Power Pointers – avoiding bill shock

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At Powershop when you’re happy, we’re happy. That’s why we offer solutions so you don’t experience bill shock. Smart Meters supply our app with daily and half-hourly usage breakdowns. This means you can keep
an eye on your usage cost on a daily basis. Meaning, there’s no nasty surprises at the end of the month. Powershop also offers
Smart Meter installation often at no cost to you. So give us bell and we can get you sorted. While you’re waiting for your
Smart Meter to be installed here’s a couple of tips and
tricks to keep you empowered. Your distribution company
will only read your meter about once every three months. Meaning, your usage for
your other two months will be based on estimated reads. This can result in you
paying the difference between your estimated
and actual energy usage once the meter is read again leading to a higher than average bill. Or a lower one, in some lucky cases! To get around this, manually enter your own meter reading each month in the menu section in the app. This will build a more accurate picture of your usage and avoid bill
shock when the quarter is up. Smart Meter or not there’s always a smart solution.

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