New Technology – Electricity from Snowfall !

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One of the first major breakthroughs in
electricity occurred in 1831, when British scientist Michael Faraday
discovered the basic principles of electricity generation. He observed that
he could create electric current by moving magnets inside coils of copper
wire. In the era of modern power plants, coal is used for production of
electricity. In recent decades we have seen other sources like hydroelectricity,
natural gas, nuclear power. Scientists are still on the lookout for new ways to
generate electricity. But have you heardB of electricity generated from snowfall?
No? It’s going to be a reality soon. Find out more in this episode of Futuristic
World. Scientists have designed a first-of-its-kind 3d printed device that
can produce electricity from falling snow. The device called snow based Triboelectric nanogenerator generates charge through principles of static electricity.
Static electricity occurs from the interaction of one material that
captures electrons and another that gives up electrons. So how does it work?
Snow is positively charged and gives up electrons. Silicon a synthetic rubber
like material that is composed of Silicon atoms and Oxygen atoms combined
with Carbon, Hydrogen and other elements, is negatively charged; captures electrons.
The device was designed by researchers at the University of California. After
testing a large number of materials including aluminum foils and Teflon the
researchers found that silicon produces more charge than any other material. The
way the device works is amazing because it can work in remote areas as it
provides its own power and does not need batteries. Also as a matter of fact, about
30 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by snow each winter and during
this time solar panels often fail to operate. The new device could be integrated into solar panels to provide a continuous power supply when it snows.
The best thing is this device can be produced at a low cost due to
availability of silicon. How amazing is that!
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