National Geographic: Big,Bigger,Biggest:Dam S02E08


mother On the waters of the Yangtze river, China rises the biggest concrete structure on the planet The three gorges dam is over two kilometers long and sixty storeys tall It has taken 40,000 workers over 17 years to build When it fully comes online, this one dam would produce over 20,000 MW of power twice as much as all the nuclear stations in Britain put together It is the pinnacle of dam engineereing The three gorges dam owes its success to five landmark dams The three gorges dam is the biggest hydroelectric project in the world This dam used 28 million cubic meters of concrete Maybe one way to look at it is to say

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100 thoughts on “National Geographic: Big,Bigger,Biggest:Dam S02E08”

  1. ANTHONY KUHN says:

    I just love the thought and engineering put in these projects

  2. ayub shaikh says:

    3 gorge Dam ! A Marvel !
    Yes , humans can build like termites , if they cooperate. And the Chinese have shown that
    Well done !

  3. Veronika Spencer says:

    nice chanel

  4. Home Kitchen says:

    How long will it last before sediment it fills up?

  5. domsson says:

    "They finished two years ahead of time and […] budget."
    Berlin Airport has left the chat

  6. Amateur Joe's World in Miniatures says:

    Someone should point out that the 1800’s are not the 18th century.

  7. ras 47 says:

    Need that blender

  8. Dennis Premoli says:

    Love how it just underplays the forced relocation of hundreds of thousands of people…

  9. Mr Lucky says:

    Fascinating projects 🙂

  10. Jeremy Fitzroy says:

    You know what the irony is in our world? My conservative friends from mostly less well-off backgrounds keep pounding on the merits of capitalism and so on, while my silver-spooned mates like me relish social democratic ideals, which we see the great benefits like in Scandinavia.

  11. Travis k says:

    I bet nothing bad is said about China in the video. F China. It's time the USA cut its ties with China. China is running the show in the usa.

  12. PewPewsAlote says:

    "hardly a cleaner source of power" laughs in wind turbines that dont flood hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlife ecosystems clean yes, cleanest no.

  13. Jay Trock says:

    60 million Chinese about 5 million Americans.

  14. Johnny Belsome says:

    Did anyone else see that bug crawling at 8:56?

  15. quest 77051 says:


  16. Andrew Strom says:

    Love the opening graphic!

  17. Mcbeg33 says:

    This thing puts out more power than 16 Hoover Dams!! That’s insane!

  18. Hellefleur says:

    42:36 I tried his recipe. 3/10 smoothie. Would not recommend.

  19. Daniel Madden says:

    The dam has caused so much devastation to China. China was such a beautiful land. 100 years ago China was beautiful the gardens and markets and amazing animals and species of life it was a blessed land. Natural power and energy solar hydrogen and anaerobic gas will make the dam obsolete. When I was young I wanted to visit the people fish with them and garden with them. The mountain dwellers got their power from a pig with methane gas, a single pig powered a home in the mountain villages. They filtered and siphoned the gas from its corral. They burned their lamps and stoves. Life was so simple and beautiful.

  20. Daniel Madden says:

    Man must learn to work with the earth instead of against it. The earth has so much energy and power to give dams are obsolete and unnecessary.

  21. herguttentag9000 says:

    God damn

  22. Marylene Esquiral says:

    "Pinnacle of Dam Engineering"

  23. JOHN B says:

    The construction of Hoover Dam was proof of human progress on many levels. Progress on civil rights and race relations, however, could not be counted among them.

  24. Sills71 says:

    "Twice as much as all the nuclear power stations in Britain, together… " Woop pee… surprised them Limeys have one nuclear power station.

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  26. Crash Hazzard says:

    We always asked ourselves, "Will it blend"
    we should have asked ourselves, "Should it blend." :c

  27. BLACK HOLE ENTRY says:

    In 2009, my future wife and I took a three week tour of China. We spent three days on a cruise ship floating down the mighty Yangtze, went through the locks of this dam, and then walked on it.

  28. TheDude Lebowski says:

    The largest dam in the world; Made in China. What could go wrong?

  29. SHADOW BANNED says:

    I believe it was blown up like every other Damn Control the water control the People Government is Satanic /

  30. Peter Budai says:

    this should be S02E07 instead of E08

  31. Mulga Man says:

    It will destroy thousands of peoples lives from the dam to sea many miles away.

  32. fodkb 6N says:

    This documentary is aimed to hide the defeat of west over China. Great Job.

  33. Students Opposed to Aerosol Geoengineering says:

    Hoover Dam visitor Mary Hollowell says, "Displacement of indigenous people by Coulee Dam is documented in Peter Nabokov's book Native American Testimony."

  34. Mr.MegaNiggaz United says:

    Who else watched this in school like forever ago?😂

  35. Adam hufz says:


  36. Fultonfalcons86 says:

    China truly is a dump I would much rather visit Japan and have done so and it is far more beautiful and clean………Eh if you need destruction just call on Lord Beerus lol

  37. Mesidg says:

    That is the most disgusting river I have ever seen.

  38. Trevor Sedis says:

    40,000 workers over 17 years. How many were male? How many died during the construction.

  39. Trevor Sedis says:

    46:21 What all the green (moss?) doing on the dam?

  40. Ed Felty says:

    Dam that's big! 😂

  41. Bun Yan says:

    America has the ability to mould anything, wether for good or bad

  42. Chin Wei Jessel Lim says:

    Hello brothers and sisters i am doing this for a case study it would be nice if you guys give me the slides or the studys on it

  43. suleiban khadar says:

    do they called china third world country?

  44. Bryan Jaquith says:

    You know what is insane. The chernobyl reactor 4 had a power reading over 33,000 MW when it exploded… Which is 10,000 MW more then this damn.

  45. alino kizaza says:

    Any UK Civil Engineers?✋🏼

  46. Brandon G. says:

    Why do none of these national Geographic videos have closed captioning?

  47. Milan Dilan says:

    Go to Google and search for the global truth project and read the
    book named The Present so you will discover all the answers of the big questions of life ⬆️⬆️

  48. your fridge says:


  49. sb studio99 says:

    Very nice video

  50. Matthew Ng says:

    Rumor has it. Trump is saying the Chinese stole this dam technology

  51. Kenneth James says:

    Go Hong Kongers

  52. Lukas K says:

    Top notch ship horn sounds!!

  53. Gabriel Afonso says:


  54. pianoboy says:

    Dam, that's big.

  55. Dave Christan says:

    Sadly in Sydney Australia the Chines are the most obnoxious anti-social Ppl to walk the pavements in Australia, example – ask a Chines guy or female for the time and they will not even look at you nore give u the time but they will just keep walking like u were not even there n trust me in not racist one bit – the Vietnamese in Sydney Australia are so nice u couldn't ask for better PPl to come to our shores.. can anyone at all maybe sheed light on why the chines in Sydney are such ass holes plz .. thank u in advance 😉 ps i truly believe if there was a homeless man dyeing right in-front of there feet they would not do anything at all to help them n that truly is not the Australian way .. Plz try n change you attitude bc one day someone could loose it badly…. sorry its just getting a bit much now n someone needs to say it how it is – oh n stop treating the homeless like there animals bc they r not animals but humanbings ok MR China man (

  56. LE Bear says:

    No mention of how many men the ratbag Frank (the arsehole) Crow KILLED on the job.

  57. Crack Tower says:

    Its so big, you could land a hundred Boeing 747s inside at the same time, and still have room for a giant Circus Tent – haha.

  58. Duncan Bogue says:

    42:36 So here we have it, an unusable blender.

  59. Kevin Counihan says:

    For the sake of the Chinese I hope they built that better than all the cheap sh!t they sell at MalWart. 10 31-2019.

  60. katharma katharma says:

  61. Tha Silent One says:


  62. Ano Nymous says:

    And it has displaced millions of people. Watch "Up the Yangtze".

  63. Smooth Criminal says:


  64. My Opinion Doesn't Matter says:


  65. Biraj Debbarma says:

    We love china from india northeast

  66. Bongo Frenzy says:

    damn it! damn it! damn it!… said the little fish who only wanted to go home.

  67. Mithun Karmakar says:

    And who is building it? The Chinese of course!

  68. bLu says:

    Well I be Dam !

  69. meranger92 says:

    6:30 "The Thomson Vortes Turbine" – this man has an epic voice.

  70. Spartemex says:

    Sounds like white collar music at the beginning

  71. Danz says:

    Hoover dam has left the chat 20 years ago

  72. Upper Left Coast Chelsea Fan says:

    And thanks to that Orange Windbag Piece of Crap sitting in the White House and his stupid ill conceived trade war with China, Bill Gates had to stop work on his Traveling-Wave Reactor (TWR) which runs on depleted uranium, as opposed to the enriched uranium. You've heard of it, it's the one that actually consumes the trash (depleted uranium) that's pumped out by today's modern reactors so there's no need to store the millions of tons of the crap sitting in stockpiles today. Depleted uranium would actually fuel the TWR and dispose of all those millions of tons of it stored round the world. Gates invested in Terra-Power and they signed a deal with the Chinese government (because the U.S. gov't refused) to build a small demonstration plant to develop a source of nuclear energy that is dramatically safer and substantially cheaper than what the world has previously known. Thanks to Donald Dumbass and his trade-war, the DOE denied any new licenses to U.S. companies wishing to work with the Chinese government. Gates was forced to back out of bringing what could be the cleanest, safest and cheapest source of carbon-free energy ever conceived to the U.S. And it produces energy at night without wind or flowing water. Your fuck-tard president strikes again. Trump's just jealous because Gates is a real billionaire, and Gates and Warren Buffet won't let Donny play in their league.

  73. DC9848 says:

    Great documentary! Although "there is not a cleaner source of power" – hard to imagine the downsides of offshore windturbines compared to water dams (fish, sediment flow, ship traffic)

  74. pontus laurell says:

    dam as in damage ^^ good one xD

  75. B Henderson says:

    I guess we know where they got all the dirt for South China Sea!

  76. Lash LaRue says:


  77. Lash LaRue says:

    41:56 – "Feces: A Part of Any Nutritious Breakfast" ™

  78. Jos Flor says:

    I agree with everyone else. Fucking dam good documenrty Thanks

  79. Rocco Gant says:

    when this MF collapses…..I sure hope they get a video of it….

  80. Shaun Foley says:

    That poor fish.. Was building that massive dam worth killing that… 1 poor fish😩

  81. Felep Channel says:

    Start music LITERALLY stolen from MGS…

  82. Danish farmer nick engel says:

    IT.S 2 km and 100 meter long not 2 km only ha

  83. Vinayak Doiphode says:

    One of the best engineering but also shown the impact on mother earth…

  84. Gary Brocken says:

    Now we know why the earth has so many earthquakes' its all down to the weight of these evil money making electric dam's that kills nature like no other man made object's that are being designed to make billion in profits from generating huge amounts of electricity' so they've just fucked up nature's way of healing the lands that farmer need to grow huge amounts of life preserving food crops' farmer are now poisoning their farm lands by using MONSANTO FERTILIZERS = These Fertilizers poison nature so there for POISONING US HUMAN's who rely on natures way of getting things done' these structures are money making scams' but people who live no where near these massive city's are suffering because their Chinese / American rich elite friends borrow billions from the people's tax money then they make massive profits for the wealthy elite's while their citizens don't even have electric in their own villages' this is why they are making Chinese people leave the countryside to live in massive energy robbing city's' plus the massive weight of these massive electric dam's kill life on earth' and its all done for profits not for countryside people who are the people who produce all China's fresh foods' rice need tons of water to grow in but they also rely on natures help to fertilize their paddy fields naturally' using to much Fertilizer will kill off our healthy way of growing our natural food crops' Stop them from building these massive killers dams that kill many people when they fail and they also kill natures way of fertilizing the lands that are being used to grow our food crops'' this is madness' so please STOP THIS EVIL WAY OF MAKING MONEY FROM ELECTRICITY' If the peoples taxes paid for these dams then why are they paying well over the odds for electric' money making scam' charging a fortune for electricity that should be cheap now especially if they've used tax payers money to build these massive ungodly structure's of the wealthy elite'' conned by your own evil nasty lying Government's all over this earth. WAKE UP OR LET NATURE BE FUCKED UP BY MAN AND THEIR WICKED WAYS OF MAKING PEOPLE PAY EVERY TIME YOU PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON OR COOK A MEAL IN AN ELECTRIC OVEN = or CHARGING UP YOUR SPYING MOBILE PHONES' that are designed to spy on us people' but everyone has one = or 10 in their draws at home.
    One day people will wake up' if any Dams fail blame in all on their new owners and your evil scum bag government's who allow these massive heavy dams to be built by getting their own citizens off their own lands' millions and millions of Chinese people where all forced off their own lands after their government told them if they didn't leave then the flood waters will kill them anyway' that forced people to move away = 30 / 50 million of their own citizens forced to leave their own lands. Wake up to the spying your government's are doing' the Chinese citizens who live in these huge city's are being spied upon by Technology' if a Chinese Citizens is doing something he or she isn't supposed to be doing are being put up on huge city TV Screens so everyone can JUDGE them' this is tech go mad' and only a scared government do these evil wicked spying tricks to keep their citizens frightened to be sick on the side of the street or light a smoke on a train or a bus / lift in a block of flats'' every citizen is treated like the ENEMY of the Chinese State.. Wake up people or die slowly from Diseases from the foods your eating that are created by MONSANTO FERTILIZERS that poison the fishes in the rivers / natural streams that are anywhere near these evil life killing DAMS.
    May our holy father who created earth knock down / blow up all these money making electric dams so nature takes care of itself.
    God bless us all because we are all going to HELL for letting our lying government get away with killing Nature.

  85. Gary Brocken says:

    This a DAM stupid arse way of killing natures way of healing the fertile lands' doesn't anyone see that these dams are a money making scam' tax payers paid for all these nature killers' Dumb ass people' now they can charge us more every year for dams that tax payers paid for many many years ago = IDIOT SO CALLED / PEOPLE SHEEPLE JUST KEEP PAYING WHILE THE GOVERNMENT DESTROYS NATURES WAY OF HEALING OUR LANDS so we can carry on growing crops naturally without using MONSANTO CANCER GIVING FERTILIZERS.
    You wankers are fucken retarded.

  86. JAMES JONES says:

    China seems to be racing to the future while America is being help back by democrats that can’t figure out which bathroom to use! 🙄🤦‍♂️

  87. Gary McNeely says:

    nice video

  88. cali tv media says:

  89. Sam Smith says:

    Dutch people be like:

    Hold my beer :


  90. ruben subba says:

    Amazing human beings

  91. Krunal Patel says:

    Whole day produce electricity from this reservoir or only few hours use water for produce electricity for each day

  92. Joel Louzy says:

    Im wondering if they tell us that one of the reasons the water is shot into the air is that it comes from the back side, deep down from still water that doesn't move much gets hot and oxygen deprived. Shooting it off in the air oxygenates the water and is more rive like for down stream wild life.

  93. Joel Louzy says:

    At first I was hoping that guy was going to Karate chop those blocks.

  94. Mike Collins says:

    All they need now is the reassurance of enough water to always fill it – and climate change could scupper that. I know, it's the mighty Yangtze, but search for "South African drought" or "Australian drought", and it will show that some other big rivers have diminished. China's military is increasing – I wonder how long it will be before they front up to the USA and compel them to go greener – whether they think climatic change is "a hoax to profit the Chinese" or not.
    I know that China is still a major coal-burning polluter – but they are making significant efforts to harvest energy from natural resources. They are certainly strong in solar cell manufacturing.

    The root of the world's problems is too many people, and China is also the only nation to have ever attempted to limit their population.

  95. Bob Cousin says:

    When we are in the stoneage of still burning fossil fuels when we have evergy all around us for free, in the short future they will laugh at what we do…Not making it its already there, just grabing it. Grab the dark energy thats all around us an look to the past of how the Oblelisk & Great pyramid worked to produce energy.

  96. dave boydell says:

    This is the best Dam documentary ever!

  97. Unlicensed Memes says:

    4,000 watts for one lightbulb? That must have been one bright ass light.

  98. Patrick Walker says:

    Another fine demonstration of the Bass-o-matic 42:14

  99. Jakari says:

    replace B with N

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