PG&E power shutoffs affect millions in California | Daily Blend


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100 thoughts on “PG&E power shutoffs affect millions in California | Daily Blend”

  1. Tamala Rovaris says:

    And why isn’t everyone pointing out that much of the lands catching fire is federal land?

  2. Lisa Loves says:

    Californians that are still ignorant to weather modification and Agenda 21-30 you are not welcome in Texas,Michigan,Colo. etc. stay where you are and keep your socialism there.

  3. Maximas Vegas says:

    Nothing but fake news, all these commentators there telling lies, California's people should be outraged

  4. king zalomon says:

    They should drive the power underground tunnels and it would be easier to do maintanance

  5. Victor Klinger says:

    Can you emagine having to replace every telephone pole in california? That is what it is going to take to fix the problem with fires in California.

  6. Peter Jantzer says:

    Just wait till the climate police force you onto wind and solar only. Look at what Germany is going through.

  7. awake In Florida says:

    Now it begins! Get ready folks! Don't listen to these clowns! There is more going on than this bs report! Wake up! It's your opinion, good be with you on your decision!

  8. Ken Robertson says:

    Why can't the power companies bury there lines, as Va. or other states do?

  9. Brenda Smith says:


  10. linda erickson says:

    Is the government of Ca. Allowing PG&E to do this? Or encouraging it? The good people of Ca. Need to try to get a judge to stop this power loss. Get an injunction against PG&E. Wow…I am so sorry for all those people. It is really hard living without electricity.

  11. mark alsop says:


  12. Jordana says:

    Get out of Cali while you still can. It's a mess.

  13. Ss Russ says:

    Glad I live in western Kentucky…. our power company has almost NO power outages because they keep their lines up to date

  14. Linda Sante says:

    There’s no wind here and there was no reason to shut off power…

  15. Neve Jung says:

    Bunch of lying, bottom feeding vampires. Agenda 21 is being pushed to manifest. All the sheeple naysayers will now experience the consequence of their willful ignorance

  16. G bluesman says:


  17. Karen Jeffers says:

    Walt Gray!!!

  18. Kerry Mckeon says:

    And their spokesman happens to be a Sikh which is a programming tool that they use to blame the muslins or foreigners for the problems

  19. Jan Pearson says:

    Welcome to paradise lost California.

  20. Wes McGee says:

    I always wanted to visit CA. Maybe I will after Trump takes back LA and San Francisco. Go marines!

  21. Gloria Esquerra says:


  22. William Burke says:

    This is not a speaker this is Lying Democratic Puppet

  23. Nora Arico says:

    How did the past governors' allow this to happen in California? Crisis could have been long avoided if the state government was monitoring the power company's transmission lines. Aren't there rules and regulations regarding upkeep and safety that power companies need to comply with? Astounding that the people have to suffer loss of lives and property because the power company got away with lack of up-keeping the power lines.

  24. HRH PRINCE EUGEN of Sweden says:

    Y'all need solar panels.

  25. HRH PRINCE EUGEN of Sweden says:

    California is being punished by the gods for VOTING DEMS!

  26. sybdragon says:

    How nice of y'all to send out maps where you can go loot stuff. Makes it so easy to know where to go now. Alllll those alarms off and no security cameras. Nice…… LOL

  27. Terry King says:

    Lights out Cali, watch out for the thieves, it's opportunities for them.😛

  28. JIA LINN says:

    Hope everyone has been preparing for this–we had plenty of time

  29. Martin Frecks says:

    Everyone’s electric bill is going to be a little lower a win for Global Warming.

  30. Michael Weston says:

    What happens when the people give power to Tyrants? they shut off the peoples power, Automatic! Trump 2020 or Bust

  31. D81ful says:

    The fires in Ca are growing exponentially year after year. If man is creating these fires year after year at an exponential rate I got a brand new Lamborghini to sell you for a penny. The next mass extinction is knocking at our door now.

  32. Liz Girl says:

    Newsom is friends w the Rothchilds…they own PG & E.. fishy. PENSIONS of employees will disappear

  33. David Hayden says:


  34. Mr deplorable says:

    This is hilarious, but I notice no big liberal enclave is without power.

  35. mrFalconlem says:

    Lol this is classic California….rot everyone’s food!

  36. mrFalconlem says:

    PG&E executives should be arrested as a threat to the public good.

  37. MAD COW JIMMY says:


  38. T. D says:

    You get what you vote for so eat your governor's BS and like it.

  39. Jan Frasher says:

    PG & E is deep state and lying to you. How many people are going to die BECAUSE of the shutdown? They don't care about people. Only money.

  40. Mary Lynn says:


  41. Warning Signs says:

    Rothschild own PG&E enough said

  42. Cynthia Crismon says:

    My sister used to say PG &E are idiots.

  43. beebsarelli says:

    How can public officials avoid being attacked by desperate citizens whose lives are now in peril?

  44. Mak Mak says:

    Stay calm. This is aaaaall a planned scheduled test to institute Marshall law. Depopulation. Jesus save us from these evil people. Lord please!!! These entities keep creating disasters. So sad how evil they are. How do they live with themselves!

  45. FarOutWatchTower says:

    What do THEY not want us to see under the cover of NIGHT🧐🤔🤨🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❕

  46. Girl on A Bus says:

    This forecaster is really brain washed!! Somethin fishy goin on!!!

  47. Girl on A Bus says:

    Oh geese. Even more suspicious the representative from PG&E!!

  48. Atomic Gumbo Surprise says:

    Agenda 21, force people into the high population areas.

  49. SABOORSDEVOTION صَبْرية says:

    ههههههههه to those who are eating these pg&e bs excuses.

  50. anonomyssy mymy says:

    Well that’s one way to drop over inflated housing prices.

  51. DK Stoney says:

    This is an environmental false flag event to study the social and economic effects.

  52. hasarutoe tensakey says:

    We can cut the power at any time

  53. E G says:

    Gov. Newsom gruesome

  54. Helen Hebert says:

    There are hotter places than California. There are windier and drier places too. Those places don’t shut off their power.

  55. Michelle Evans says:

    31% said they weren't angry about this?? Are you kidding me?

  56. mouse mickey says:

    they turn power OFF so the people that SEE what they are doing or RECORDED the rockets IMPACT or the PEOPLE ACTUALLY STARTING THE FIRES , they TURN THE POWER OFF SO THAT ANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN OR RECORDED WHAT THEY ARE REALLY DOING CAN NOT IMMEDIATELY upload it to the INTERNET , then it is easier to catch it one two at time as they do

  57. Jonathan Moreno says:

    Make it rain.

  58. TheBamm1979 says:

    Test run,all day

  59. Sheriff Hoyt says:

    So what happens to all the food in the frige? Just toss it all out?

  60. John Beer says:

    😱😨 no not the lagunitas truck 🙏😨😱😁🍻✌

  61. Michelle Evans says:

    Ok, why are fires popping up AFTER they shut down the power??

  62. Carl Hursh says:

    How many people on Oxygen Concentrators are going to die because they have no Oxygen?

  63. Carl Hursh says:

    Buy and run the noisiest Generator you can find and afford! Run then all night, especially early in the morning. Hey, how about gas stations, not being able to pump. About 200-300 people in Sacramento, need to run noisy Generators all around Governor Grusum’s house!

  64. Mr, Boo Boo 1972 says:

    PG&E are scamming these people. So so very wrong. Been barely any wind. Plus… 2019 and Oh No.. it's windy.. we have to shut down the power….??? Seriously. I call b.s. People in California need to protest. Strength in numbers Californians.

  65. Mr, Boo Boo 1972 says:

    Lightening is the number 1 cause of Forest fires.

  66. Mr, Boo Boo 1972 says:

    That's a Lie. They do Not her to shut off power to inspect the lines…. Lie. Another thing they are flying around with ground penetrating radar called Lydar. Something else is going on….. Tat they are not telling people.

  67. A mericKilla says:

    No power = no cameras which will encourage theft good luck lol

  68. Adorable Deplorable says:


  69. HEK 293 says:

    Who is the shaved gorilla in a dress?

  70. Lupe Moreno says:

    Wow Why Would They Do That, We’re Ok ,We Have Light,

  71. John Smith says:

    fire up those electric cars and leave….oh…..sorry

  72. Sandy Allen says:

    This guy mix messagevhe says winds dont matter then he sayscwinds dont come on does it matter ????

  73. Gregory Wright says:

    sagging pants idiots will be looting

  74. raquel perez says:

    Planned fire event Agenda 21 ppl! Wake Up!

  75. Why are you so Angry? says:

    Newsome and the DNC needs to be FIRED!

  76. Gamer Historian says:

    Looks like Californians love the Green New Deal!!

  77. jeanie allen says:

    This is crazy I don’t even live in California but if I did I would be gone what about the people that have to have oxygen 24 seven or have to use a breathing machine in their homes what are they supposed to do I’ll go check into a freaking hospital every time y’all decide to turn off the electricity this is the most out rages thing I have ever seen in my life time with the technology that we have no something else is up here and whatever it isIt is wrong

  78. Sunny Skye says:

    PG&E is Rothchild property. This isn’t the truth. Get the heck out of CA.

  79. xee doll says:

    California is going to be the guiny pig of the NW0. Wake up people!! Newsom is pure evil

  80. Jack Sprat says:

    Pack/stack plan

  81. VN SYSTEMS says:

    @ 00:28 Home girl said "that WET weather will allow fires to spread…." – really….? … REALLY??!!! We are not just dense-minded cattle–as much as you elitist-patsies would like to think. None of this makes sense. The only thing that makes sense is when we think critically and realize that during darkness – is the perfect time for any "betrayers" to work their plans to further the whole NWO bs. Everyone who is reading this – please look into how part of one of the biggest 'PORTS of ENTRY' to our nation, "Long Beach Port" and the a 'container terminal' has been sold to a Chinese company 'Cosco.' This keeps getting weirder and weirder. The absolute worst that many are assuming: INVASION, regrettable to say, seems to make a lot of sense. Let's hope for many innocent, tax paying, law abiding US citizens that they did not get rid of their arms and ammo due to the fake guilt trip that the democrats have relentlessly pushed by using children as their 'tear-jerking' political shields.

  82. Gan says:

    They won't report on the multiple simultaneous explosions that just ignited the fires in Southern CA caught on weather telemetry. They won't tell you that PG&E is Rothschild owned. This is a distraction, a control mechanism, and I suspect yet another false flag. Fake news won't do their job and investigate.

  83. Jimmy’s Tacoma says:

    Jimmy Drake for California Governor local man, husband, brother, father, union steward, and constitutionalist. A small town man with small business at heart. I will continue to fight evil and fight for the people to bring back justice to the people. Please spread the word and share.

  84. dianna ware says:

    I’m betting Pelosi- Newsome- waters & hollyweirdos HAVE ELECTRIC

  85. Vintage Electronics says:

    Agenda 21 has started.

  86. 40-Mile Desert Rat says:

    So, litigate PG&E into bankruptcy and at the same time, demand that they upgrade their infrastructure. Only in Kalifornia.

  87. Laura Croft says:

    How scary


    Do you think Gov.GAVEN NEWSUM is setting in the dark?

  89. jeremy s says:

    Expose the governments and united nations agendas! Expose the weather modification programs. You crooked media and crooked so called scientists are all paid LIARS!!!

  90. Robert Blanscet says:

    Well the shutdown is now over Thank God,
    I was without power for 4 days but it will happen if PG&E is not forced too fix it where it is good.

  91. J. F. says:

    Welcome to North Korea……..

  92. Ricky Daigle says:

    New red flag laws in California welcome to Valenzuela this is how they will control you an take your weapons

  93. Montana JC says:

    You can hear the conspiracy theorists hyper ventilating

  94. ghosts of the republic says:

    hey cali DOnt PAY YOUR BILL to pg&e they dont deserve it.

  95. Steven Merrick says:

    Why are all these perfect looking news reporters look like they died and rose from the GRAVE.

  96. Dead Fox says:

    You should riot

  97. Lois Smith says:

    Kodiak solar generator can tied you over when power goes out. Plug in your refer, and freezer. Get a solar oven and a propane stove… You will be great!

  98. Name Change 94 says:

    Tyrants run the system people.

  99. Otie Brown says:

    California, the new Venezuela.
    Log on PG&E?
    Can not, no power!

  100. Shaniki Smith says:

    Government need to really step in. Good thing it's not winter.

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