildings will replace gas boilers
and chillers. We are planning now to expand the system to 20 million square
meter of building covering the whole region, this will give us a carbon saving
between 65% and 100%. We have been operating this mine system already
for 10 years, we only know a very few projects all over the world where they
do more or less the same thing. The most innovative part is that
we build a business model on this mine water system we do this by what we call a fifth
generation district heating and cooling system. It’s a twin pipe system with one
warm pipe at thirty degrees Celsius and a cold pipe of 16 degrees Celsius if we
need heating in the building we take heat from the hot pipe and bring back
cold to the cold pipe. Those two pipes exchange energy and this exchange of
energy is a huge saving in the city. It will save us
more than 50%. By smart framework control we balance those clusters of buildings
exchanging heat and cold but moreover we also are able to operate on the stock
market to purchase cheap electricity when it’s available and last but not
at least we can manage our peak loads which give us a huge advantage in
building the infrastructure and reducing the investments that we need to build a
system. In fact the further development of this fifth generation district
heating and cooling systems giving us a cloud of heat pumps and cities is not
longer dependent on mine reservoirs only. A Dutch study showed that we can do more than
half of our buildings with this heating concept and cooling concept. As such
seventy-five percent of people in Europe could profit from comfortable heat and
pleasantly cool energy with huge carbon savings.

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