Money Interventions: The Mom Who Shopped Her Family Broke | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN


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100 thoughts on “Money Interventions: The Mom Who Shopped Her Family Broke | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN”

  1. Sister Lala says:

    Someone tell this lady to stfu, she’s rude asf

  2. Cinnamon Girl says:

    the tumor on the optic nerve in the eye is serious, her daughter could go blind in that eye if it is not monitored. Damage to the optic nerve cannot be reversed.

  3. Carolyn Van Hosen says:

    Narcissist, flaming 🥵🔥freaking narcissist. And so is the mother of 6. Orman is an arrogant, pontificating fraud.
    Meanwhile, mommy's body language & duper's delight smile shows Z.E.R.O. remorse! The kids barely have stuff (not that kids need tons of crap) and no medical coverage 😲😖 Mommy Vain, self-gratifying to the core, $pend$ on herself 🤮

  4. 50&Holding Cee says:

    who in the does Susan think she is? she makes money from people in debt, by selling her books..none of her business, if you go to your families..Susan and oprah sitting there preaching when they are sitting on pile of gold, dare you two, you are making money as this couple is shamed..

  5. T MO says:

    They're poor! Financially and spiritually. God bless….

  6. Tye Blk says:

    12:10 my husband doesnt make enuff money while. Noooo ur just spending it All homie

  7. Spero says:


  8. Mike Doyle says:

    Selfish and entitled all through life. Knows she is wrong and will do it again tomorrow.

  9. Amanda Lyles says:

    I wondered what happened to this family

  10. Honshu Wolf says:

    I'm definitely convinced that blondes are very stupid. It's not a stereotype at all more like scientifically proven. And those who say it's a mental illness don't have a degree in Psychology, besides this has nothing to do with said mental illness. Lol

  11. Chelsea Bramham says:

    This woman is a nutty nightmare wow but she's right though…

  12. Hyper Hypnosis says:

    Getting rid of the kids clothes every few months and causing them embarrassment is abusive behaviour from a mother. She has mental health issues..needs to get help.

  13. Jake Dean says:

    Being just a mom isn't for her. She should have a part time job so she can feel some satisfaction and achievements.

  14. Jake Dean says:

    With that income you should be able to buy an OK car outright, not on some kind of payment plan. They also don't need three cars.

  15. Rose Gail Peirson says:

    The wrong woman can ruin your life.


    lol.. she already left her husband in debt nd married another guy and appeared in Paternity court already

  17. eloise634 says:

    Only 5-6k a month and spends like she's earning 50k a month?! Delusional…this is why vetting credit card users are a MUST.

  18. FrontPorchRockingChair says:

    Who is she trying to impress? She strikes me as a completely empty shell of a person. NPD, perhaps?

  19. April Flowers says:

    I bet the husband wishes he considered her personality instead of just her looks before he married her.

  20. mata hari says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her . And i dont see her tears she is there with hope to get some cash 💰

  21. Ribbons & Bows says:

    The thing that spoiled this episode for me, even before she came on, was Suze Orman. Why does Oprah still have her on the show when Suze was investigated & it came out that she is NOT qualified to give anyone financial advice & is basically just a good talker & plagiarizes other financial expert's work. She also has other financial experts do all the calculations which she throws at folk with her fingers pointing at them as if it was Suze who worked it all out. She normally reams people she deals with but Ms Felice up there imho was cut too much slack. Her parents brought her up to be a spoiled brat & the poor husband who works his tail off & gets no manicures, pedicures or (dreadful) extensions just so that SHE can look "cute" just appears to be devastated. In fact (apart from Suze, who belongs in a jail cell for the stunts she pulled with her pre-approved credit card). I loathe Felice. She is just a spoiled narcissistic/ egotist who, despite her protestations regarding loving being a stay-at-home mom, wants to be the "babe on the block". How does Oprah pick these so-called "experts"? First Phil McGraw who, granted, was a jury advisor but Oprah basically set up a man who qualified as a psychologist 7 had a license to practice in Texas & does NOT have a license to give people any kind of medical advice in California & yet, he too has become a multimillionaire thanks to Ms Winfrey. I recommend you look McGraw up on Wikipedia, his life story & business machinations, never mind 2nd wife Robyn, who seems to have had a face transplant, she's had so much plastic surgery & dental work, would make your toes curl. However with Orman, Oprah really created the proverbial monster!!! There's a couple of excellent YouTube videos which explain her scams. One final thing about the tart on the panel. She's a shopping addict but a selfish one at that (I don't care about the buying the kids new clothes each month, she admitted they'd each get a pair of jeans & a couple of tops whereas HER closet was stuffed. However, let's give her credit for one thing, I guess she was an excellent mother as she taught her children two life lessons: BUY, BUY, BUY & LIE, LIE, LIE !!! Apologies for the long comment, this one was just too much (in more ways than one).

  22. Di says:

    Let's do the math on that Starbucks shall we? Two pastries, 5 drinks=$30 x 31 days is closer to $930 per month. THAT IS MADNESS & it's a 401k or a college fund! Judgement & math aside, this is woman hurting & filling that hole with shopping. My heart goes out & I hope she can realize & help herself. SO MUCH debt, especially consumer debt can be tied to an emotional unfulfillment & I really do empathize.

  23. barbara armstrong says:

    She has some deep rotted issue that’s why she have to shop to mask the pain she is really feeling🙏🏿🙏🏿

  24. Anabelle Lopez says:

    “You need to get a million dollar life insurance policy on him” 😂😂😂

  25. canadianperspective says:

    What’s the difference between her and a lowly hooker? None. They have both chosen to lay back and spread their legs instead of working a real job and paying their own way…

  26. James D.H. says:

    She is that wife, that sees her husband, and thinks you should have to pay me to stay with you.

  27. James D.H. says:

    Don't get married.

  28. Crystal Vick says:

    She trying to live like rich people & she's broke 😢 😢 😢

  29. Taca Maca says:

    Husband looks like first class moron, you wanted 5 kids, good looking wife, you better make some money…This is crazy, they can live way better with 2 children, this is abusive, no health insurance, putting children in danger situations… After 5 kids every women will be depressed, this is wild…

  30. Kyle O. says:

    I’d guess they’ve been foreclosed on

  31. Linda Moradmand says:

    It is not just selfishness . She suffers from histrionic personality disorder

  32. Iriskenia Fernandez says:

    Almost a million dollars in debt

  33. Iriskenia Fernandez says:


  34. benbenbing says:

    she started crying the moment Suzy told her to get a job, im DEAD XD

  35. Cathy I Main says:

    Just a spoiled brat 😋 doing what she wants to do

  36. Ebizzill says:

    her hair dont look good anyway

  37. TheLaney says:

    Whoa!😳 They were on an episode of “Paternity Court” and it made things make more sense😳

  38. Mcm says:

    id like to see an update, this is old !

  39. Michael D says:

    Love Suzie Orman

  40. Pamela Leila Rai says:

    Susan Ormand's first piece of advice needed to be, "GET COUNSELLING" for addiction and by the sounds of the husband "I GAVE her responsibility" and "I bought a van"….there is no WE in his language and he sounds abusive…His wife is a trophy. to him.

  41. Dita Rivera says:

    Suze is amazing

  42. justlookalittledeeper k says:

    "I didn't realize I owed $50,000 on credit cards." Really? Just open the damn envelope or go online or an app.

    "My husband doesn't make enough money to pay [the house] off." Sure, guilt the husband and shift some of the blame. The husband can't fix his wife's craziness. But he should do something about the kids' health now that he has the full picture.

  43. maplaneterouge says:

    She seems to be a good person

  44. C lamar says:

    Hair is important, but if you are on a budget…using a wig, clip in extentions, or topper would look almost as nice.

  45. Steph Boyd says:

    This woman is an absolute rocket. She has no grasp at all of how serious her situation is.

  46. Helena Hayes says:

    Intuition tells me that she may be really unhappy in her marriage and is compensating by treating herself. One of my closest friends whose marriage ended did exactly this. A few capsules of fish oil may correct a serotonin imbalance that may be contributing.

  47. Nye says:

    Sad to see the kids without much clothes.

  48. Jen Anderson says:

    I thought Suzy was a scam artist?

  49. PBG says:

    Ain't no way he'd just 43 years old…

  50. Veronica Brown says:

    This lady is sick

  51. From Hellish,to Wellish! says:

    Put that woman to work!

  52. From Hellish,to Wellish! says:

    I don't spend what I can't afford

  53. From Hellish,to Wellish! says:

    I'm glad she's laughing..what a joke

  54. From Hellish,to Wellish! says:

    Who would live there?

  55. From Hellish,to Wellish! says:

    Who buys $900 shoes?
    Even if they have money

  56. Mary Lamb says:

    For one the wife is a liar, a sneak, a fake and a very poor wife and mother. I had a husband like her and it was hell just to talk to them about what they were doing. People like this just don't CARE!

  57. shalom pachuau says:

    the farther the husband run from her the better for him.

  58. jeep girl says:

    Shes nuts! She buys expensive clothes then sells them for a dollar and her son has one shirt, not to mention she spends her money on hair and nail but her kids have never seen a dentist.

  59. H L says:

    I hope I am not the minority. I don’t lie to my husband about my spending and I always ask if he agrees when I want to buy something expensive. I also work full time. I hope we all find a spouse that we can love and trust that he/she will lead you to the right path.

  60. amy w says:

    she needs her identity to be in Jesus Christ.

  61. Linda Xiong says:

    How do they afford this? Husband makes 5k a month? My hubby and I make 10k a month and we live in a 180k house (does not look like hers at all), have only 4 kids, and barely make ends meet after bills/student loans/insurances/food/gas/etc. we have used cars….We shop at Walmart and always bargain deals! And I barely shop….like barley…bc I’m spending money on food and household supplies. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  62. Adriana Cast says:

    I would really like a follow up and see where the family is now!??? I remember when this aired years back.

  63. YANTI_ ANWAR says:

    I have problem with spending too got debt in my cc 8k I pay the cc but I use again in that circle for 2 years decide to stop using my cc and work more days then put half half of my paid after others spend to my saving and cc so when not the pay day yet I need extra money I used my savings instead if I could keep doing it in 1,5 -2 years I can cut off my cc and no need it anymore sick and tired … all my money can go to my saving I can buy whatever I want but more carefull coz I work hard to save and can use the money for more holiday instead. Can’t wait to end of my debt no more credit card in my life make me spending money without thinking at all … that’s my fault I take the responsibility being suffer until the payment end 😫

  64. FAT PICCOLO says:

    not a failure woman just empty inside… u need jesus

  65. FAT PICCOLO says:

    shes like a crack head… but to shopping.

  66. Phfft! Whatever! says:

    $300 or $400 a month on Starbucks…!! I can count the number of times I've bought goodies from STARBUCKS on ONE HAND!!

  67. Soph M says:

    I think we are supposed to feel bad for her but it’s impossible for me to feel it . Even with her tears. She said she can’t do anything right , hey about getting a damn job !

  68. Lauren S. says:

    I get the impression Oprah doesn't exactly like this woman too much. She's being professional and everything, but I can't help reading into the look on her face as "is this woman serious"…

  69. Lia Namirr says:

    why are they posting this again? its like 6 years old.

  70. Sha mu says:

    I am not judging her, shopping 🛍 is an addiction like any other addiction.

  71. Matilda Maher says:

    Even if she is a stay at home mum your duty as a husband must enquire where the the money is been spent.. She put her family in risk.

  72. Robin P says:

    What a mess.

  73. Susan Ardigo says:

    Her courageous confession is a cry for help and its the first step to finding the solution that many if not most people will never do. Everyone has addictions/bad habits it's just to what.

  74. Christopher Last Name says:

    She is blaming her mom her husband every one but her self! It's you your spending just to spend!

  75. WENDY PORTER says:

    Further proof that you can't buy good taste! At least if she's going to spend all that money, get an interior decorator!!! TACKY house, tacky clothes, tacky hair! Good God! Those murals!!!

  76. Kiera H says:

    Isnt that the lady who lied and was a fraud with the prepaid debit card though? Suze orman?

  77. Baby Moon says:

    white womens entitlement

  78. Victoria Gomez says:

    Poor man… and why is she constantly giggeling???

  79. Bluebird Traveller says:

    Reminds me of LisaLisaD1 on YouTube. What a sick, awful addiction and cycle.

  80. Sara Romero says:

    She's hiding things from her husband and instead of relieving pressure from him she's adding more. Worse still, she's teaching her kids to be materialist and ungrateful. Nothing will ever be enough for them, because they are taught that only the best clothes and the biggest house will do. She goes to the salon and spa every day "to relieve stress". What stress??? The kids are at school and she spends her days shopping, drinking lattes and getting pampered. Her husband probably works 70 hours a week; when's the last time he got a massage, a tan, a spa day???

  81. Sara Wilkinson says:

    I assume she doesn't work. She would be less bored and moronic probably if she did.

  82. Maria Boyce says:

    She have a nerve to said she doesn't want to work ,but her poor husband have too, to pay off all her debts. If she had a job she wouldn't have all that wasted time to shop. This is what keeping up appearance does to people with her mentality. It's all about her not her kids or husband . Someone said it's an illness I think she was spoil as a child and bring it into her marriage. I too have a problem with people who wouldn't take responsibility for they actions , but would prefer to blame others for the issues in they lives.

  83. American Ajumma says:

    there's nothing wrong with wanting to get your hair and nails done, you just have to get a part time job while your kids are in school.

  84. LoveFoodDogs says:

    I just started watching and will continue. I pass no opinions – as we all suffer with something. But …I'd rather be a little homely and healthy than broke and in massive debt like this. Medical bills are a very different story..but shopping at Macy's and drinking Starbucks+fake hair, fake nails. No thank you. I will keep my real nails and old stuff and love/want the life I have and be grateful. We all can use a friendly reminder (thanks, Oprah).

  85. S N says:


  86. Hugo L says:

    Chinese proverb says: "The ugly wife is a treasure at home"

  87. Andi Leigh says:

    My mom did that… The whole "hide this from your dad, I don't want him to know we spent the $!"
    It DID mess me up for a while, I was spoiled for sure…
    Not a healthy way to show a kid how to behave.
    BUT, I always had good health insurance, and my mom NEVER went even CLOSE to this level. This woman has serious issues that needs worked on.
    Not healthy at ALL.

  88. J Mead says:

    Suze Orman is really hard to take. Ugh.

  89. Donna Graham says:

    Husbands eyes are a bit psyco…….

  90. Stephanie W. says:

    Sick…is this cheating on your hubby? Starbucks’ snacks for your kids…sugar and carbs…and why five kids? Is there a follow-up? Where was the common sense? And Oprah is right about spirituality! 🙏🏻 I hate having a baby under these circumstances but have one anyways…wow!

  91. Ginger Bee says:

    What a Self Absorbed LOSER she is.. This is What is wrong w our Society… . . 😡😡👎👎👎
    And don't give me the Wah Wah crying story, bcuz a lot of us have sad stories from our childhood, or abusive relationships etc….. I've had my share….There are NO EXCUSES……

  92. lockstam says:

    I remember this episode from years ago. Lady was shopping like crazy.

  93. La ZBend says:

    Get rid of things and stop chasing things for happiness. That's the solution for a truly "rich" life. A life that is free from stress! When you are free from that financial stress, that's when you began to feel true and lasting happiness!

  94. Ginger Bee says:

    Also, she is Smirking while the husband looks like he's about to go Ballistic!! 🤤🤤

  95. Kelly Marie says:

    This woman is a complete leech. She ended up cheating on and divorcing this poor man and marrying the man she was cheating with. Now she claims she lives within her [husband’s] means.

  96. Andie Brit says:

    Holy crap! I feel so good about my situation. One $10,000 loan and our mortgage on a simple house less than $250,000. I don't care what people think of me If I'm not in designer crap. Why keep filling the pockets of the rich with the designer stuff your buying? I can sleep at night and feel good. I wouldn't wish this on anyone – I cannot imagine the stress. He will end up in the hospital for sure just like my Dad and his stress – First quad bypass in his 40s. All from STRESS! I wonder where they are now??

  97. BonecaChinesa says:

    16:08 Level Up: Victimhood Status achieved.

  98. Paula Main says:

    The husband is beyond furious. I expect the marriage is over.

  99. Tina Vestal says:

    Her husband has not been caring for her, is probably addicted to Pornograhy and thinks he's a hero for paying the bills. It takes more than money to nurture a woman's spirit and soul. Looks like a loveless marriage and she's using material things to fill the void.

  100. Tina Vestal says:

    Her husband looks like he has a serious anger and pride problem!

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