Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made In Egypt!


From alien sarcophagi to an Ancient Egyptian
light bulb, here are 10 mysterious things found in Egypt that no-one can explain… 10. Mystery Heads Finding disembodied heads underground in an
Ancient Egyptian tomb sounds like something from a horror movie. But don’t worry, they’re not real heads. As for what they were doing there, the jury’s
still out. The heads are a bit of a mystery to this day. The first examples were discovered in 1894
and since then, over 30 have been located. They were nicknamed ‘reserve heads’ because…
well, they looked like a bunch of spare heads! One theory is that they were used to replace
a noggin if a tomb was broken into and plundered. Some of them appear to have been deliberately
damaged. At first archaeologists were puzzled by missing
ears and long scratches, but it’s thought these are signs they’re old production molds. Seems the Egyptians liked to make heads in
bulk, just in case!! Pretty weird, huh? 9. The Giza Void It’s amazing how even the oldest landmarks
can still surprise you. In 2017 experts were very surprised when examining
the legendary Great Pyramid of Giza on the West Bank of the Nile. As you may know, but just in case you don’t
this ancient wonder of the world was built for Pharaoh Khufu and is the largest one of
3. It’s 4,500 years old and 146.7 meters (481
ft) high. Now scientists knew there were things inside
the pyramids. Rooms and burial chambers have been located,
but nothing had been noticed in the Great Pyramid for well over a century. That all changed when an undiscovered space
cropped up during an inspection. The inspection was performed from outside
the pyramid using what’s called muon radiography, combined with thermal imaging. The new “room” is over 30 m (100 ft) long
and was spotted above a corridor inside the structure known as the Grand Gallery. It’s been referred to as a “void” and
it’s unclear what it is exactly. Experts are banking on robots to get in there
with cameras but these are still being built. So stay tuned, I’m sure we will be hearing
something about it soon!! 8. Kites Mysterious lines in the Egyptian deserts have
been seen from the air for around a century. Everyone was wondering what they were! It turns out, they’re made up of little
stone walls, not very high at all, in a kite-style formation. Some of them are as long as 40 miles. Even more mysterious was the fact that they
lead toward a pit in the sand. As you can imagine, the sightings were the
subject of much speculation! At first people thought they might be evidence
of an alien civilization. Or evidence of the Egyptians trying to communicate
with someone in the sky!! However by focusing on 16 of these “kites”
in the Sinai Desert in Egypt, experts believe they have the clearest explanation yet of
what the lines might be. It’s pretty grim to be honest. The 2,000 year old walls were studied by a
team from Ben-Gurion University in Israel. They concluded the kites were used for hunting,
corralling animals such as gazelle and ibexes. The kites guided the unfortunate creatures
toward the pit, where they would be slaughtered. History is cruel, and very efficient. And now for number 7, but first be sure to
subscribe and that your notification bell is on so you dont miss out on the latest videos!! 7. King Tut’s Mummy One of the great mysteries of Ancient Egypt
is the circumstances surrounding the death of Tutankhamun. Howard Carter found his legendary tomb in
1922 and made him a historical superstar. What’s maybe not as well known is that King
Tut died very young, while in his teens. As ever with archaeology, experts have to
wait for technology to catch up before they can make a judgment. The body has been through x-rays in the 1960s
and a CT scan earlier this century. Through this analysis certain facts are known
about Tut’s demise, such as missing bones, and former injuries, yet a definitive explanation
as to how he died remains a secret. This year British researchers took a fresh
look at the King’s remains and came to a startling conclusion. According to them the body showed possible
signs of being burned! This was down to a ceremonial layer of resin
and oil that was poured onto Tut as part of preparations for the next world. This process is highly flammable and apparently
Tut had caught fire inside the sarcophagus. The announcement has been criticized in some
quarters, with some arguing if a fire had happened there’d be more evidence of it. Generally people believe the young ruler suffered
a fatal trauma, said to be caused by anything from a chariot crash to a rampaging hippo! One thing we do know about his death… it
certainly wasn’t boring. 6. Black Boxes If you thought the Great Pyramid of Giza sounded
mysterious, wait till you hear about what was found in Memphis! In a cave network 12 miles away from Giza,
24 big black boxes were found. They weigh 100 tons each and are so unusual
that some believe them to be alien artefacts! That’s probably a little far-fetched so
let’s look at the actual evidence. The caves are actually part of a sacred temple
that was located by French archaeologist Auguste Mariette in 1850. The name for the site is the ‘Serapeum of
Saqqara’, or burial ground, and it’s over 3,000 years old. It was built on the orders of Pharaoh Ramesses
II. The first part of the name, Serapeum, refers
to Serapis the deity. Serapis was often depicted as a man with a
dog. But this dog was no ordinary canine because
it had 3 heads! It’s more likely that instead of being left
behind by ETs the black boxes are sarcophagi. But what’s inside them?? The answer you’ll be surprised to hear is
a load of old bull… quite literally. You see animals were worshipped in Ancient
Egypt, so it’s thought the boxes contain the remains of mummified Apis bulls. It’s all starting to make sense… 5. Lost Labyrinth In the vicinity of the Middle Egyptian city
of Faiyum, 100 km (62 miles) southwest of Cairo, there is an area known as Faiyum Oasis. Supposedly, there lies what’s left of one
of the most immense and talked-about structures of Ancient Egypt… the mysterious Lost Labyrinth. I say “supposedly” because up to now it
hasn’t been proved. Faiyum used to be called by another name,
Crocodilopolis, which came from the Greeks. And in case you’re wondering, yes that does
have something to do with crocodiles! In fact a crocodile was regularly worshipped
there but that’s for another video… The Labyrinth has been described by ancient
writers such as Herodotus, who talked about a huge temple-like structure with a stone
slab roof. Inside were 3,000 chambers… 3,000!…half of which were above ground and
half below. The underground chambers were reportedly accessed
via a pyramid, but Herodotus didn’t go down there. It’s thought to have been a tribute to a
group called the 12 Kings. The description of 12 courts seems to back
this up. The Labyrinth is categorized as lost but many
believe it was found in the 19th century. In 1889 a stone plateau was discovered in
the Faiyum Oasis. Some reckon it’s the foundations of the
Labyrinth, whereas others think it’s the roof. When the stone was scanned in later years
there appeared to be a labyrinth-type network below. So this is the Labyrinth, right? Could be – thing is, authorities are preventing
any further exploration, fuelling enough intrigue for a whole Pharaoh’s dynasty…! The truth is out there… or down there? 4. That’s a Wrap Though people don’t know a lot about Ancient
Egypt, there are certain things everybody knows about, hopefully. Egypt is famous for its pyramids and also
the mummies. Examples have been found of mummies that don’t
look the way you’d expect. Take this one in the Louvre museum in Paris. It’s an exhibit in the long-established
Department of Egyptian Antiquities, which is made up of an impressive 30 rooms showcasing
all manner of finds. Believed to be male and middle class, the
figure apparently dates from 305 BC – 30 BC, otherwise known as the Ptolemaic period. Check out the head. It’s wrapped in a geometric square pattern,
which is not what you expect from a mummy. He makes the others look kinda boring by comparison,
right? He also has an apron round his legs and a
religious casing on his feet. We owe modern interest in Egyptology to an
unlikely source… Napoleon. His campaign in Egypt during the late 18th
century brought in experts to examine the relics of the past, sparking something called
“Egyptomania”. This led to major displays like the one we
see in the Louvre. And of course, the British Museum. Another great example is the Liber Linteus
in the Archaeological Museum of Zagreb, Croatia. ‘Liber Linteus’ translates as ‘Linen
Book’ and refers to the wrappings which were rather unceremoniously removed when the
mummy was bought as a kind of talking point for visitors. In the Victorian era you could purchase mummies
from who knows where and have unwrapping parties. So in this case a man bought a mummy and put
her in the corner of his sitting room. That’ll put dinner guests off their food
right there. The wrapping wasn’t properly studied till
years later, when it was found to contain words from the ancient Etruscan language. Eventually it was discovered to be a book
of rituals, though why it was being recycled as mummy wrap is still unknown…! 3. The Dendera Light While we believe the light bulb is a relatively
modern invention, some commentators would dispute this. In fact they’d go so far as to say the Ancient
Egyptians had access to a power source that gave them things like electric light way before
it was officially invented! The thinking behind this lies in The Dendera
Light, a stone relief found at the Temple of Hathor. The Temple is part of a complex in Dendera,
a small town on the West Bank of the Nile. If you look at the Dendera Light you’ll
see a couple of Egyptian men and what looks like a giant baseball bat with a snake inside
it. This is not a baseball bat, but according
to some it looks like a modern day lamp! Some basic research shows that this isn’t
what it appears to be. The official explanation is this depicts the
rising sun. The lamp is actually a lotus flower and the
snake is Semataui, who was a snake god. Semataui is supposed to represent the sun. As for the bulb – or bat! – shape, this is
probably intended to be what’s called the womb of Nut. Nut was a sky goddess, so if you put these
elements together it seems less and less likely we’re checking out a source of electricity
here. Having said that, no-one knows for sure what
it is and it could mean something else entirely. Maybe this is an Ancient Egyptian baseball
game, with them coming up with the sport we know and love thousands of years earlier. I mean, it does still kind of look like a
bat! 2.Exploding Pyramid So I just mentioned a possible power supply
in ancient Egypt. But what if I told you about
another theory on this subject that takes place on a MUCH bigger scale? It all revolves around that classic image
we associate with the time… a pyramid. The Egyptians are famous for their pyramids
but so are many other cultures from around the world, especially in central and south
America. It seem to be a common, human experience unless
you talk to someone wearing a tinfoil hat! For some people it’s a bit of a coincidence
that advanced ancient civilizations would use the same design… Many have seized on this to mean all the pyramids
had a higher purpose, namely conducting a vast energy and using it for… well, who
knows what? Powering an electric light I guess. I mean I have no idea! An example that shows maybe there was an overload
of sorts is the ruined, or ‘lost pyramid’ at Abu Rawash in Egypt. It appears that 12,000 years ago, the Abu
Rawash pyramid stood at over 213 m (700 ft), making it taller than the Great Pyramid of
Giza! That’s if you believe it was actually finished. Archaeologists think they just never completed
the work, whereas others see it as the scene of devastation following an explosion. Some people propose that this pyramid was
conducting energy but it got a bit out of control and exploded!! It’s a timely reminder to always check the
amps before you plug in those lamps. 1. The Building of the Pyramids I know, we’ve talked a lot about pyramids
but this is a video about Ancient Egypt! What did you expect? After many, many years, the question still
is, how did the pyramids get built in the first place? The construction of these mighty structures
is a matter of ongoing debate between pros and amateurs alike. They’re made of enormous blocks of stone. How did the Egyptians move them, and more
importantly how did they manage to lift them to form the pyramid shape in the first place? Part of the puzzle may have been solved by
a physics team based at the University of Amsterdam in 2014. The experts think an old painting from around
1900 BC holds the answer, appearing to show the desert sand getting wetted down before
objects are dragged along on a sledge by nearly 200 men. Told you those stones were heavy! Wet sand naturally brings down friction making
pyramid building a snap. Well not a snap exactly. The thing that would snap is your back if
you tried to lift one of those stones…But it could explain how they were able to work
on these ancient wonders!! Thanks for watching! Were you surprised by any of these?? Let us all know in the comments. Be sure to subscribe and see you soon!

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    Interesting topics!! But I see you have bought into and just regurgitate what mainstream science wants everyone to believe. The facts are way bigger than what we have been taught! Civilization as we know it is 10’s of if not 100’s of thousands of years old. The pyramids for instance predate the ancient Egyptians, THEY DID NOT BUILD THEM!! They more than likely were inherited them for a previous people that were 5-10 thousand years old than they. The Sumerians were the same way, they had structures and knowledge handed down to them as well from another people. Stop pushing mainstream agendas!! They have only uncovered 30% percent of the ancient world, the rest is still buried in the sand. There are all kinds of ancient cities that have been discovered in the last 10-15 years that predate Sumerians and Egyptians as we know them!!

  94. Brandy Heinz says:

    I took my subscription back and I unsubscribed.
    “origins Explained”
    Have some PRIDE in your work or don’t do it at all and DON’T WAIST OUR TIME!!!
    Click bait BS

  95. Ray West says:

    Lots & lots & lots of misinformation here. Thumbs down.

  96. Wesley Kenyon says:

    I'm always amazed by the fact that so much history, science, and religion mirror exactly whats been forced to the public through this magical wonder that spreads darkness through the use of light penetrating and influencing even those who were once protected by the light. This magical device that was given to us through technology given to mankind through the fallen ones is now completely controlled in its content by the descendants of the Israelite's. The magical wonder that serves us all to better serve the god of this world is known as the TV or as I call it Satan's Dark Light that penetrates directly into one's soul.

  97. vaLdkiD vengAnZa says:


  98. Sal Player says:

    why the title is not top 10

  99. Moises Avalos says:

    😡se parecen las momias de guanajuato que fui a ver

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