I love my chicken!! Feed me more feed me moreeee Is that a potato tatty or something like that and the other day I was in a bed with the President of Canada 666👿 I can’t be bothered to do any more 😴 🎁😭😥😭😥😭😥😭😥😭
😥💔💔    ALONE   💔💔 😭
😭😡😡😡   on  😡😡😡 😥
😭😥😭😥😭😥😭😥😭😥 Alright, anyways, let’s just get mixing and uhh… see what happens We’re gonna start with these Monster Energy Drinks. By the way fun fact, when I was in high school i used to drink a big can of this before my final It kinda sucked because I would get my final done, but then I would have to pee in the very end. But then like, teacher lady wouldn’t let me pee cause’ its the exam. AND I HAD TO WAIT. Turns out when I had to use the bathroom after. I ended up peeing for a 1 min. and 30 seconds. That was a record for me. Comment down below, what was your longest pee? (Pouring Monster Drink) Here’s some Red Bull. Oh YEEAAAHHH Here’s some more Monster. OH MAH. GO GURL. Energy Drink I don’t know what this is, lemme try it. (slurp) Ooh, tastes like lemonade. This is NOS. We’re gonna put some NOS in here. This is NOS good. Just saying. The V8 Energy. I didn’t even know V8 made a Energy drinks, Nowadays. But, HERE WE GO. What does this taste like?? *more slurping* Yep, taste like tomato juice. We got the ROCKSTAR ORGANIC ENERGY DRINK. and, even though, it’s says it’s organic, its probably super bad still. Taste like Guava, huh. Island Fruit Flavor. Ooh, I like dis one. I’m going to keep this on the side. Here we go, here’s the blue one. This is the Low-Carb-er) All these Energy drinks, I never knew existed, I am pouring. Ooh, look at this one. Ooh, what does this taste like? OOH, this one taste like COTTON CANDY!! This is Monster Energy Drink- Absolute Zero calories. That sounds extremely skecthy. It still tastes like Energy Drink. If we go over to this side. We have the Hi-Ball Energy. Another Organic Energy Drink, this is Ginger Ale. Let’s see What’s up. Yup, taste like sushi.(sashimi maybe?) and ginger.(ew) SPARKLING WATER ENERGY DRINK??????? These people are getting really creative, nowadays. That tastes really bad, ugh, that tastes like really bad (then why you drink it dood?) If you move on over here. We got the BODY ARMOR SUPER DRINK. (What you use before and after a work out.) Ooh, thats SOUR. We got the X-Y IENCE, XYIENCE, this is the mango flavor one. Here we go. We got the ROCKSTAR over here, UH HUH. *burp* Ooh, that was the energy drink. Ooh, bad for you, don’t drink it. Here we have a GUAYAKI organic YERBA MATE brand. I dunno what that is.. but that’s not very interesting. WOOOO. That taste like soap. (ew.) Straight up tastes like soap. THE LAST BRAND. I have today.. is. The Steez Organic Energy. Ahhh. Comment down below, what energy drinks am I missing? Alright let’s just fast forward to the others, and, yeah let’s try it out. *time lapse with epic background music* I love you, Guava Juice. (omg yas) Alright, this is the very last drink. There you go. And, now all we got to do now is just to mix it ALL up, and make sure all the flavors blend all miraculously. And the, *random words*, it will be all interesting tasting! So, Here we go. Let’s cover this up. *struggles* Pour your energy drink mixture. *laughter* Does it taste like- uh, Probably gonna taste orangy, because it taste like Orange. (little peach) We’re about to find out. *slurp* Ahh, That thing made my mouth water! woah. That was weird. It made my mouth water really bad! *another slurp* woah. That’s weird. My mouth was watering. DON’T EVER TRY THIS! This was an experiment. It doesn’t taste bad. I- I’m gonna say that, It doesn’t taste bad, but doesn’t taste good. It’s just one of those drinks, that it’s in the room with you, you don’t mind drinking it. If there’s something better, you would pick the better. (than this drink) My mouth keeps watering, man! This thing makes your mouth water, for real. *disgusted face* (AHH.) *sigh* *burp* AHH. Alright, I’m gonna do it. This one goes out to you Tommy and Sally. Comment down below, What’s your name? Here we go. *long drink* *disgusted face* K. I’m going to die now. *belch* I’m gonna die. (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) Alright, I’m just kidding. This is the actual one. That comes to show, DO NOT DRINK THIS ENERGY DRINK MIXTURE. Because, you’ll die. I actually put a little bit of Fanta, in this cup right here. So, yeahhhh, DID I GET YA? But, for real tho, this one goes out too you, Tommy. I’M JUST KIDDING! DID I GET YA? Well, honestly, what have we learned today, guys? Energy Drinks are not the best for you! The best source of drink, you can have in your entire life, is WATER. So, for real, this goes out to you, Tommy! (Look at him go, guys.) ooh yas do it do it Okay, that’s enough. I’m gonna drown. Thank you all for watching! Today’s 50 Energy Drinks mixed together. Comment down below, What’s your favorite drink? Soda? What’s your favorite juice? My favorite drink is… you get it… GUAVA JUICE. Alright, STAY JUICY! BYE BYE. *awesome outro music*

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