The nICE mug invented by Glenn Auerbach lets
you drink your beverage out of a mug made of ice. And an inventor in Portland has created a
new type of mattress specially designed for the perfect night of cuddling. Vsauce! Kevin here…. this is Mind Blow Engineers at Stanford University have invented
a microbial battery to create electricity from poop. The prototype is the size of a
D-battery and uses naturally-occurring wired microbes that produce electricity as they
digest plant and animal waste. And they hope that one day they can use a similar system
on a large scale in sewage treatment plants to create great amounts of electricity. Researchers at IK4-CIDETEC have made a polymer
that has the ability to repair itself. They cut the material in half and without the need
of any catalyst or stimulus, it fully recovered its mechanical properties after simply being
left for two hours at room temperature. The applications for this discovery can help in
industrial applications, electrical and automotive sectors, various construction, and developing
biomaterials. Pioneer has created a new AR-HUD navigation
system that superimposes information onto the windshield. It gives the driver the ability
to see navigation and other important information right in front of them without having to take
their eyes off the road. It uses a laser and a concave half mirror to project the image.
It even includes information like parking and restaurants that are nearby so you don’t
have to distracted looking for anything. I’m just a bird. Layin’ on another bird. “Just Mayo” and “Beyond eggs” are new products
looking to replace eggs with plants. The makers claim the plant-based artificial eggs do a
great job with baking cakes and making mayonnaise but have yet to master scrambled eggs. YOBOT is a robot that’s solving luggage management
problems at a hotel called Yotel, in New York City. With the push of a button guests can
have their luggage sent to nearby airports. You simply choose your airport and your terminal
and Yobot will send it there before you get there. They’re currently looking into creating
an app that let’s you track your luggage on its way and in the future they hope to create
a way to not only send luggage but also people to their airport destinations. So yeah. The MINIR is a minimally invasive neurosurgical
intracranial robot. Created at the Maryland Robotics Center, the idea is that this little
robot could suck out cancerous tissue from the human brain. And it’s special because
it can be used while the person is undergoing an MRI. Since the MRI maps the tumor in real
time even as it shifts during surgery the robot will be able to effectively remove all
the cancerous tissue. Charalampos Loannou of Greece created this
movement enhancing glove for the Google science fair. The idea came to him when he saw his
grandmother having difficulty picking up the TV remote due to a lack of mobility in her
hands. It has pressure sensors and motors that can adjust the strength to the object
being grasped. He created the glove so the wearer can gain back the strength to do every
day tasks like picking up objects. Boeing’s Unmanned Little Bird is the first
full-size autonomous helicopter. And it even has the ability to land itself. The sensor
in the helicopter maps the terrain, plans routes, checks for a landing site’s safety,
and avoids obstacles. Most auto pilot programs that are used now are only for cruising and
all of the decision making is still left to the human controlling the aircraft. It’s a
first for robotic aviation and since the job of a medevac pilot is extremely dangerous
– they hope that this will save the lives of pilots in the future. Finally, if you haven’t seen this yet it’s
an incredible video called Box from Bot And Dolly that uses projection-mapping on moving
objects… I’m gonna leave you with a guy hitting an
egg in mid air with a boomerang and then catching it. And as always – thanks for watching!

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100 thoughts on “POOP ELECTRICITY? — Mind Blow #71”

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  3. masquenada8 says:

    BEST INVENTION EVER, your crap electricity generator, that's made for me.

  4. Price82020 says:

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  6. Max Roman says:

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  7. lasheron says:

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  8. lasheron says:

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  9. Jtvelli says:

    This guys cool but he looks like a pedophile 

  10. andrew T says:

    just remember guys, some of these things Vsauce finds are not going to completely finish from prototype. Some are also found to be fake and wont be realistically applied to workplace.

  11. Unknown Person says:

    Poop electricity? remind me of Korean cartoon called Aachi ans Ssipak. 

  12. Helkittieart says:

    im sorry but that robot looks so stoned. 

  13. ISDeity says:

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  14. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

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  22. Marphy Lee says:

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  23. Cyrus Hale says:

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  24. Rallam259 says:

    robot means slave, so we are making slaves made of metal

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  28. Minecraft OFP857 says:

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    This comment was very important and smart.

  29. Melissa T says:

    The Just Mayo is actually really good, I prefer it to regular mayo. And it's healthier. A win-win in my opinion. Waaaaaaay better than veganaise, that stuff is nasty.

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  35. UrbanSpaceman says:

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  36. Kerri Morris says:

    This is way to cool! Each video I go to there's something that really amazes me & husband. Best videos to date, in my opinion! BRAVO!

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    What's next? Food made out if sh*t?

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    A true mindblow this time with the electricity coming form you know haha, btw would you please help us get the word out on our indiegogo campaign for green power in South Texas, to promote the use of wind turbines to save the planet making them affordable for every pocket, thanks man here's the link

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