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Hi guys, I’m Leila from Yak TV and I was
just thinking how cool would it be if we could collect energy from the Sun, from
all things like not just through solar panels but through anything with some
sort of solar paint technology? Layla that already exists. What? Yeah, it was developed by researchers here at UON. Well… let’s go talk to them, maybe we can find out some more about it. And maybe while I’m there, they can give me an idea for a new
renewable energy… let’s go! My name’s Professor Paul Dastoor and I
head up the Center for Organic Electronics here at the University of Newcastle. What we’ve done, Layla, is develop the ability to take tiny
particles of mixtures of different polymers and turn them into a suspension
in water that we can coat over large areas of surfaces, but it turns out that
those polymer particles, if we shine light on them they generate the
electricity which we can then use. There are lots of people doing lots of
fantastic work in renewable energy, this area though we’re really excited about
and we have been for over two decades because what we see is the opportunity
to coat every building, every roof, in every city with a coating that will
generate power. That’s cool, right? The solar cells that we develop are
extraordinarily cheap to manufacture, we’re at the point now where we are able
to demonstrate, at a pilot scale, large-scale installations of solar so we
have put the first large-scale installation of these materials up on a
roof here at the University of Newcastle on the medical sciences building. Later this year, we will put the first installation on a roof on a commercial
roof here in Beresfield. What’s for the future? Well we’re now planning a series of installations across the globe seeing how these materials work in a variety of
locations in different parts of the planet. I think that one of the things to
realize is that this development has been driven by both researchers and
students here at the University of Newcastle for the last 20 years, so it
really is a story about how Newcastle has generated a brand new technology on
the back of undergraduate students. I’ve got it! Wind energy! How’s no one ever thought of this before? I’m a genius. And there you have it, thanks to Paul Dastoor and his team we’re one step closer to solving the world’s energy crisis. For
more information about current research projects going on at UON, check out the
University website. I’m Layla, and you’ve been watching yak

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2 thoughts on “Painting Solar Panels with Professor Paul Dastoor | UON Research”

  1. MADBONE says:

    Any chance on a link to more about this solar paint and it’s commercial trials?
    Wonder what the initial output would be? 1w per 1m Squared???

  2. Raj Kumar chaurasia says:

    good job

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