Physics in 6 minutes


Hello mortals. Have you ever heard of the most complex subject
in the known universe, one which is still far from being understood, one which is the
literal cause of everything, one which made high school students hate school, and most
importantly, one that made Rick and Morty possible. By the name of the video, you probably know
what I’m talking about – gender studies. Seriously now, I mean penguinologism. Now for real, today we’re going to speak
about chicken nugget science. Fine I’ll just stop. The first branch of physics is the most boring
one and the only one that you can observe by yourself. It says that objects will move if you kick
them, and that if you punch somebody they will punch you back with the same force. No matter how ugly you are, you still attract
the entire universe towards yourself with a force inversely proportional to the distance. Next we have electromagnetism. Thanks to it your phone works. Also thanks to it the universe can exist. It describes how electric and magnetic fields
– which are in fact the same thing – work. Briefly it can be summarized as electrons
and photons doing weird stuff. Then we have thermodynamics, which tries to
explain why you shouldn’t jump in lava. It also says that entropy tends to get higher,
which will result in an inevitable death of the entire Universe, called the Heat Death. We also have fluid dynamics, an excruciatingly
hard way of determining how aerodynamic a cow can be. Chaos theory tries to describe how your life
would have been if you hadn’t said that really stupid thing to your crush back then. We also have optics, which pretty much studies
how light behaves when it passes through glass. The next big pillar of physics is Relativity,
relatively speaking. There is this dude – one stone, who comes
and says that light’s speed is constant. And then people asked, well what if I run
faster than that? And one stone said – you can’t because
you’re fat. I’m not fat you reeky ill-breeding maggot. Your mass is not 0 so you are, bitch. Also, Newton, your physics is sh*t. Gravity is not a force, it is the curvature
of space-time itself. Next we have quantum mechanics. A weird field with zombie cats, infinite versions
of you and the core of rick and morty. The standard model says that there are at
least 13 types of particles. First we have fermions – 6 types of quarks
and 6 types of leptons. Then we have 4 types of Gauge bosons, and
one Scalar boson. Gluons obviously make glue. Photons make photon cannons. Electrons make electricity. The muon is basically electron’s overweight
unstable sister. The Tau is basically the electron’s super-ultra
overweight sister. It is also really suicidal and doesn’t like
to live for a long time. These guys like to pass through everything,
without interfering with anything. These guys are just boring. These guys make up 6 flavors of Chupa-Chups,
they also make up protons and neutrons. The Higgs boson just makes you fat. Then there is the superstring theory, which
replaces all the elementary particles with really small vibrating strings. Different particles – different vibrations. It also argues that there are 11 spatial dimensions
instead of 3. It looks something like this. Good luck imagining that. Next I highly suggest to first watch this
video on quantum mechanics, otherwise you won’t understand much. Too lazy to watch it? Good luck. First we have the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty
Principle, which states that he is the one who nocks. Oh, no, never mind. It states that you cannot physically know
both the position and the momentum of a quantum particle at the same time. Then we have the Schrodinger’s cat, which
is both alive and dead at the same time until observed. This works for all particles, which exist
in all possible states as long as it doesn’t interact with anything else. Yeah. Oh, also, when observed, the cat splits the
universe in 2, one with each version of the outcome. So a single atom can split the universe in
countless ways, therefore creating a metric crap ton of parallel universes, according
to the Many-Worlds-Interpretation. Now seriously, go watch this video to understand
what I just said. I think I forgot to mention anti-matter, dark
matter, black holes matter, quantum gravity, the Big Bang, the infinite universe that is
somehow still expanding, the Pythagorean Theorem. It’s because I only have 5 minutes, not
several human lifetimes that are required to understand how the universe works. But this is totally enough to understand most
of the physics memes. Which is nice.

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