Mx. Elijah Fixes David’s Ill-Fitting Suit | David Makes Man | Oprah Winfrey Network

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Put it on. [upbeat music] -So handsome, my man! -[laughing] [laughing] Is them short pants or long shorts? JG, stop actin’ like you ain’t never seen a man in a suit. You look like Ms. Elijah in capris! -It don’t fit. -You must acquit! Do you even know what that means? Sit your lil’ behind down, I ain’t done with you. So glad that TV gone. Ma, these are too short! What do you mean? That’s the style. I can’t wear this. I paid good money for that suit. You’re gonna wear it at least once. I don’t know why you so upset, you look good. Go ask a girl out right now with them pants on, I bet you she say yes. -JG, I’ma… -Go on, go. -Right now, really? -You’ll thank me. -You love me? -Of course. Please don’t make me do this. -Boy! -[JG laughing] Anyone would be lucky to have you. One second. [JG] Yo Dai, I’ma need my pants back. [laughing] Put this on. [JG] Oh, my God. Don’t come back ’til you got a date. [JG laughing] [soft music] Hey Tare, I think we’d look great together if we went to the dance… together. [Censored.] -[Ms. Elijah] David? Is that you down there with all that mouth? Sorry, Mx Elijah. And what is going on with that bottom half? My mama said that’s the style. Child, bless Gloria, You know that girl tried to get me to wear an Armani suit to the MET Gala. [scoffs] No, ma’am, come on. Now remember when you ask a woman out, you gotta be graceful, poised. You tryna rip my favorite pants? They all your favorite pants. It’s hot! It is a cloth that does not breathe. Like I was saying, you gotta walk on air. Like Prince, lithe is sexy. I mean it, David, I know what I’m talking about.

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    Great scene with great actors

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