NASA Spacecraft Discovers New Magnetic Process in Turbulent Space


Throughout the universe there are forces fundamental to how things move. Just as gravity is key to how things move on Earth, a process called magnetic reconnection is key to how charged particles speed through space. The more we understand how those particles are accelerated, the better we can protect our spacecraft and astronauts as we explore deeper into the solar system. And now, NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft, or MMS, has discovered magnetic reconnection occurring in a new and surprising way near Earth. Typically, images of our planet from space show a blue-green sphere engulfed by the darkness of space. But — invisible to the eye — a vast network of magnetic energy and particles surround our planet. Earth’s magnetic field creates a protective bubble that shields us from highly energetic particles that stream in both from the Sun and interstellar space. As this solar wind bathes our planet, Earth’s magnetic field lines absorbs this energy and get stretched. And like elastic bands they eventually release energy by snapping. As a result, particles in the region are flung at supersonic speeds. That burst of energy is magnetic reconnection. It’s pervasive in the universe – it happens on the Sun, around Earth, and flings particles across the solar system. Scientists have observed this phenomenon many times in the magnetosphere, Earth’s vast magnetic environment. Now, in a new study, MMS caught the process occurring in a new region. For the first time, magnetic reconnection was detected in the turbulent magnetosheath – the boundary between the magnetosphere and solar wind. This region is made up of turbulent plasma. It’s one of the most chaotic regions in the near-Earth space. MMS captured 3-D observations by flying four identical spacecraft in a tight pyramid formation through the magnetosheath. These arrows show the hundreds of observations MMS took to measure the changes in particles and the magnetic field. This is the moment MMS sees bursts of energy from magnetic reconnection. But these signatures don’t look like standard reconnection. Compared to standard reconnection that occurs over tens of thousands of miles, this new magnetic reconnection spans only a couple of miles within turbulent plasma. These reactions are essentially much smaller but more stretchy elastic bands that accelerate particles 40 times faster. In short, MMS spotted a completely new magnetic mechanism that’s much quicker than what we’ve seen before. Just like when you mix milk into coffee, turbulent plasma in space moves randomly and creates vortices. It can transport particles and energy, but a lot is unknown about how these particles move through these regions. Showing that this new magnetic reconnection plays a role in turbulent plasma gives scientists insights into how turbulence influences particles moving through space. By looking at such fundamental processes in space at both large and small scales, scientists can learn what drives the complex environment we travel through to explore our solar system and beyond.

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100 thoughts on “NASA Spacecraft Discovers New Magnetic Process in Turbulent Space”

  1. Nicholas Wilkowski says:

    Very interesting, can you upload the audio on sound cloud, 144p is too much for my internet. My next question is how do fluxuations in the magnetic field affect our climate (specifically global temperatures). I really want to study that sometime

  2. Nicholas Wilkowski says:

    That makes sense due to the chaotic fluid of charged particles. These charged particles are clearly moving, which means they generate a magnetic field. Now you have a large mass/ quantities of these moving at fast (relative) speeds. Pretty cool stuff.

  3. John Johansen says:

    1:11 What's supersonic speed in outer space?

  4. victorarnault says:

    My god, these computer graphics are awesome!

  5. OrphanPaper says:

    ,,,,,,,,M Faraday's complex polarization of the dialectic continuous compensating practicals its a credit to them from Guilbert to Faraday

  6. Tavussatwaossi says:

    At 1:10 you say that particles are "flung at supersonic speeds". Is the reference to sound velocity adequate for phenomena occurring in the empty space ? What is an order of magnitude of such a velocity ?


    but without gravity out univers

  8. Balcky George says:

    finaly 🙂

  9. Jim Myers says:

    No such thing as "magnetic reconnection". But, you are getting closer to realizing the very real effects of an electric universe. Keep trying. You can do it.

  10. Terry Bohannon says:

    It is difficult to teach so well in such a short time. They've released a video that isn't an insult to our intelligence.

  11. Robert Payne says:

    I'm sure it was called "recombination" rather than "reconnection" when I learned about this.

  12. tigeruby says:

    it would be nice if this video used kilometers instead of miles

  13. Юрі Пачковський says:

    How about Pluto?

  14. The HoSS says:

    Perhaps it is a double layer?

  15. GKQuestionBank says:

    Got this research very useful in aerospace study.

  16. kers jous says:

    That last bit of animation (zooming out from "solar system") doesn't belong on science channel.

  17. Scott Mana says:

    It turns out that electromagnetic activity is so dominant it will force a new universal physics model. Magnetic reconnection was an effort to stop this from happening by patching the old model.

  18. Łukasz Łagosz says:

    What about the magnetosphere of the sun?

  19. peter lang says:

    You can make electric power from these earth sun electrical interactions long length conductors take in this energy as geomagnetic currents

  20. johan smit says:

    somebody should tell nasa magnetism results from the flow of electrical current

  21. Bicentennial Nagger says:

    No need to explore or do research…
    The YouTube "physicists" in this comment section have it all figured out, apparently.
    (Dunning-Kruger Effect running rampant)

  22. lmwrt says:

    Electric Universe is gaining evidence before our very eyes, so, mainstream scientists and academia better get in pace. And it's way of scaling both up and down is what makes our universe alive. Eyes open.

  23. fung whyou says:

    Multiple vids

  24. Dhobbs says:

    1:10 "as a result, particles in the region are flung at supersonic speeds"
    Why are we measuring stuff in terms of sound when we're talking about electromagnetic radiation?? I mean I guess it's technically right, but that just seems a little like measuring a marathon in millimetres. I'm probably just missing something

  25. plezx29 says:

    If this is true, can we at least see the real thing rather than animations?

  26. Said B says:

    What's next? "Space miles"? 🤦‍♂️

  27. artkiko says:

    it would've been nice if the spacecraft had taken a few plain old photographs of earth while up there. but no, never any actual images of earth from space, only composites and artist's renderings.

  28. thomasfholland says:

    Excellent presentation of these new findings.

  29. Idylchatter says:

    Why don't you let an electrical engineer explain magnetic reconnection to you.

  30. Woodrow Wiest says:


  31. Andrew Hallin says:

    I see a clue of how all the water got here. Dusty snowball comets are out. Turn back the clock and take what we know. Hydrogen coming from the sun, oxygen ejected into space from impacts and now the energy needed to fuse it into water. Now how would it condense and fall back to Earth? Has anyone checked orbital space for H2O molecules? Maybe I'm just crazy.

  32. Sisters of Isis says:

    The new science resembles the ancient Alchemy.

  33. Duane Degn says:

    I thought these reconnection events required a physical medium for the fields to follow. Are there enough of these particles to form continuous bands?

    I thought I was understanding how this worked on the sun but the sun has lots of physical material to use as bands.

    I'm not really expecting an answer, just voicing some of my frustration of trying to figure out how all this works.

    Thanks for the interesting video NASA Goddard.

  34. Johnnie Charlton says:

    No. The worlds ground positioning system has been established from the late 1800s.

  35. onehit pick says:

    Oh great… the electric universe guys are going to go crazy with this, again, pointing out how they knew it all along and how in the dark mainstream is/has been. Until know, the tightness and level of this energy has been completely unseen — "dark" almost. We would need to add this to our models and rework them, but first we need to know what it looks like in more than just one point in outer space.

  36. Shenaz Treasurywala 風扇 says:

    What is this 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  37. Ruben Santos says:

    i love it when people don't have a clue about what they "believe" and then go rampanging on "no, the theory i believe more is the one that is correct" "no no no, it is impossible for that theory to exist because mine is better" you all look like the superstitious folk that constantly battle over something that they do not see or prove or even know about! we know so little about the universe and yet you all act like you have been everywhere on it

  38. andrew lines says:

    So many people with so much to lose.

  39. Courtney Space says:

    The fields are more extended than that. It actually creates sort of an interconnected design throughout the universe. Now the point where the chaos comes is at the point of crossing or X once two or more waves cross into each other and merge they create 0 point which is the point of chaos and in that point is a burst of energy that goes in all directions but the highest string of gravitational force of plasma goes in the opposite direction of X. The universe on a energetic level kinda looks like the neuropathways of the mind. Pretty neat stuff.

  40. tuusnullorum says:

    Could it be going faster because you flew something metal through it?

  41. Justin Carnes says:

    And use those particles to generate energy

  42. NoLeads Ent. says:

    they take the credit of others like its nothing.
    next, they'll say the Falcon 9 is there's too.
    welcome back to science NASA

  43. newyorker says:

    Gravity? I thought it was space-time bending due to earth mass.

  44. DR.NEGA says:

    same happening through naked eye on gas giants see the effect with gas, and particule charge you can hear it through mic to what gas giant sound like

  45. Roka S says:

    magnetic reconnection ?????????????????????????????

  46. Mousedit says:

    It would seem to me that positing 'energy transfer' via (imaginary) magnetic field lines through a turbulent ionized plasma is a very convoluted way of saying you have detected electrical current flow in space. Just sayin'.

  47. Science Compliance says:

    Uhh… supersonic?! Through what medium?

  48. goosecouple says:

    Modern people feel amazed by the ancient people's creation of the Pyramids in Egypt; but they refused to be amazed by the creator of the universe.

  49. John Graboski says:


  50. KEN SOLCH says:


  51. Alset Alokin says:

    Youtube~"Birkeland currents and our Electric solar system | Space News"

  52. Peter Houle says:

    an MMS is yet another thing NASA has sent that I never will.

  53. liukang85 says:

    1:30 it's a roach!

  54. fatarsemonkey says:

    But there really isn't any lines, they are just like topographical contour lines on a map, they are just for image sake to give incremental information like elevation. There isn't really any lines connecting or reconnecting, that is just someones imagination.

  55. DAC087 says:

    Mind blown

  56. cat willow says:

    Could this be causing trumpet noises?

  57. kroos giro says:

    Fake news

  58. Tsar says:

    Same scientists that said EATING MEAT REDUCES UR LIFE BY 10YRS right???? that said eating steak causes cancer too

  59. su do says:

    The curve is a lie

  60. Atlas WalkedAway says:

    Potential source for the "oh my god particle"?

  61. James Crouch says:

    Naturally adds a shield layer deflecting rays.

  62. wisedupearly says:

    Magnetic reconnection.
    Impulse force needed for deep space exploration?

  63. Hank S says:

    Chaos theory at work.

  64. Sam says:

    Maybe this is why earth will stop spinning.

  65. Jacques Gunville says:

    It would be interesting to see what is the relation or the reaction between magnetic waves created by the sun or all the suns and the gravitational waves that flow in the cosmos if any. Just curious.

  66. Steven R. says:

    Turbulent Plasma = Turbulent Juice???

  67. Maxime Pivot says:

    This is a Zero point energy field…

  68. sébastien marion says:

    could it be a way to connect the quantum theory with relativity theory?

  69. Truth Matters says:

    Why don't you go back to hte moon? You claim you did several tiesm 50 years ago. Why is it so difficult for you to do now?

  70. C Khour says:

    Now humans are on a path to new frontiers. Congratulations.

  71. Average Aaron says:

    HEH HEH……


  72. Taylor Hayden says:

    Absolutely incredible.

  73. gloc9 says:

    The earth is flat no gravity

  74. Lee Dhio says:


  75. MBO Pineappleman says:

    Gotta love that CGI 😑

  76. Shawn Bechard says:

    I wonder if our consciousness reconnects after death.

  77. Ahmath Zayan Ban Sicarii says:

    What a joke

  78. Pauldanne Lachica says:

    👍 nice. Earth shield

  79. Amanda Osvaldo says:

    Crazy °.°

  80. byGDur says:


  81. Morag MacGregor says:

    I’m psyched

  82. André Nadeau says:

    The MMS program is about how discover the hidden dimensionnal portals !

  83. Kryo Stazis says:

    they should use it to propell a spaceship fast through space
    create a manetic repulsor engine

  84. Kryo Stazis says:

    finding a force means using a force

  85. 8 Pelagic says:

    Stunning graphics and narrative explanation. Especially the vector graphs.

  86. Demon Drummer says:

    Isnt that obvious though?

    I really like how you took the new satellite idea to a top down view. The girls voice, (correct me if I am wrong, in this video) is the same girl that discovered / split the Australian array into two seperate fields to view earths flux tubes ya? Bravo to her btw- I friggin love helio-physics–

    What I dont understand is that youre not mentioning particle alignment vs forces vs atomic distribution as Thats what mixes the coffee right?

    Its like you didn't go into detail on that. Which was disappointing :/

    We should use a wider satelite field to record the earths entire magnetic field / structure on a live feed soon-

    Something tells me that would help map core dynamo locations greatly aiding us in the fields of seismology-

    All my love-


  87. Demon Drummer says:

    Do earths flux tubes convey within the planet?

    If so when using the Australian arrays split fields have you timed the conveyor speed by taking sequenced / timed snapshots of the earths flux tubes?

    &, Do the flux tubes 'accelerate' when they are bombarded by solar radiation?

    Have you attempted live recordings of the earths flux tubes from satellites yet?

    Or is this new magnetic soup mesh blocking it (hence the discovery)?

    Noise sorry-

  88. JAVIER JAVIER says:

    JAJAJAJAJ !!!! ALL CGI !!!

  89. Robert Spar says:

    Science seems to be slowly showing us that Newton was right all along, there is an Energy Ether.
    So we only wasted 300 years!

  90. Bush Bob says:

    Magnetism has always been magical for me, I wish we knew what it really was?

  91. claire england says:

    Images of our planet from space! Can Nasa not afford to purchase a camera and take a photograph please. I cannot find a picture of Earth, they are all photoshopped or CGI. Can someone explain why when NASA have a Rover on Mars that they are not able to take a photograph of the planet we live on?

  92. don findlay says:

    Nice visuals, but fails on the audiosonics. Couldn't they turn the background <swear> noise down a bit so the diction might be better heard.

  93. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    So sad…..NASA left behind in the mist of Einstein……..Alfven, Kirkland, Velikovsky and Tesla knew all this for over a 100 years but NASA needed to take all the money tommy there sheep scientists…..Its all falling apart but they will lie and say they are knew all along that electricity is what makes the Universe work and everything else….its that simple but NASA have to keep lying…..

  94. K Sullysvan says:

    Wow, if you treat Earth as an eye, it looks alot like how our eyes perceive light 😮

  95. Stefanie Daniella says:

    our cosmos is plasmic + electromagnetic … electric currents are everywhere … electromagnetic forces dominate all motion (cosmic scale + subatomic macro/micro scale) … zpe = high-order complex quantum driver which sustains both ordered matter and energy and energy-matter processes

  96. TONY PIM says:


  97. TONY PIM says:


  98. TONY PIM says:


  99. IT NEWS says:


  100. summitap1 says:

    The only thing more impressive than cramming so much complex explanation into a short yet understandable video, is the science behind the discovery.

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