NERF BOX FORT CHALLENGE!!! Electricity, Working Doors & More! Nerf Gun Battle Base (NERF)


good morning oh don’t do that don’t ever do that check out my fingers oh we got nothing I know what’s going on guys we are backing with a brand new video it’s a new day and today is another opposite because we got some new stuff in the mail yo check this out guys we got the nerve mega n strike workable biggest thing is do does massive we also got that we also got to learn crossbow or is it just regular ball I don’t know I mean you know how you make a nerve bow we got the ball we got the nerf mega strike and we also have been redoing the downstairs office so where we record all our videos it’s going to be changing but what that means is we have each quad of extra boxes you’ll check this out boys check out how many boxes are here like it is insane this isn’t even half of them I just kept a few of them because I was like yo why don’t we do a mega nerf board that’s right we are going to make inner fort out of boxes and see if we can’t survive in it alright so we’re going to have some nerf turrets mounted on the walls we’re gonna have like a nerve entrance it is going to be awesome and then we’re going to take this forward to the test I’m thinking we might take it outside see how it goes up against the thunderstorm maybe shoot it with a pellet gun see begin survival pellet gun I don’t know but it’s going to be crazy close and show them your fingers fingers know some dirt bank fingers do yeah that’s nice that’s nice we got our boxes here so I think what we’ll do is we actually build it looks rebuild like in the kitchen hello so many pot whoa look look look going on here guys brand-new 27-inch monitors we got two of these bad boys it’s going to look good let’s get the film is box port as part of any proper box fort you gotta clear the air you got to make sure it is clear it’s like raining so if we bring this outside we got be able to survive I want to survive a night and I don’t want any raccoons getting in there anything like that you know like raccoons low you know I don’t like cats right yo bro cats are always scheming so look at that that’s some lesson muscle right there as you know I’m on boxing right now man I can’t wait let’s serve the boat we’re gonna start with a bowl because this is way cooler so let’s unbox the boat I guess scrapple I guess you just kind of pull it back like a bow oh yeah it’s oddly accurate yes yo dude you check out the check out the copier there papa Jake’s goddamn legit bow skills bear oh dude I didn’t remove you’re not accurate we don’t open up the big pop all right Papa Jake’s big Papa a pop an urban possum I’m saying Papa lights the big Papa Smurf is that big thing we need to move the couch I think honey we’re good I think we should anything we should go for sighs this way really we’re making box with it make like let’s make like the floor out of the boxes so we know he’s like which parts wish so this will be this will be the face of the box right guys it’ll be like we know how big it’s going to be faced on the floor all right guys we did it guys if you have to survive looking outside dude we got to survive that this responsibly really doing good let’s start saving floor together we’ll get this the floor going and we all go be careful we got them windows and we got to make sure you have the turret now check out the three I know if you guys can like P that but guys we’re trying to survive in that kind of weather this box where it’s gonna have to be insane yo we got to not only be able to survive in that weather but we also got a burner fur and you taste like raccoons come out of frickin raccoons come bro I’m gonna flip on I’m gonna use this bad boy raccoons come on me looking good the floor looks pretty much done guys so when you start putting a wall and gets a wall ready the digital balls ready here guys I threw all got these pretty babies you want to be able to like enemy planets not very stand up but that’s a good room in here so we gotta find out which others cardboard is gonna be best for making walls are you’ll check this out is a big piece suck the wall I think this may be one of the walls yeah yeah he can’t come for happy is that Angela teacher five-foot yolk we put it I better neutralize movie we could do this coming together really nice dude my whole body just fit it schedule I can be your area dude 24 honey for hours in the back part oh I think you can work this is like perfect sleeping I fit perfectly there’s a secret password if you guys want to join our core it is it if you if you got spotted close email it you guys are a lot of our blog board also we’re giving away X boxes i Jake breaks down what are you doing so right now I’m reinforcing the corners cuz we got make sure this is a alright we don’t want any Dom bees raccoons cats world you name it there’s some ailment the box port is looking really good guys we got the two walls I had no idea it would be this good hopeful wall there’s three we’re gonna put the roof on top and these are going to be the main area so we’re gonna have a scrum facing and print every of the Back Bay spaces and we have this third section where we’re going to now put John oh nice I’m just going to reinforce the bottom right here so we got a new boss coming to take so much stuff make a new box great opener yeah yeah it’s not fun awesome yo kill me football for your what’s in here you are the parts got a perfect more box to him oh oh oh check Papa Jake oh wait so this is the roof yeah oh my god Jake Jake so that’s a big box you’d be perfect for the roof of our box it’s perfect you guys sober boudreau White House just beat you down my god dude it was blurry the whole time so we just put the roof on it is looking super steady really good guys play birthday now we’ve got a paper route down make sure it’s super secure and we can work on the best part which you’re going to evolve as hold of the turret section so this is going to be the coolest part of the box for it you were going to love this so I’m gonna need your help so far it’s going to take a little bit extra effort don’t know what you’re doing Jake oh you just got a gob a little less it doesn’t even really dude I also wear inside to learn for now and it is awesome as you guys can see looking into security we got the iPad over here you got a few lights we got the pillows over here we got the iPad 2 you are placing up thank yo you right for this plugin oh damn and then guys over in this corner we’ve got hanging up here is the nerf bow so someone comes around I can prop up through here or or I could actually slide the front door which not anyone’s supposed to come in unless they’re allowed in but this is the front door which slides open I’ll show you how that works and then we’ve got the main feature on this face actual turrets down which amount in this section here this is kind of like our like through it I don’t know what you want to call it and this is what we’ll put the turrets to the turn actually mounted right on here here we go it flies in here in perfect now we have literally 180 degrees this way if we use your fire and they’re like you also just take it off mount it over here now if I gotta move around really quick that’s what I’ll come back up with the bow I bolted out the nerve to Hills in case I need those so let’s try it with this bad boy and see what happens with so autonomous activate I’m taking over your fork I know you’re right bro yo reminder doesn’t interest you get back you get back wrong I don’t think you want to mess with me you get back oh here we go wrong there we now I know that survey you and my lamp oh my god illness will propagate near 49 you know what necklace eats outward oh dude it’s really bad alright I’m above the monster here that’s going to collect some of the rainwater we can use that to drink later alright we can use that to drink some rainwater later if it uh if it continues oh no no no it isn’t starting to come down boys just starting to justice oh my god the party attract yo-yos the major wires you’ll support me impression was I old on hold on a most high pixel support beam guys I gotta say to support beam oh no no no no hold on one alright alright I turn into a bit of a lean-to yo it’s jumping down Oh fine I don’t know how it’s still sitting together man I don’t know how we still sing together bro well then I want to put my camera around so bad I want you guys to see me it’s so wet I can’t put the cat baby so Oh yo yo oh my god it’s raining so hard it is raining so hard it out bro check that out do you guys see the old to get out look at you see how hard it’s raining look at that it’s written all God I will show you a photo so you might dress on one of the lot it’s been so hard

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