MKS Gen L – Adding a third extruder for a diamond print head

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Today we’re going to learn how to add a
third extruder most people are going to use it for a diamond printhead so we
have E0 E1 and then we’re going to have E2 which is this stepper extender
port so what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how to set up the
stepper extender first and then I’m going to show you how to wire it this is
the stepper extender port I’m going to show you a couple of landmarks on it
this is the out port for the NEMA 17 stepper motor we then have our ports
that we’re gonna use to connected we have our voltage port this appears to be
possibly mislabeled on the silkscreen because on the website it said that it
can go up to 24 volts but I’m gonna show you only with 12 for safety sake then we
have a ground for it then we have another ground which would be this pin
and then we have our 5 volts power that’s this pin over here we want to
find our stepper and enable which is right here so that we can connect our
stepper and on our stepper we need to find the enable as well and I’ll show
you that in just two seconds okay looking at the bottom of the stepper
driver board we have an enable pin which is right here this what we need to line
up and the second I’ll show you how to mate these two together with the stepper
extender board so just keep in mind that the enable pin is going to be right here okay in order to connect it we gotta
find the enable pin as well as the enable pin on here
line them up apply a little the thumb pressure and in a second I’ll show you
how to wire it to the Gen L board by MKS okay before we wire it up I just want to
tell you what auxilary 2 is this is our ground pin this is our 5 volt pin this
is our D63 or digital pin 63 this is our digital pin 40 the start digital pin
42 and thus our digital pin 65 then we have our digital pin 59 our digital pin
64 our digital pin 44 and our digital pins 66 so to start what we’re going to
do is we’re going to connect the 12 volt connection right here then we’re gonna
connect the 12 volts on the board then we’re gonna connect the ground for the
12 volts which is the next pin over and we’re gonna connect the ground on the
board which is the pin to the right of the 12 volt pin next we’re gonna connect
the ground pin the board which is the top pin of auxiliary two and we’re finally
gonna attach the 5 volt pin to the pin just underneath the ground then we have
our three pins here we have an enable we have direction and we have step so we’re
gonna start with an enable we’re gonna connect to the top pin to the right of
the ground pin which is pin 63 then we’re gonna do the digital pin or
excuse me the direction pin and that’s gonna be to the right of the enable pin
which is pin 40 and then finally we have our step pin which is
going to be to the right of 40 and that’s gonna be 42 and in the moment
I’ll show you how to connect the USB and then load the firmware okay in order to
program we got to connect the big end of the USB over here and the small end over
on the computer keep in mind you don’t want to touch the board now that it’s
been energized with 5 volts and a second I’ll show you how to set up the
Marlin firmware. Okay we’re gonna 1.1.8 then Marlin sub-folder we’re then gonna search on
pins we’re gonna scroll down to where it says MKS Gen L.H for the file open that
up we’re then going to comment out this section right here because we have more
than two and as you can see down below it says, ‘include “pins_RAMPS.h”‘,
that’s why the architecture is the same as it’s a, “RAMPS.h”, so now we’re
gonna save this and close we’re gonna find the pins for the ramps underscore here we go I’m sorry, “pins_RAMPS.h”,
open that up we’re then going to scroll down to the
extruders right now we have E0 and E1 that would be extruder one and two so
we’re going to add a third by copying E1 we’re going to paste that we’re then
going to change II won to E2 for these we’re then going to comment out the chip
select for each one of these cases even the x y&z the reason is because we’re
sharing pins that we don’t want to share and then what we want to do is we want
to modify step so this is connected to pin 42 so we’re gonna put 42 in there
then direction is connected to pin 40 or D40 as they’d like to say it stands for
digital pin 40 and then 63 for enable we’re gonna save this file we’re then
going to close it then we’re gonna search on Marlin and look for, “Marlin.Ino”
and open that up okay we’re gonna select the, “configuration.h”, tab we’re gonna do a search on, “extruder”, then going to find this line right here it says defined
extruders 1 we’re going to change that to a 3 then we’re going to uncomment
single nozzle because we’re using a diamond printhead we’re gonna uncomment tha and. check our ports right now we have port 3 selected we
also have the Arduino MEGA 2560 selected so we’re just going to compile and
upload in a moment I’ll show you how to set up the remainder of the board and
test it okay to set it up first we have to
disconnect the USB here from the board next we’re going to take the power cord
that would go to the motor this is the connector we’re going to connect it into
the stepper we’re then going to connect the other end into the stepper extender
board we’re then going to reconnect the other end of the USB after we connect
the power supply to the board so there should be no power in the circuit so
first we had to find the power port which is over here I’m not going to show
you in the video how to connect it that’ll be a future video and the moment
I’ll show you how to plug it in and then test it in pronterface
okay we’re gonna connect it to the computer for the USB keep in mind that
once you plug it in don’t touch this area as it’s energized same thing with
this this is even more important we’re gonna plug this into the wall okay now
it’s energized so all this area is off-limits in a moment I’ll show you in
Pronterface how we’re gonna test it okay we’re in the pronterface folder we’re
gonna open up pronterface as you can see we don’t have an option for the more
than one extruder we just have one rent at the moment so we’re gonna click on
settings options down here where it says extruder count we’re gonna say not one
but three we’re gonna say okay we’re then gonna close it we’re gonna reopen
it and now we have a drop down option here so we’re gonna connect to the
printer board we’re then going to say “M302 P0”, that’s for the thermistor and
we’re going to set it to, “S0”, this sets the temperature is zero so we can
actually move the steppers so first thing we’re going to do is we’re going
to move extruder zero so I’m going to press extrude and see if it works which
it does next I’m going to do extruder one which would we would call extruder
two and we’re going to extrude again and that works now we’re going to go to
extruder 3 which is two in our drop down and extrude again so if you liked my video please press
the like button and subscribe and thank you for your time

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