NYC Blackout: Mayor Bill De Blasio Taking Heat For Power Outage Absence


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25 thoughts on “NYC Blackout: Mayor Bill De Blasio Taking Heat For Power Outage Absence”

  1. YourBestFiend says:

    This guy sucks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did he take a private oil guzzling jet back? And Deblasio would say you sound Stressed, call ThriveNYC, see a psychiatrist there are pills/drugs for that, millions of Tax Dollars are being spent on private Organizations like The King's Fund and Marketing The HEAT and Homelessness are ALL IN YOUR HEAD, meditate lol

  3. Tommy says:

    Lol the old guy even said Blasio has ZERO friends HAHAHAHHAHHA

  4. FBICIA911 says:

    A lot of correction officers get assaulted by inmates, because of his fucking policy! Should we take care criminals more than officers ? They are criminals, we New Yorkers waste lot of taxpayers money to take care of criminals, what about victims?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Seriously $500 million and 2 years latter and 864 patients many still homeless? He could haven each one $500,000 or a $12,000 annual section 8 vouchers and send them to less expensive areas out the city NY LET HIM TAKE $1 Billion and push medical gaslighting, with a billion in taxes unaccounted for, then give the runaround on how the money was spent lol, and funds from hurricanes like Sandy were allegedly funneled by Mental Healthcare as well with alleged memos going out for doctors to diagnosis physical symptoms as mental w/ alleged 33% kickbacks??? Idk

  6. RUGER 14 says:

    Anybody that voted for him is SCUM!!!

  7. sai76 says:

    The reason he is running for president is because he doesn't want to do his job as mayor. He knows he is not going to win. He gives high paying city jobs to his ugly wife and her friends.

  8. A Google User says:

    Oh well because New Yorkers are so stupid they'll just vote for another Democrat like Bill de Blasio who gets nothing done

  9. scaldon2 says:

    Blame the democrats of New York for voting for this clown . Everyone saying they don't like him but people still voting for him .

  10. lemmieatit says:

    He'll take all the campaign contribution money the big real estate landlords gave him and retire on it. Worse mayor ever….Destroyed New York

  11. Jay Jay says:

    Wait, I thought NYC pretty much hates this guy, Who's voting for him?

  12. TONY NYC says:

    Such an idiot.

  13. tony manzi says:

    Here is a guy that can't even run the city of N.Y, trying to run for Pres? Take care of N.Y u idiot

  14. wiire time says:

    This guy is a joke

  15. Anthony Bove says:

    He will never be president. Trump 2020 and the four troubled, the congressman will be replaced by honorable leaders. Get rid of this radical left including the mayor.

  16. Stephen Stewart says:

    LOL, he's a politician. he doesn't actually give a crap about you all.

  17. Midnight Rider says:

    It's only 16 hr ride from point A,to point B, thar cock sucker,

  18. Captain Sal says:

    Don't you understand this mayor is a retard who would campaign when they know not one person in this good old USA is going to vote for this dirtbag is a third world country loser

  19. Captain Sal says:

    This guy is never in our town and is sucking taxpayers money him and his wife like there's no tomorrow the money is in the wrong hands he always says yes it's in his hands and his wife's hands

  20. Captain Sal says:

    When your chief executive you can do whatever you want to do the common people are the ones that got to take mass transit the common people have to struggle through day day as the trains are late to get to work as the Socialist Drive their limousines around town they want you to ride on a bicycle in the Rain from point A to point B because you are a common person I'm deserving to ride in a limousine of your own the green new deal is for them to restrict your movement

  21. RAYLEGEND says:

    The worst pos mayor we ever had. This guy needs to disappear under a rock

  22. Barbara Fischbach says:

    So he directs his commissioner to break the law if ICE comes calling. The mayor directs his representatives to break the law. This guy is a complete and utter disgrace on every level possible. This guy should hide in Iowa and let the clock run out. In fact they did just beautifully without him.

  23. sb says:

    Always, always be Leary of a man that changes his name.
    How the hell did he come up with De Blasio from Warren Wilhelm Jr 🤔?????

  24. Joseph Malinowski says:

    I am not a fan of the mayor I really don't care about Bill de Blasio I'm a republican not a Democrat so I don't care for the mayor of New York but to blame him about not being here because of the heat wave what do you think he's going to do go work on the ground and help fix the electrical system or tell people but they have to drink water to stay hydrated if you don't know that by now then truly there's something wrong with you people just like to complain about everything the man was here or not things still would have happened the same way do you think he cannot conduct business out of New York give the guy a break he's trying to get a Wala Democrat back in the office he's not going to win because Trump is give the guy a break

  25. The Groove says:

    This may sound silly to some, but, if the heat gets to much to bear, here is an idea IF the power were to go out. Periodically, go out to your vehicle, providing if you obviously have one, crank up the engine, and turn on the A/C for about 15 minutes…Then go back inside. Yes, I realize this will cost to periodically go to your vehicle for those who have running A/C in their vehicle's, but, at least this will give you some reprieve from the extreme heat if things get desperate, especially for those who are highly sensitive to the heat, like myself and the elderly, and the sick, providing there is easy enough access to your vehicle at the time. Before you go to bed in the evening, consider going to your vehicle before calling it a night, cool off for 15 minutes, done…..On a side note, also consider inviting a neighbor to join you to cool off…In turn, this may also assist some in developing a tight relationship between neighbor's to further help one another in the future as people do remember other's for the most part when times are tough.

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