Nina Opens Up to Brent | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network


– So. What’s up. So tell me
something about you. What you want to know?
I’m an open book. So where are you
from, first off? OK, I am from St.
Louis, Missouri. – STL.
– I am a single mom. OK. I have no communication with
my son’s father whatsoever. How does that make you feel? [SIGHS] Why’d you have to
ask me that now? Let’s get into it. He said, turn over some rocks. Let’s turn over some rocks. How does that make you feel? It hurts. [MUSIC PLAYING] For us to be intentional
about bringing a child into this world and he just
neglect us– he just disappear on us and
just dropped the ball– it made me question myself. Because it wasn’t, how did
this just happen to me? But, how did I allow
this to happen to my son? Wow. Real pain.

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19 thoughts on “Nina Opens Up to Brent | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. Miesha Atkins says:

    Damn girl…hold those tears

  2. Real Estate Answers says:

    Just started watching and I love this show!!! This and Love and Marriage😊😊😊 I would really like to attend a casting call. How do I sign up?

  3. Brigitte Med says:

    i love her already. Natural and honest

  4. catherine bell says:

    She been crying to much I need her to get it together. I don't think she's ready. She still have baggage

  5. Vanessa My Life My Journey says:

    real tears, so beautiful

  6. vee vee says:

    Are you ready to date ? Or do you just want a replacement for the man you lost?

  7. Nia says:

    She is crazy! First, the raw emotion about her child's father and then the cloaked death threat over a joke about dry snitching. Then crying over that. She can't handle her emotions. She was jealous and instead of working to get Mario's attention, she got mad at the other woman. Major red alert.

  8. Siante Love says:

    getting into counseling while dating would really help her. She's gone through a lot of trauma- I'm still rooting for her.

  9. Stacey McCuien says:

    She's a BEAUTIFUL girl, but I think she's been through so much that she comes off a little CRA…but I get it! Need to jump into some counseling and she'll be fine. Still like her.

    OH…and Brent Fine As Hell! 😅

  10. pynkstarr says:

    I wanna love Nina because she seems like she is just hurting more than she wants to show. People probably in her ear telling her to move on by joining the show. But there is nothing wrong with being single and healing. She snapped on Tondy for something that wasn’t that serious, who is to say she wont snap again. She’s always distancing herself….it’s like she’s forcing some things that aren’t there.

  11. Pamela Grace says:

    Yesssss thank God for a man who asks legit questions 🙌🏽praying for healing for her as well

  12. Conscious Wright says:

    Nina is insane.  SMH at her getting emotional with a stranger. Ridiculous!

  13. hahadarrie says:

    Brent is my favorite.

  14. DebMex2011 says:

    I like how she said that. It's not about her nor the father, but the child. Respect

  15. Jewel Grier says:

    Talk future

  16. Tony Vans says:

    😩 smh why do women get attach too a man who they had kids with he don't care about you or his kids like move on already

  17. peaches Cole says:

    There is no need to be trauma bonding on a first light date. She could have kept it neutral, talked about what she does, her hobbies etc. But yeah, she isn't ready to date and in my view Nina needs to work on her self esteem and whatever emotional baggage or dating in general, will eat her up!

  18. ob2be1 says:

    Yall cast her for tv cause yall knew dang well this lady is not emotionally available 🙄 I hope she's gone next cause she needs to do some healing not dating.

  19. Gail Sherman says:

    Don’t have a baby until you are married and you know each other for awhile.

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