Neos Industrial Static Control

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For many years industrial static control has been driven by a need for more powerful products. So Fraser Anti-Static designed and produced some of the most powerful bars on the market Then there was a need for DC… So we developed market leading DC powered products with none of the dead end design flaws you might find elsewhere. But now it’s time for something better, something smarter, something different, something new. Introducing the all new intelligent Neos Range. Not only are the Neos range the most powerful and well designed industrial static control solutions currently available… They also have uniquely designed intelligent features which allow the bar to detect and neutralise a greater range of static issues, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Long range or Short range, the Neos series is incredibly versatile, adapting to your requirements, providing super-fast rise and decay times and delivering the kind of results at speeds manufacturers demand. A revolution in Industrial Static Control has begun The Neos range from Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Supplying products that don’t come back for customers who do.

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